141 Lizas feelings

    Sam entered the emperor's villa with a thumping heart,  he knows that Sue has created a big mess this time.

    Sue was following him quietly with his head hanging down.

    Now their only hope is princess Liza.

    Sam entered the visitors hall.

    "Here they are, Come here Sam. Princess Liza is waiting for you."

    Madam queen said with a wide smile.

    Liza's eyes were sparkling like lights, when she saw prince entering the door but as soon as she saw the young prince and the person behind him.

    Smile faded away from her beautiful face, It took only a minute for her to understand what was happening when she saw Royal family's logo on Sue's dress. As all the persons working in Royal emperor family used to wear that logo.

    The faster that smile was gone from her face, the faster it came back. She maintained her posture.

    "Madam queen please excuse me for sometime, I need to use washroom."

    In the hall, The great emperor, madam queen, Prince Sam, Princess Liza and Sue were there.

    Madam queen ordered Sue to guide princess Liza and take her to the room that was given to her.

    Sue looked towards her and their eyes met,  but instantly he lowered his head.

    Princess Liza followed Sue quietly. None of them uttered a single word.

    When they entered the room, Liza turned quickly and locked the room. Sue looked towards her but his head was still down.

    Liza came close to him and with sad eyes she looked in his eyes.

    Sue noticed the sadness in her eyes and he knows what was there in her mind but still he was not able to find the courage to say anything to her.

    After a moment of silence, Liza opened her mouth,"Why? "

    "huh??? "

    "Tell me why you did that to me?"

    "I....." still no words came out

    Liza was so angry at that time,  that she was not able to control her tears,  she is like a cute little doll, whose heart has been broken.

    She wiped her tears and came more closer to him.

    "Just hug me once. " she said in a lower voice.

    Sue's heart was beating fast, he really wants to hug her and to comfort her in his embrace but he can't, he knows his limit.

    "Sorry princess,  I am just a slave. I can't" there was a firmness in his tone but his eyes were reflecting something else.

    Liza was crying continuously. Her eyes were becoming red and her nose is also turned to red, which made her look more beautiful.

    She was about to say something when someone knocked the door.

    Sue immediately opened the door,  so that no one will doubt on them.

    When he saw Sam, he stepped aside and let him come inside.

    "You wait for us outside" Sam ordered him and close the door again.

    Sue went outside but now his mind was in a mess,"What is he doing inside? Doesn't he said that he loves only Tiya?  He is such a flirt,  so evil.  I hope he will not charm Liza with his words. If he tried to seduce Liza, then I will tell her everything about Tiya. " he was making different kinds of plans in his mind.

    Inside the room:

    "Princess Liza, I am Sam,  it's a pleasure to meet you."

    "I wish I could have said the same words to you, Mr. Prince" she replied casually while pasting an artificial smile on her face.

    Sam smiled lightly, he can roughly guess what was there in her mind by seeing her red eyes and red nose.

    "I know what I did was wrong and I really want to apologize for the same. I hope, princess Liza is a kind hearted lady who believes in ignoring small mistakes rather than  creating big troubles."

    Liza shook her head with a small smile on her face.

    "Don't worry Mr. Prince"

    Sam also smiled and said, "Thank you so much princess, I really owe you. You can ask for anything  in return. "

    Liza's eyes twinkled on hearing what Sam said to her, "Are you sure,  you can give me what I want? "

    "As long as it is in my hands, I will surely give. "

    "I want him" she looked towards the locked door.

    Sam knows what she was pointing at,"Are you sure princess? I mean he is not a thing to bargain and if you just want to play with him like a toy, then I am sorry because I don't let my people to be used and then thrown away. "

    Liza looked at him with her puppy eyes.

    "Do you love him? " Sam asked directly without any hesitation.

    Liza nodded her head while looking downwards.

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    "You know the consequences, right?"

    "Yes I do" she replied firmly "and I am ready to leave the royal status as long as he is ready to be with me but..." she took a pause

    " I don't know about his feelings, if he like me or not? "

    Sam winked at her with a mischievous smile, "That you leave up-to me"

    After that Sam opened the door.  He was holding Liza's hand and they both stepped out of the room.

    Sue looked at their hands and sighed heavily, then he again started following both of them but this time, something was pricking in his chest, as he was feeling some strange kind of pain just by looking at the people in front of him
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