142 angry Sue

    Once Sam and Liza entered the visitors hall again,  Madam queen lovingly hold Liza's hands and pulled her towards her own side.

    Both Emperor and queen were happy to see both of them together.

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    "Sam, Princess Liza wants to make a documentary on the historical grounds of our country. I hope you will help her and arrange someone trustworthy to assist her during her stay in our place." Emperor ordered in a commanding voice.

    "It will be a pleasure for me to help her, and for her assistance I will give my personal assistant Sue to princess so that all her needs will be catered properly."

    Sue looked towards Sam but Sam ignored him. After that all three of them left the place.

    Sam was still holding Liza's hands and Sue was following both of them.

    After walking for ten to fifteen steps,  suddenly Liza's foot got twisted.

    Sam was quick enough to hold her on time, Sue also leaned forward but the moment he saw Sam holding her up in his arms, he stepped back immediately.

    There was a slight smirk on Sam's face but he covered that quickly.

    "Go and get a pair of new sandal for princess"Sam ordered him without looking at him.

    When Sue came back, he saw how happily Sam and Liza were talking, Sue looked towards them and put the sandals in front of Liza.

    "Help princess in wearing those sandals and don't forget to give her a proper foot massage before that."

    Liza looked towards Sam in confusion but he just shrugged it off.

    Sue kneeled down and showed his hands, Liza put her left foot on his hands. The moment his hands touched the ankles of her foot, he felt electrocuted, it was an unexplainable feeling for him.

    Liza felt the warmth of his hands and she couldn't help herself from blushing.

    Her sweet smile is of a pure little girl who got a simple touch from her lover.

    After some time, Sam ordered Sue to arrange a dinner date for both of them,  then he guided Liza towards his car but before sliding inside he moved back and call Sue again.

    Make sure to arrange every thing properly and don't forget about condoms, I want to enjoy full night with her.

    Then he moved back and sit inside the car.

    Sue was fuming with anger on seeing the shameless behavior of Sam.

    ... ... ..... ... .... .....

    Tiya and Ruby were sitting on the couch in the living room.

    "Ruby you should take some rest now, it's already too late and Tiya you need to accompany Mrs.  Okereke Peace tomorrow in the orphanage as little ones there needs your help in their studies so better go to bed now and stop reading these weird online novels."

    Tiya: "Please mom this is not weird it's my favorite - Troubles with the president,  it's one of the leading romAnce novel in webnovel"

    Mrs.  Aka took her mobile and switched it off and made both the girls to sleep and then she she went back to her own room.

    The moment they both heared the creaking sound of door closing,  Ruby peeked out of the blanket and same was done by Tiya.

    Ruby in whispering tone:"When will he come? "

    Tiya: "Why will he come today? we were together in the morning, I don't think he will come now. "

    Exactly at that same time, there was a knock in the window,  Ruby started grinning while looking towards Tiya whose face was now blushing red.

    "Aah I think I need to go for a walk in the terrace to show some stars to my baby." Ruby said while teasing Tiya.

    "Sshhh no need to go anywhere. Let me check who is there" as she was sure that Sam needs to deal with an important matter tonight so he will not come,  then why he suddenly come.

    When she got out of the bed and opened the window, she was shocked to see Sue standing in the balcony.

    Ruby took her cashmere shawl and opened the window for him

    "What happened?  Why are you here so late in the night? " Tiya asked

    Sue: "Prince Sam ordered me to bring you to the villa."

    Tiya was surprised to hear that but still she knows that Sue is a trustworthy person, so she decided to follow him.

    They both quietly sit inside the car and moved towards the royal estate.

    On their way Sue stopped the car and told Tiya that he has concern for her and that's why he wants to show how Sam is betraying her.

    Tiya thought about something but then she said, "OK take me to the place where they are right now."
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