143 Cuddles

    Sue really couldn't help himself from driving rashly on the road in such late hours. He was getting anxious with every passing second. His imaginations are going wild with just the thought of Liza being alone with that play boy or to say play prince Sam.

    "One day he is saying that he loves Tiya and next day he is asking for condoms for date with Liza???  Aarrgghh his mind is going to explode now.

    He was so furious that he almost hit a cute little puppy on the road, thanks to Tiya that she respond quickly and turn the staring on time.

    Are you out of your senses Sue, I know we need to see them but at least be careful.

    Then Tiya came out of the car and went near the puppy, it was an American pit bull, generally these dogs are very smart and are very active but they are rear to find on roads, Little puppy was too scared that he directly jumped over Tiya and hide under her dress in between her legs.

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    Tiya's heart melted on seeing his adorable puppy eyes and she just scooped it up in her arms.

    "O my little baby,  Are you scared? Don't worry I will take care of you and this stupid uncle Sue, we will hit him because he scare my little baby. " Just as she pointed towards Sue,  Little dog started barking towards him.

    "O my gudy gudy boy. Now come with me I have something for you. "

    Tiya took the dog with her and then in the car, she searched everywhere and finally got a pack of biscuits, so she quickly opened the pack and gave it to puppy,  to her surprise, he finished the whole pack in less than two minutes.

    "O that was really fast. Good boy now sit properly and behave. we are going to royal Estate. Puppy sat down quietly which gives some relief to Sue and he immediately speed up for Sam's villa.

    .... .... .... .... .... .... ..... .... ....

    "Sam.. "

    "Hmm...??? "

    "Do you think he will come? "

    "Don't worry I am sure he will come in less than five minutes."

    "But I am really not certain about his feelings. If he really is not up-to me. You know..... "

    Sam put his fingers on her beautiful rosy lips.

    Just as he was about to say something, the door of villa was opened from outside and some one entered.

    Both Sam and Liza turned.

    Liza was happy to see Sue but Sam's mouth twitched when he saw Tiya standing behind Sue.

    "O Wao great !!! you don't have guts to say your feelings for Liza but you have guts to bring my woman here?"

    Tiya immediately understood what was happening there, she knows that Sam is in a bad mood now.

    Sam grabbed Tiya's hand tightly and dragged her upstairs towards his room leaving the two (Liza and Sue) alone.

    Without saying anything Sue just opened his arms and Liza hugged him happily. They both hugged each other for some time and then Liza broke the silence, "Sue... "

    "Yes princess..?? "

    "Stop calling me princess....  I love you"

    "I love you too.....  but I will always call you princess....  well the princess of my heart ♥ "

    Liza look towards him and he grabbed the opportunity to place his soft lips on her.

    Liza was blushing like a teenager, her face turned red.

    Sue picked her up in the bridal style and took her towards her room.

    He placed her on her bed and kissed her on the top of her head.

    After that he got up and was about to leave but Liza hold his hand.

    Sue moved towards her but she lowered her eyes,"Don't leave Please"

    Sue kneeled down and looked towards her lovingly. He caressed her and told her to sleep but she was not ready to let him go.

    "Sleep with me"


    "Please" with puppy eyes


    "Don't worry I am not going to eat you. Come let's sleep together."

    His lips curled upwards,"What if I was not able to control myself and I eat you. "

    She was blushing like anything,"Comeee"

    She stretched her arms and pulled him on her bed.

    They both hugged each other and Sue coaxed her to sleep.

    They didn't do anything just cuddling and snuggling but it was the best night for both of them.

    Earlier Sue's heart was at unease but the moment he saw her lovely eyes, he forget everything and sleep quietly with a princess in his arms.
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