146 Strange orphange

    On the way to home, Mrs.  Peace looked towards Tiya.

    "Hey sweetie you look puzzled. Didn't you enjoy being with kids? "

    "O I really enjoyed being with kids Mrs.  Peace, it's just... I was thinking of something."

    "You can tell me what are you thinking I might help you."

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    Tiya is not afraid of anything, neither she wants to hide anything from anyone but still she was not sure about her thoughts so she decided not to talk about anything strange with Mrs.  Peace.

    But being a special agent, Mrs. Peace can definitely guess that Tiya is worried about something related to Orphanage. So she twisted the topic and said,"These kids are really lucky to have good guardians who are taking good care of them otherwise in other orphanages people used to do dirty things especially with kids."

    Tiya's heart started racing fastly on hearing words like # dirty things#kids#orphange. She looked worried so she quickly opened up, "Mrs.  Peace do you think that kids here are actually safe?"

    "...." Mrs.  Peace gave her a questioning look

    "I found something strange in the orphanage, I really don't know if what I am thinking is actually right or not but something was not right there. The kids look terrified because of something and moreover there was one girl named Satabdi..... she used to be the brightest girl of orphanage but today when I asked about her, kids said that no such girl ever exist in this orphanage. Isn't it a bit strange Mrs.  Peace? "

    "Hmm right Tiya, I think we need to sought out a few things related to orphanage. Don't worry we will visit again tomorrow."

    They both shook their heads like agreeing on something without even stating the fact.

    "Mrs. Peace please drop me at the gate of Royal Estates, I have some work here. "

    Mrs. Peace was surprised to hear the name of Royal Estate, she knows that a commoner is never allowed to even step near the gates so how come Tiya have some work here?

    "If you want to visit Royal Estates, I can take you in, I have visiting card. I am afraid that guards standing there at the gates will not allow you to stand there." Mrs.  Peace said with concern

    "Oh thanks for the concern Mrs.  Peace but don't worry I have my pass." When Tiya took out her platinum pass card, there was a smile on Mrs.  Peace face, she was really curious to know bout the card as only the royal family members and their close relatives have the access to this card,  so how Tiya got this card is really questionable.

    ... .... .... ... .... ....

    In the Emperor's villa

    Princess Liza has just finished her breakfast with the Emperor and his wife.

    "It was good to be with you. I really like the hospitality of country A. Now I will take a leave as I have to go for different regions for completing my documantry." Liza thanked everyone politely and then she left the villa with Sue.

    Sue was personally assigned by prince Sam to help princess Liza in completing her documantry.

    "I wish to see you soon dear, not as a guest but as a part of my family, as my daughter in law." Madam queen said lovingly while giving her a small present as a token of her love.

    Liza chuckled on hearing her words but still she accept the gift box politely. When she opened the box, she found a jade bracelet inside it.

    She thanked Madam queen and left the place.

    ... ... .... ... ... .....

    Outside the Royal Estate

    Sue: "I might not be able to buy something like this for you."

    Liza smiled a little and then firstly she looked towards the jade bracelet and then she looked towards Sue and said, "Shine of this bracelet will fade away with time but our love for each other will blossom more and more with time. These jades have hardly any value for me, the only thing that matters to me is you and your love. As long as you are with me, I don't want any materialistic things in life."

    Sue chuckled softly on her words. He is an intelligent man, he knows that this world is a materialistic one and only love is not sufficient to survive in this world but when he saw the love in her eyes,  he promised himself to raise his status to a remarkable level, so that he can give her a good life in future.
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