147 announcemen

    After Liza left the palace, it was already the time to announce the names of contestants who are going to compete for the position of Emperor.

    The whole grand place was filled with people. People from all over the world including international media, photographers came here to witness this important event.

    At one end of the grand venue, there was an emperor's throne, being guarded by a large number of body guards, after that there were sittings for higher grade ministers and after that there were sittings for few higher rank government officials.

    The place was big enough to accommodate thousands of people at a time but only the rich ones were able to get the pass.

    Exactly at the scheduled time,  a sweet angelic voice greeted everyone in the venue.

    "A very good day everyone. Today I, Xi - the advisor will use this stage to welcome you all in this grand event to witness an amazing competition - the competition of strength, wisdom, knowledge, war, struggle and everything that is required to be a perfect man, a man who is worthy enough to become an Emperor.

    Now with the permission of worthy Emperor may I please invite the lovely, the charming and our most beloved madam queen to please come on the stage and call the names of contestants who are going to compete for the position of emperor and bless them with best of their lucks."

    With this announcement, the whole venue that was quiet earlier to listen the words of Advisor Xi is now filled with the thunderous sound of applause for welcoming Madam Queen.

    Just when madam queen entered the venue,  everyone was mesmerized by her beauty, her charisma, her aura is unmatched, she is truly an amazing personality who lives in people's hearts.

    Madam queen slowly moved towards the large box that is placed on the centre table. Advisor Xi hold her hands as she carefully guide her towards the box.

    She carefully opened the box and announced first name that is Lu Ting from Lu family - Lu family is the richest family of the country,  second is Tang Lian from Tang family- Tang family leads with highest number of military troops, third is Surya - a commoner, next is Joe from Royal family and last but not the least another member from Royal family that is Prince Sam.

    After announcing their names,  Madam queen presented brotch of good luck to all the candidates for the competition that will start exactly after one month.

    The whole crowd down in the venue is cheering happily for their favourite contestants. Girls were drooling over on the looks of all the five candidates where as elder ones were also giving their remarks about their favourites.

    After the announcement ceremony, all the doors of special exhibition were opened for commoner's so that people who came from all over the world will get chance to see the real wealth of Royal family.

    inside the exhibition, there were precious gems,  stones antiques etc.  All the things were expensive beyond our expectations.

    People clicked photographs,  make videos of all the things  and happily left the place.

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    After such a hectic schedule,   the moment Sam got a chance,  he ran away from the place to the entrance of Royal estate to get Tiya.

    This was the time, when Mrs.  Peace was leaving Tiya on the gates, just as she was about to leave,  she saw prince Sam to come by himself to pick Tiya from the gates. She can roughly guess the relationship between the two. She just smiled and move on
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