148 practice time

    Sam picked up Tiya and they both drove towards Sam's private villa which was quite far away from the venue where other people were busy in witnessing exhibition about wealth and power of Royal family.

    Sam moved out of the car and opened the door for Tiya to come. Tiya smacked on his hand that he offered her and get down by herself.

    He pass his keys to the chaefur and followed behind Tiya happily.

    Sam's naughty smile was back on his face as he hold her from behind and then picked her up in princess style and carried her towards his room.

    "Sam...  put me down right now." Tiya was scolding him continuously but he was not listening at all.

    Sam carefully placed her on his king size bed and pinned her below him.

    Tiya's heart was beating at a faster rate. She just closed her eyes as she was expecting a passionate kiss but after a second when she didn't feel his hot breath, she opened her eyes, to her surprise, Sam didn't do anything, in fact he just got up and was staring at her with a mischievous smile.

    Tiya gulped down as she got up and sit straight.

    Sam was looking towards her. He knows that Tiya loves him, he knows she loves when he touch her,  when he kiss her, her body craves for him but she is not accepting it, her mind and her heart are contradicting each other, so it's time to make her realize, what she wants.

    "So ready for practice? " Sam asked

    "Hmm.. yeah, let's start" Tiya replied.

    "Are you going to do practice in these clothes? "Sam pointed towards her girly outfit that she specifically chose to wear for visiting orphanage as kids love her in that way only.

    "Oh I forgot to bring another set for practice."

    "Don't worry I have your yoga pants here."

    "Well !! that will be enough."

    She quickly opened Sam's walk in closet and found her yoga pants that she forgot here when last time they were practicing tai chi together.

    Tiya moved towards washroom but something struck on her foot when she looked down, she found buzzo who jumped and started licking her foot. There was a smile on Tiya's face, she gave some biscuits to Buzzo and then changed into her bra and yoga pants.

    The moment she came out of the washroom, Sam's eyes remained struck on her.

    As she was not carrying her dress, so instead of wearing her sports bra she was wearing her black colour regular cupped bra with black yoga shorts.

    She was looking too hawt that Sam immediately felt a hard on just by looking at her.

    He instantly diverted his gaze from her.

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    "Let's start" Tiya said casually

    then they both went towards Sam's personal gym.

    It was a fully equipped gym With a comprehensive range of cardio equipments such as treadmills, steppers and elipticals per club, and over 3 tons of free weight equipment as well as the stretch area, along with this it has fighting ring for boxing practice.

    They both started with stretching followed by a short session on tread mill after this warm up activity,  both of them entered the ring and put on their head gears, masks and gloves.

    It was a back to back fight for both of them, Tiya was not giving any space to Sam for counter attack as she was attacking continuously, luckily Sam was fast enough to block each of her attack on time. They both continued to fight for three hours till the time they both felt exhausted.

    Surprising part was both of them were using their full force but none of them got a single  scratch on their body as both of them were having great reflexes to block the attacks of others.

    After burning all the energy, they both took a glass of warm water and left the gym.
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