149 Love time

    Tiya went to the washroom for taking a quick shower to freshen up where as someone outside needs a cold shower urgently, he was getting impatient with every passing second.

    "ohh.... " Sam cursed his little buddy and entered the bathroom.

    When Tiya heard the sound of door, she quickly turned around, although she just finished her shower and was about to put on her robe but still her robe was open.

    Sam pushed her slightly and then pinned her besides the wall.

    Tiya was starled when she realized her condition, her robe was opened, she was wearing her panties but not her bra.

    Sam started kissing her, he was holding her hands, so she was not able to move or push him away. Her heart beat is getting faster when Sam's lips touched her bare neck.

    Sam slightly looked towards her while moving his hands on her lower abdomen. Tiya has already closed her eyes,  her whole body was trembling, she rested her face on his shoulders so that Sam will not be able to see her.

    her body arched towards him automatically that gives an arouse to Sam.

    "No" she whispered in his ears.

    "Sshhh... " Sam husshed her ,"Trust me, I will not do anything recklessly."

    Tiya believes him more than herself. so she bit her lower lip and tried to stop herself from moaning.

    She can feel his hard on. Sam took her hand and put it inside himself.

    "Help me with this." Tiya was blushing like anything, she became red like a tomato but she did when Sam told her to do,  so that she can help him to relax.

    ... ..... .... ..... .......

    Ruby was enjoying her favorite apple pie specially made by Joe himself.

    They both were enjoying each others company.

    Joe slightly caress her tummy and then kissed her, "How is my little angel? "

    "She is fine, getting bigger and bigger every day and making me fat."

    "You look pretty like this" Joe complemented her from his heart.

    Although Ruby has gained weight but she looked more beautiful and mature now which gives a pleasant look to her personality.

    She then hugged Joe,"our daughter wants to congratulate you for getting selected as a candidate for emperor."

    "Thank you my little angel" he kissed her tummy

    Then there was some kind of bothering expressions on his face.

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    Ruby's heart ached when she saw him in such a dilemma.

    She hold Joe's hand and said, "I and your little angel will always remain by your side. No matter what comes out as a result."

    Joe smiled and nodded his head while putting another bite of apple pie in her mouth.

    Joe was the strongest candidate for the post of emperor amongst the rest and everyone knows about it,  even Sam is aware about the fact but still he is feeling uneasy just with the thought of fighting with his own brother who is more than a brother to him.

    "Let the things go on with the way they are going. Sometimes it is not possible for us to change everything."Ruby said while kissing him and then both of them left their private condo separately.

    Ruby went towards Tiya's house where as Joe headed towards his gym.
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