150 Secret of orphanage

    it's been more than a few weeks since Tiya is visiting the orphanage regularly along with Mrs.  Peace.  Although everything at the surface is more than perfect,  all the kids look happy and healthy but Tiya can sense something fishy about this show off.

    One day with the help of Mrs. Peace,  Tiya was finally able to install a recorder and a small camera in the living room of the orphanage without anyone noticing them.

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    In the night when Mrs. Peace opened her laptop to check if the devices installed there are working properly or not, she was surprised to see what happened, she immediately called Tiya and called her to her place.

    This was the first time Tiya was visiting Mrs.  Peace home. Within no time Tiya was there at her place and she felt extremely astonished to see what was there in front of her. The whole place was filled with high quality technical gadgets, there was even a super computer in her room.

    Tiya was perplexed by such a view, she was not sure how she should react and as Mrs. Peace saw her reaction, she just said "Please be careful with the things. I will bring something for you to eat. "

    "Oh please don't bother yourself, I don't need anything" Tiya said in a trembling voice.

    "I work for Black panthers commando unit of the country." Mrs.  Peace said in a very calm tone like she was stating a universal truth that everyone knows.

    Tiya gulped down as she listened to the information.

    it's not like she was afraid of anything or she has done something wrong but it would be shocking for anyone to know that they are working with a commando right now and little did she know that she is not only an ordinary commando but an A-lister who is next to the chief of black panthers.

    Mrs.  Peace then showed her laptop to Tiya and after watching the recording,  Tiya was as shocked as Mrs. Peace.

    "What is all this?  how did they know about it?  I was too careful this time and I am damn sure that nobody saw me while I was hiding those devices." Tiya said with an angry look.

    "Hmm I guess they were already aware about our motive and they must be keeping track of our actions." Mrs Peace concluded

    Tiya: "but how??? "

    Mrs. Peace: ".... I think they must be having CCTV cameras in their orphanage because of which they were able to track our devices so early."

    On hearing Mrs. Peace words, Tiya took her laptop and start typing something on that.

    Mean while Mrs. Peace contacted with the IT head of her department but sadly the person was not in town as he was out for some important assignment.

    With a sad expression on her face Mrs.  Peace came back towards Tiya but on contrary to what she was feeling right now, Mrs. Peace smiled widely as she watch her computer screen,"How did you manage to get this? I was actually contacting my department to arrange someone to hack their system for me but the person in charge was busy somewhere so I was a bit sad but this is exactly what I want. "

    Tiya smiled and said,"I actually hacked their system and get their CCTV footage."

    "Good, You are actually way to fast. I was not aware about this skill of yours? From where you learned hacking? "

    "Well it's just in my genes. My father taught me when I was a kid."

    Mrs.  Peace was glad to know that she is working with a good person. After this they both watched almost all their recordings. it took them one full night to view all the videos in fast forward mode.

    Although both of them had not slept for the whole night but there was not even a tinge of sleep in their eyes, rather they both have a burning anger in their eyes because of what they had witnessed in the videos.
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