155 Tiya is los

    Just as Mrs. Peace cut the phone, the door was pushed open from outside, secretary Pakoshino was taking deep and heavy breaths, it seems as if she came running hundreds of miles.

    "M.... madam M.... madam" she forced a few words, but she was so scared of something that next few words that came out of her mouth were so jumbled that it doesn't make sense.

    "What happened?Pakoshino?" Mrs. Peace asked her aggressively.

    But seeing her terrible condition, she make her sit on the chair and gave her a glass of water to drink.

    Pakoshino accepted the glass with trembling hands but she gulped whole glass in one go.

    "Now tell me,  What happened, Why are you looking so scared. "Mrs. Peace knows Pakoshino is an active and smart girl and she is not so weak that she got disturbed by a small matter but seeing her in such a state, Mrs. Peace frowned.

    "Relax Pakoshino and tell me what is wrong with you? "

    "Madam we.... we lost track of Tiya." Pakoshino said, her eyes were filled with fear as she knows what kind of situation Tiya is in right now.

    .... ... .... .... .....

    Cho Lee wanted to take Tiya to his own place so that he can enjoy all by himself but on their way, he received a call from one of his trusted partner.

    "Lee be careful, there is a tracking device in your car."

    Without any change in expression, Lee took a sharp turn and with the corner of his eyes he looked towards the girl sitting next to him.

    "What else?" Lee asked in a dangerous tone

    "When I got an alarm for tracking device, I immediately followed your car by hacking a few security cameras on highway and I found two suspicious vehicles that are following you right from the time you left the orphanage."

    "Noted" then Lee hung up on the phone.

    His mood was so so good but now this stupid call and everything was destroyed. Lee closed his eyes for the split of a second and then when he open his eyes again, it was filled with anger.  Lee increased the speed that give a jerk to Tiya in order to make her balance she hold the car seat tightly, Lee took two sharp turns and from a small alleyway, he entered inside a private parking lot. He opened the door and dragged Tiya out of the car roughly, by now Tiya knows that Lee is already aware about their plan so reflexively, she hold her necklace, but before she could make her move, Lee snatched the necklace and crushed it under his foot.

    Just at that very moment, Tiya hit him with a high kick. The kick was strong enough to push him back but Lee was so strong that he managed to defend the other coming hit just in time, but Tiya was not an easy competitior, she didn't stop and continue to hit him with her strong punches one after another.

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    In between her continuous hits, Lee managed to pull a small injection from his left pocket, Just as she was about to give another blow on his face, Lee instead of moving back grabbed her fist and pulled her and then quickly he injected her with that injection, because of which she lost her consciousness and fell down.

    Lee picked her up and carried her like a sack, without using his car, he walked towards a certain unknown place.

    ... ... .... ..... ... ... ..... ..... ....

    Inside NDU office

    "What?  What are you saying?" Sam was in so much anger that his face turned dark. His aura was so aggravated that everyone standing behind him were trembling as he held Pakoshino tightly from her arms.

    Tears started flowing from her eyes as she screamed in pain. Mrs. Peace put her hands on Sam's shoulder and said, "Let me handle this please. "

    Sam came back to his senses and nodded but from inside he was really afraid.

    "Madam I just received call from our back up teams, they informed that the driver was able to trick them and they lost sight of the car the moment it was pulled in an alley way. Now they are searching but didn't get any result.  Other team at the other end reported that no suspicious vehicle came there till now and when I tried to use tracking device, it is also disabled now. I think they got to know about our plan."
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