156 Buzo

    "Damn **" Sam cursed under his breath and without turning back, he stromed out of the NDU office.

    Mrs. Peace tried to follow him but she was unable to catch up with the speed of Sam.

    Sam started his car engine and was about to move when he heard some thing, at first he thought he was just hallucinating but when the sound came again, out of frustration Sam looked back and was surprised to see Buzo at the back of his car.

    With a sad look he said, "I know you miss her but why you came here? OK come here in the front. "

    Sam tied seat belt around Buzo so that he will not fall from his seat.

    Buzo was continuously looking outside as if he was searching for Tiya where as Sam's full concentration is on speed, he wants to reach at the last spot as soon as possible.

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    The moment they reached at the spot where Tiya's tracking device has been destroyed by Lee, a team of few commandos was already there. They all salute to Sam in unison.

    As their head of command has already given them information about Sam's arrival, so they were ready in advance.

    One of the commando came forward and took Sam to the place where they found broken tracking device along with the device, there were some drops of blood and an injection also.

    "I think the girl was injected with **** drug by them. We are trying our best to search for her."

    Sam's main focus was on the drops of blood lying on the ground. He was feeling so sad and useless at this point of time."Where are you Tiya? Please stay safe."

    He took out his phone and was about to call the chief of Police when he noticed Buzo who was continuously barking towards a certain direction.

    ... ..... ..... ... ..... ..... .....

    Tiya opened her eyes in a dimly lit room.  Her nose cringe on the smell of alcohol but she ignored it, her mind was in a mess and her whole body is burning hot with the fire of lust desire. He throat was getting dry and she was not able to move her body not even by an inch. She tried to look around by moving her eyes but all she could see was blank space.

    "What the hell?  Which place is this?" she thought, as she closed her eyes in order to remember what happened before, but her mind was not responding at all,  she was not able to remember any thing.

    Then again she opened her eyes and felt a rough touch on her lips, the person was sucking her lips ferociously. In her mind she could only imagine Sam but from the taste of alcohol, she want to resist him, she wants to move away from him but her body was not acting accordingly, she was so swayed with that drug that her tongue responded more quickly than her mind.

    Lee started enjoying her passion as he lifted her blouse to unhook her bra.

    Tiya was moaning loudly which ultimately leads to arousing him more and more.

    Once again he leaned and kissed her again.
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