157 Saved

    Tiya was not in her senses but her body parts were reacting, Lee was enjoying her pink juicy lips when he heared some scratching sound on the door, firstly he tried to ignore it and continue with his deed but the sound was really annoying, he was so frustrated with that irritating sound, that he wants to kill that bloody Bastard who is creating that sound.

    Quickly he wrapped up his lower half in a towel ,\"Who the hell wants to die now? \"he shouted and moved ahead to open the door but due to dim light in the room, he almost tripped and his hand fell on the door knob for support.

    By mistake the door got opened while he fell on the floor. The door was quickly pushed open from outside with lot of force.

    Being an American pit bull, Buzo has now gained his full height and because of good food he was strong enough to injure a man to his death.

    Buzo instantly jumped over Lee. His sudden attack dumbfounded Lee, but being a strong muscular guy he quickly reciprocated and pushed Buzo out of him but Buzo was more quick to respond, he inserted his sharp teeth inside his one leg which cause a lot of blood to drip from his leg.

    Lee cried loud in pain but he still tried to hit Buzo with a broken bottle of alcohol that just fell down from a table.

    Buzo swiftly jumped over and avoid his attack but Lee fell ahead because of his own force and his head hit on the corner of the table.

    This was the scene that Sam witnessed when he entered the room, but he was not at all concerned about the person covered in the pool of blood, he quickly crossed him with one large stride leaving the matter to be deal by Buzo or by the commandos of NDU who were following him.

    Buzo again bit him hard on his private part that act as a last hit to the already unconscious Lee. After that he also moved towards Tiya who is now embraced in the warm and loving arms of Sam.

    Sam carried her in his arms in a princess style and moved out of the room leaving the mess to be dealt by NDU. Buzzo also followed them.

    Sam carefully unlocked his car by his car keys and Buzo like a trained dog helped him open the car door, he then placed Tiya inside the car carefully and moved to the other side of the car where as Buzo opened the back door by himself and sat down quietly, Buzo was smart enough to understand that Tiya was not well so instead of choosing to sit on Tiya's lap, he sat at the back seat. Sam noticed his small act but he was too worried about Tiya's condition to actually appraise him.

    \"Mmmm.... it's too hot\" Tiya moaned softly but her voice was so seductive that Sam came back from his worried thoughts and looked towards Tiya who is blabbering something and is busy in unbuttoning her blouse
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