159 Doctor Kate

    Sam entered his villa with an unconscious Tiya in his hands. He straight way went upstairs towards master bedroom and placed her on the king size bed.Then he quickly rushed outside and took out his phone from his pocket.

    After searching through a number of contacts,  he found the number that he was searching for. He dialed the number immediately and exactly after three rings, the person pick up the phone.

    \"Fuck Sam!  It's three in the night. Who the hell calls someone so late?\"


    when he didn't get any response from the other side,  he suddenly changed his voice into a seductive girl's sexy one and said\"Oh my highness how this lowly doctor can help you?  Do you need a sleeping pill or you want a special massage therapy so late at night?  huh?? huh??? \"

    \"Cut the crap Kate!  it's an emergency. Come at my place quickly\" Sam shouted with a little annoying tone

    On hearing Sam's tone, Kate immediately switched on his serious doctor mode and asked,\"What's wrong Sam? Is everything okay?\"

    \"..... ummm well it's not about me Kate, it's....  it's Tiya\"

    Kate just jumped from his bed on hearing Tiya's name.

    \"What the hell Sam? What happened to her?  tell me you damn prince\" Kate hurriedly put on his coat and opened the door.

    \"Tell me Sam. Did something happened to Tiya?  For God's sake Sam please say something.\"

    In his mind, he was cursing Sam. Kate had a huge crush on Tiya since childhood, but everytime he tried to get close to Tiya, he needed to face Sam and after a countless number of attempts, he accepted his fate and decided to concentrate in his studies in medicine so that his mind will stop wondering about Tiya, but now.....,\" Aarrgghh if that dumbass has done something to Tiya I am going to kill that Bastard and I am going to bring Tiya here after confessing my feelings to her.\" he muttered to himself and stepped out of his house immediately.

    In the dark night, he crossed his extreme speed limit and reached at Sam's villa in a few minutes.

    He pushed opened the door and with familiarity, he straight way went upstairs towards master bedroom and when he opened the door, he found Sam with red eyes sitting on the bed besides Tiya who was unconscious still now.

    Sam has already put fever bandage on Tiya's head and he was checking her temperature.

    \"Just get a side you dumbass. Let me check her.\" he said while sitting on the other side of the bed. Very carefully he picked up her hand but just by touching her, his expression changed.

    \"Shit man, what have you done to her?\" he quickly picked her up in a princess style.

    Sam was confused about his actions but the moment he realized that Kate might not be able to pick her properly, he immediately rushed towards their side and took her from Kate's hands.

    \"What are you doing Kate? Check her please. You can't take her away like this.\"

    \"Damn you Sam! \" Kate was so so angry that his face became dark but he knows how possessive is Sam for Tiya, so he just shrugged his anger away and said, \"Bring her in the bathroom. Quick, her fever reached her head, we need to give her a cold shower right now otherwise, it's going to be dangerous for her. \"

    Sam acted accordingly and just put her in cold water. He finally released his breath when Tiya reacted a little on the touch of cold water.
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