161 hotness overloaded

    Tiya pulled Sam face and crashed her lips with his. She started devouring Sam's lips like its the best desert in the world. She forced her tongue inside his mouth and started moaning.

    Sam was not in a mood to reject her advancements so he also reciprocated with equal passion.

    After few minute she left him abruptly once she felt short of air, both of them were panting. Sam looked towards her with his signature naughty smile and pulled her again for another deep passionate kiss, they both were engrossed in their passion.

    Just as they broke their kiss, Sam picked her up and make her sit on the table. Tiya pouted on realizing the distance between them. She tried to jump on Sam again but he held her firmly at her spot.

    \"Mmmmmmmmmmmm...\" she quickly pouted her pink lips cutely and she was blinking her eyes shyly.

    \"What???\" Sam teased her with a wide grin on his handsome face.

    Tiya whined and stretched her arms asking him to pick her up.

    Sam ignored her cute gestures and continue to play dumb, \"What Tiya?\"

    She shyly looked towards him and said, \"I.....I want you Sam.\"

    \"What???? I didn't hear you, can you say it a little loud?\"

    \"I want you Sam\" she shouted as she jumped on Sam from the table.

    \"Tiya you are not in your senses. Sorry sweetie but I am not going to give you what you want.\"He said while caressing her cheeks.

    \"What?  who said I am not in my senses.I am completely sober Sam, see I can stand on my foot properly.\" she said while trying to stand on her foot, but because of mis balance, she again fell on Sam and this time her face fell on Sam's hardness.

    She blushed on realizing how hard he is now.

    Sam quickly picked her up with her legs wrapped around his waist and carried her towards the closest kitchen counter while kissing her passionately.

    He made her sit comfortably on the kitchen counter and pushed her legs apart, he himself stood in between her legs and cupped her beautiful little face in his one hand while his other hand moved inside her shirt.

    Tiya was not wearing anything inside the shirt so his hands moved swiftly on her milky smooth skin. Out of passion he quickly torn apart her shirt.

    Tiya was blushing so hard as she was feeling so wet down there and being naked, Sam is now able to see all her arousal.

    She bit her lower lip hard when Sam squeezed her beautiful breasts, she was looking so sexy.

    Sam looked in her beautiful eyes and moved his hand down there. His fingers started doing their magic and in no time the whole place was filled with Tiya's loud moans, but Sam stopped after few minutes.

    Tiya looked at him in confusion as she doesn't want him to stop, her eyes were pleading him not to stop. Sam looked at her lovingly then his lips made their way towards her bottom. She started moaning loudly and loudly once his tongue started slipping inside her.

    \"Oh Gosh Sam, this is too much....  Aaah.....\" Tiya hold kitchen counter firmly as her toes were curling up on Sam's shoulder.

    After licking her, Sam picked her up and moved towards their master bedroom upstairs, On the way he gave her sensual and hot kisses while Tiya was busy in opening his shirt.

    Once they reached the bedroom,  Sam's shirt has already been discarded as he put her on the bed. Sam was at the top kissing her, and devouring her beautiful lips.

    Tiya pulled him on the bed and now it was her turn to return the favour so,  she started licking his neck and her kisses started trailing downwards, she licked his chest like she was enjoying an ice cream. It was slow, soft and sensual but once she reached below,  she quickly unbuckled his pants and take off his boxers in no time. She took his hardness in her hands as she started stroking it at a normal speed.

    Sam groaned on feeling her small touches but once he realized something soft on his hardness, he pushed himself up on his elbows to look, just to see his little buddy making his way inside Tiya's mouth. He was in so much pleasure, he felt so good that he was on cloud nine.

    While sucking him hard, Tiya put his hands on her head so that he can help her out in adjusting to the pace that he enjoyed. Sam pulled her on the bed after a minute and **ed her hard.

    After reaching to their climax together they both fell asleep in each others embrace without a care in the world.
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