163 Small promise

    After making love early in the morning and then in the shower and before the breakfast, finally Sam let Tiya to relax for a while so that she can eat something just to regain her energy.

    Tiya was covering herself with sheets and her cheeks were puffed up. She had already requested him about hundred times to let her wear something but Sam, the great charming prince is as stubborn as her,"Just accept my request and I will give you something to wear." Sam said with a wide grin plastered on his cute face.

    Tiya threw a pillow towards him that hit him straight on his face,"Tonight I have my first competition darling, if you will ruin my face before competition, then the great king will definitely get back to you and he will find you here in sheets only hehehehehehe. so better accept my request."

    Tiya rolled her eyes and said, "Request??  Is this even a request? You are simply asking to take advantage of me whenever you want!!!  Sam!!! you are so mean!!! "

    "Yes, I am my love but this is not meanness, this is love and don't you remember everything is fair in love and war."

    Tiya facepalmed herself and sigh,"OK you won. Now pleaseee give me something to wear."

    "Not like this baby" He started his phone recorder and gestured her to speak.

    Tiya shook her head as she knew how cruel and stubborn he can be at such times.

    "OK. I, Tiya allow you to Fuck me whenever and wherever you want my highness."

    "Hahaha now thats like my girl. Now wait I will get something for you."

    Tiya sighed in relief but her eyes remained wide opened within seconds when she saw that Sam has bought only a see through shirt for her."

    She quickly got up to hit him but when she realized that she was standing all naked in front of him, she quickly jumped back and hide herself under the sheets.

    Sam was smiling widely,"Don't worry I have seen you all so come out."Then he came closer to her and started tickling her but she pushed him hard, grabbed the shirt from him and ran towards washroom.

    Sam was still lying on the bed with a big smile on his face, then he quickly called in the kitchen to bring some food in his room.

    After some time

    "Please Sam"


    "Please please please"

    "No no no"



    "Mom will be worried about me."


    But why??? "

    "Firstly because now because of the night event, you are everywhere on the news now. They have made you a superhero who put her own life in danger to save others.

    Second I don't want to share my thing with anyone,and anyone means anyone neither with reporters, nor with any other person.

    You are mine and mine only.

    Thirdly I have already talked with your mom that because of your security reasons, you are going to stay here with me in royal estates only."

    "What?  No,  I mean why. I don't want to stay here. eww."

    "Seriously???? Can I ask you why."

    "obviously, Because of you stupid."


    "OK. I, Tiya allow you to Fuck me whenever and wherever you want my highness." he played the recording in his phone and then put the phone back in his pocket.

    Tiya slammed her head on the table but with a sigh she said, "OK fine! What other option do I have? "
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