165 Flashback

    "Now I declare this event open." with these few words from the emperor, loud noises of crackers and applauses from the crowd echoed throughout the city. Fire works and crackers light up the dark night. Everyone was so mesmerized by the grand event that they hold their breadth just to record it in their cameras, as they don't want even to blink their eyes in case they miss out something important.

    "Alright ladies and gentlemen let's welcome our contents of this grand event. Please welcome contestant number 1.Mr. Ting, contestant number 2. Mr.  Lian, contestant number 3. Mr.  Surya, contestant number 4. Mr.  Joe and contestant number 5. Mr.  Sam.

    As these contestants have to perform in the following events by their own capabilities, so their first name or the families through which they are coming from are not there to help them. All the very best everyone.

    Now I will hand over the stage to our beloved queen as she is going to select the names of competition that they are going to participate."

    With that said, a cold shiver of sweat run down through everyone's spine. Everyone in the country is aware about the difficulty level of the competition. Some people even says that the last time, when emperorship was given to current king at that time he was the only one who survived amongst his competitors. Although he was not able to bring back the pride sword but still he came back alive and his other competitor was burnt alive in front of him.

    No one noticed the sadness in the eyes of emperor when he remembered about those events of his time.

    ... .... .......


    It was the time of early nineties, present emperor and his brother(Joe's father)  were the only contestants who were able to survive in the last challenges. They both were competitiors for others but the strong bond that they both share was the only reason of their sustainablility through out the tough times of their lives. In the end when they both entered the enemy area to get their sacred sword, he was the one... yes the great emperor of this whole country was the one who was the target of that gun man. He would have died on that day if.....  if his brother had not jumped on that time. His brother had sacrificed his life just to save him, and because of him only he is the emperor today.

    ... ... .... .....

    Present time

    Very gracefully madam queen opened the mysterious box present on the table in front of the mike. she opened the box and said, "Competitions that are going to judge you all on the basis of your strength, your knowledge and your capabilities. My dear boys these are not the only competition, these are actually the mirrors of your life. You win or you loose that might depends on your abilities but when you pass on from these competitions,  you boys will feel a change, a change for the betterment and these mirrors will finally show you how better of a person you become once you pass on from one level to other. So all the very best boys and the final competitions are-

    Level 1. To judge your physical strength, a boxing match

    Level 2. To judge your mental strength, a buzzer hit match

    level 3. To check your war competencies, army simulation match

    Level 4. Our final sword hunt."
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