166 Boxing match

    A big huge cage came out of the ground out of no where, with a loud screeching sound. The sound was so high that everyone put their hands on their ears. But the five people standing in the middle of the ground were too excited to react over a measly thing like sound.

    In the blink of an eye,  all the five participants were caged inside a rectangular cage, that was made up of iron bars.

    It was late in the evening, so the lights were turned on, all the big projection Screens were displaying each and every movement of the participants.

    Spectators were utterly confused as they didn't expect the competition to start like this.  The moment Sam's face was displayed on the screen, Tiya's heart skipped a beat.

    He was looking so adorable that one look of his could make anyone fall in love with him. Girls were staring at him like anything, it was like a dream come true for them when he opened his suit, inside the cage. His strong muscular arms, broad chest and his perfect six pack abdomen, everything was so sexy that girls started screaming happily, everyone was cheering for him.

    Following the suit, others also started undressing themselves, so that they can go on in the competition with an ease. but Joe, was the only candidate who decided against it and he didn't removed his clothes.

    Witnessing his actions, Tiya looked towards Ruby and raised her eyebrow.

    "How can you allow your man to be naked in front of so many mad girls? "

    "And how will he perform with such clothes inside a cage?"

    "Well that has to be managed by him." Ruby shrugged while continuing her focus on the match.

    Inside the cage, unlike normal boxing matches, no safety equipments were given to them.

    It was going to be a proper bare street fight.

    Once the cage was raised up-to it's maximum height, there was an announcement outside, "Now it's time to start and with the sound of gun shot, you all will start and exactly after thirty minutes this fight will be over."

    Everyone was surprised to listen to the announcement, generally in a boxing match there are two contestants fight with one another and a refree will be there to keep a check on them,  but what kind of boxing match is this?

    And with the count of three everyone heard a loud gun shot. All the confusion in the eyes of people was replaced by thrill and excitement with in a second.

    The moment contestant listen to the gun shot, they all were ready to fight but unlike everyone's expectations, none of them take first step, they were standing in a stance, glaring each other. It was like a bunch of tigers were looking at each other before the attack.  It was so silent everywhere. Everyone has hold their breadth and their eyes were wide open.

    After a second, a drop of sweat fall from  someone's face on the ground and with that sound,  all of them jumped together in the centre. Surya was the first one who jumped on Lian,  while Ting got a hold on Sam's shoulder. Lian tried his best to get free from Surya's grip as he was continuously throwing punches on his face, but to everyone's surprise, Surya evaded all the attacks as he continue to push Lian down.

    while on the other end Ting and Sam were throwing non stop punches and kicks on each other. Joe who was standing untouched studies the whole situation as he moves his hawk like eyes over the four corners of the cage.

    He firstly jumped on Surya and throw a full energy punch on his face but luckily he managed to turn away.

    "Ups brother no hitting on face. Girls are fans of my good looks." then he winks and pushed Joe hardly. Joe stumbled a little but he managed to stand high and tall.

    Surya got the gist of his capabilities and he quickly jumped backward towards Ting as he doesn't want to waste his energy on someone like Joe.

    Joe find it quite amusing but just as he thought about hitting him again, Lian bumped on his side, who was giving tough competition to Sam. Without thinking twice, Joe picked him up and throw him in the air.

    Sam gave him his cute smile and both of them runs towards centre where both Ting and Lian were now teaming up against Surya. With in seconds, all five of them were throwing punches and kicks on one another. Everyone was strong enough to injure other and everyone was intelligent enough to evade others attack so that they can save themselves, resulting it to be the toughest competition.

    On one side where Joe was acting all serious about this match, Sam on the other side was enjoying a lot. He even managed to give a wink and a flying kiss towards camera, offcourse it was for her own girl, Tiya but, girls witnessing the match on the big screens outside were going crazy on his little actions.

    "Oh my God, he is too cute"

    "I love you Prince Sam"

    "Prince, I am a virgin"

    Tiya felt her nose cringe on hearing those comments.

    "Stupid, he should focus on his fight rather than acting like a hero here" she thought in her mind.

    And there inside the cage, Sam got his reward for his small act as he got a hard punch on his face. He quickly looked towards Joe who just shrugged as if saying, "Your reward for not concentrating on the match."

    And just like that there was a loud sound of buzzer indicating that the match is over.

    They all bowed towards each other and move back to their original spots. Although the match was over but it's quite confusing as how are they going to judge who is the one who will be considered out as everyone is looking OK.
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