167 Buzzer hit round

    With lots of questions in their eyes, everyone stood up as they were cheering and screaming names of their favorite contestants(not to mention that the only loud sound audible in that vast ground is SAM), but others were not at back also as they were also screaming names of Ting and Lian.

    Offcourse our two non recognizable faces Joe and Surya were not having much of fan following but the minds are going to change as competition goes on.

    Exactly when they hit the time limit buzzer and they all separated from each other, the bars of the iron cage started to get swallow down inside the ground with the same irritating screeching sound, just like it comes up earlier.

    Once those iron bars were no where to be seen,  there was pin drop silence in the whole area,  as it was the time for final judgement of the match.

    Eyes on the ground and everyone was utterly confused. No one was able to predict what is going to happen now.

    And with a cough everyone's attention was diverted again on the ground. A cough,  followed by another one and another, then a drop of blood mixed with cough came in view.

    Everyone narrowed their eyes to see what's happening as scene was not displayed on the screen. With in a second, Ting fell down on the ground.

    Without wasting anytime, a medical team, that was already prepared and standing by near just in case of any emergency,  came on spot and check on him,  then they carried him away in a stretcher.

    Leaving behind only four young boys: Joe, Lian, Surya and Sam.

    Once the medic team was out of sight,  a sweet voice of Xi was again heard in the ground, congratulating the winners of the first match.

    Now they all headed towards the next level where they have to show their mental abilities by hitting the buzzer.

    Four podiums were arranged for the four contestants and on each podium, a buzzer was placed. The task seems quite simple as a few questions were being asked to them and the one who knows the answer has to hit the buzzer so that they get the chance to answer. With each correct answer you will get 100 points but if you loose one 50 points will be deducted from your score board.

    Tiya just crossed her fingers as Advisor Xi declared the round open.

    She was praying continuously, it's not like she has doubt on Sam's abilities but she knew how tough the other competitors are.

    With first question the buzzer was hit by Joe as he answered the first question that was in which year unification of germany was achieved?

    "In the year of 1871." he answered politely.

    Everyone clapped for him

    then with the next question Which generation of computers use vacuum tubes, Lian matched the points with Joe as he managed to hit the buzzer just before Sam.

    "First generation computers."





    The level of questions was getting difficult with each passing second, and with the hit of every buzzer, audience became excited as they cheered for their favourite contestants.

    Exactly after twenty five minutes, the score was

    Joe leading with 500 points

    Surya is at second with 450 points where as Sam and Lian were equal with 400 points.

    Now the last question was going to decide who will go to next level to accompany Joe and Surya.

    Everyone was getting anxious, Tiya was praying continuously where as Joe's eyes were focused on Xi, who was asking questions.

    Lian's throat got dried as he gulped down a whole glass of water in one go.

    There were trickles of sweat on Sam's forehead, and with the last question.

    as soon as Xi stopped asking the question,  there was a sound of buzzer






    And there were two sounds of buzzer,

    Everyone's eyes remained wide opened when they realized that both Sam and Lian hit the buzzer exactly at the same time.
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