169 Peacock egg

    Xi opened the paper and started reading it. There was a huge grin on Lian's face when he noticed that the first paper is the one that was written by him, so he stood up properly and bowed towards the emperor and then towards the queen.

    "Mr.  Lian has written that he will give the egg to the person who is the real owner of peacock. Would you like to explain or elaborate your answer Mr. Lian, so that our audience here will get a chance to understand you properly."

    Lian smiled and then showed his perfectly white teeth while grinning hard towards the camera. He was quite confident that his answer was the acceptable one that's why Xi has taken his paper first.

    "Well as we all know that peacock belongs to the second lady that means she is the owner of peacock and all the things that belongs to peacock, so logically if peacock belonged to her that means it's egg also belonged to her that's why if I have to make the decision, then I will give it to second lady." then he bowed firstly in front of emperor and queen and then towards the audience.

    The great king blinked his eyes and with a slight nod he returned Lian's polite gestures where as the audience and specially the girls in the audience started shouting his names to cheer him up.

    Sam felt quite unsure about his response on listening to crowd's reaction. His face become gloomy that left a deep frown on his face.

    "Now....  is the turn of Sam's paper." Advisor Xi announced and everyone got quiet. In the complete silent atmosphere, eyes were directed towards the stage again. Loud heartbeats can be heard from afar. Although many people were cheering for Lian but from their hearts, everyone wants Sam to win.

    From a peasant to the emperor, everyone's heart is towards Sam only but their hopes are dying now as they all were thinking that Lian is going to win now.

    "Sam has written that he will not give it to anyone, instead he will keep it for himself." Xi declared, her voice was devoid of any emotion but still it was soft and angelic, there was happiness in her heart but nothing can be seen on her face when she asked Sam to explain his answer.

    Viewers have different opinions regarding his answers like

    "What the hell is this????  How can Sam give such an irresponsible answer at such a time? "

    "Oh God he is so stupid"

    "100 out of 100 for looks but 0 for brains hahahha"

    Tiya was able to listen all the comments but she kept her mouth shut with a wide smile on her face.

    Like Lian, Sam also bowed towards emperor and queen and then towards audience and then he explained his answer by saying that,"Well in my knowledge no peacock is able to lay egg only a peahen will do that and even if it does than that egg must be considered as the seventh wonder, so to give such a precious egg to someone is really not a wise thing for me. So I will rather keep it for myself than to give it to someone."

    With a polite thank-you, Sam sat back on his seat.

    Everyone's mouth remained opened on hearing his explanation and with a huge round of applause, the whole stadium started dancing on the victory of their one and only Prince Charming.

    There was no need for the declaration of the results as winners and results were as clear as day.
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