170 Joes performance

    Before the start of next round,  Sam, Joe and Surya got a break of about forty five minutes to relax and to prepare their strategy for the next round.

    Being a simulation match, they need to focus and the one with high concentration power will be able to succeed only.

    Sam was quite confident about himself, where as Surya was excited to go through it but despite of being number one in the previous matches, this time Joe felt uncertain about his upcoming performance.

    Simulation round is like a real life war experience in which the contestants have to face all the situations of a real war but in simulated mode. It's like you are playing a video game but the main character is not a animated one but yourself. Although the contestant will not receive any physical injury in this simulation round but one single mistake or one wrong decision leads to death and death means you are out of the game, in other words out of the championship.

    All the three contestants were directed towards the three specially designed simulation rooms by an escort. All of them were nervous but the moment they stepped inside the big hall, their nervousness rises up to another high level.

    Inside the hall, there were three rooms and the doors to these rooms were locked and in front of those doors, there were some special buzzers. The escort who guided them to this hall,put

    a black cloth on their eyes and then he make them turn round and round.

    "Now you have to hit the buzzers of those rooms. It's totally on your luck what you are going to get. Once you hit your buzzer the room. will open and then you can remove your blind fold. All the very best." Then he left

    All three of them, stretched their arms out like some blind man and they started finding the buzzer,

    Surya has closed his hands into fists and when he sensed something near he tried to hit the buzzer and his punch landed directly on Joe's nose.

    "Shit!! what the ** are you doing?" Joe cursed

    "Sorry bro, I don't know who gave them this ridiculous idea"


    "OK let's search again"

    And after few minutes Sam was the first one to hit the buzzer

    "Hey I got it."

    And following the lead, of Sam's direwdasction, next Joe and Surya also hit the buzzer.

    All three of them removed their blind folds. They hugged and wish luck to each other and then entered the rooms almost at the same time.

    The moment they entered the room, a voice of AI welcomed them.

    Joe has got army war, Sam got air war and Surya got himself in water war. a AZ

    Unlike normal simulated games, this simulation match comprises of real World War situation in which the leader has to lead his team by giving them voice commands and they need to fight at the same time.

    With in seconds the rooms filled with different noises.

    ... .... ..... ... ......

    Inside Joe's room

    Joe was presently using a war tank, he was giving commands to all his team mates and he was trying to invade in the  enemy territory so that he can destroy them easily. All his team mates were working according to his instructions and they were able to break the first layer of defence of enemies and they started moving ahead but got struck when they found a big wall in front of them. Joe tried to break the wall with the help of his tank but it was too strong to even get a scratch on it.

    They paused for sometime but to their surprise, a shower of arrows came towards them out of no where. It was too instant that because of his reflexes, he was able to evade it but it was not possible for him to give instructions in such a limited time so a lot of team members got died with this.
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