172 last game

    Once a loud sound of buzzer hit was heard, all three of them came back to their senses.

    AI was shut down, making the surroundings back to original leading to the disappearance of all the simulation available in the room. Once their vision was clear enough to recognize what just happened, their minds seems to get cleared which were filled with power, anger and frustration earlier.

    All three of them quickly made their way outside without realizing what just happened, "why the hell it suddenly shut off?" Joe asked in frustration

    while Sam just shrugged his shoulders to express that he has no idea what just happened.

    Both of them got surprised when they saw Surya standing at a corner with a defeating look on his face. He looked towards both of them and gave them a half hearted smile.

    Both Sam and Joe looked towards each other as they both got the gist what just happened now, but instead of feeling happy for themselves they went close to Surya.

    Joe just hugged him tightly - a kind of brothers hug and Sam said, "You are the best person I have met in my life. You did really well bro."

    Surya looked down towards his shoes and scratched the back of his neck and said, "Well thanks for your words bro. I really feel good now. Apparently I don't know why I thought that I can just do it but perhaps destiny has written something else for me." He gave them a sly smile and said, "Don't forget me when you become emperor" It was not particularly for Joe or for Sam as it has still to be decided.

    They both hugged him tightly before nodding their heads and then they moved back towards the grand stadium, where people were dancing and singing and screaming the names of Joe and Sam loudly to cheer for them.

    From the colour of the sky, it was clear that sun is coming soon. It actually took them a whole night to finish the first phase of these competitions.

    After an official announcement of the winners after simulation round and thanking all the lively  audience for supporting their favorite contestants throughout the night. Advisor Xi wished luck to the winners and with that people started moving out of the stadium.

    There was a happy smile on everyone's face as they turned out of the stadium because now they are assure that both the contestants who are left now are trustworthy people and their future is going to be in safe hands now.

    Both Joe and Sam went towards the place where king and queen were sitting. It was the first time when Sam saw his father with a small smile on his face. It was not actually a smile, but there was no frown also which cause him to chuckle a little.

    "We are here to take your blessings fa...i mean emperor." Sam said while Joe was just standing beside him with his eyes down.

    "You both have done good till now and make sure you both come alive and in a single piece when you bring our sacred sword back." and with those words he just stood up with his high and mighty aura and left the place with madam queen trailing behind him, but before exiting, she turned back give both of them her most beautiful smile and a thumbs up and then she also disappeared from the sight.

    "Ufff..." Joe took a deep sigh releasing his breath and relaxing his shoulders which he was holding tight till the time they came face to face with the emperor.

    "Wao.... such encouraging words. make sure you both come alive and in a single piece when you bring our sacred sword back" Sam mimicked his father earning a wide grin from Joe and Xi who was standing just behind him.

    Xi gave him a tight hug while congratulating him on his success. She also gave a small hug to Joe so that he will not fell left out.
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