173 POV

    Sam's POV

    'I was feeling so so so happy now. It seems like I have crossed one more step in achieving my dream and that is to make my Tiya mine.'

    When Xi congratulated me on my success, I was more than happy, then she thought about something and from the look of her face, I can easily tell that she is going to say something important.

    It's just not her who knows me too well but it's from my side also. She is like a sister to me and we both share a special bond. From being my nanny to become an advisor in the ministry, I know she has faced a lot of struggle and it's not wrong to say that her hardships and struggles are worth because now she has achieved something that is beyond anyone's expectations.

    Nervousness was clearly shown on her face, "huff" she took a deep breath and then she tucked a loose strand of her hair behind her ears, a small gesture that shows how she is struggling inside but whatever it is, she has to tell me now because I am going insane.i just can't wait more. I have to go back now as I have only one day to spend with Tiya. I just want to go back to her, to hold her, to kiss her.....  ewe.' I licked my lower lip thinking about her pink juicy lips. Oh God just a thought about her is enough to drive me insane'

    "Just tell me Xi, what's there in your mind?"

    "Well Sam it's not about you but about Tiya" My eyes remained wide opened when I heard her name.

    "Okay just fire, I am all ears"

    "Sam, you will leave for sword hunt tomorrow and both of us know that it's a risky task, you don't know how much time it will take and moreover you can't come back until and unless one of you got died in this." with a deep sigh,"You have to arrange something for Tiya's security Sam. You already know that right? No one wants to see her with you. When you will not remain here by her side, they might try to harm her.You have to do something."


    "I hope you both have selected your partners for next competition." she adds before turning back, leaving both Joe and me all by ourselves.

    Joe sighed deeply and he shook his head, as a gesture that he understands my situation,"It's going to be tough on you." he said while patting on my shoulder.

    "I know bro but trust me. I have my ways."

    "Good to know that anyways whats with that partner thing?" he asked somewhat showing confusion on his face.

    "Oh...  don't tell me you have not read all the clasuses in that red book that was given to all of us?"

    "well...  "

    "OK OK let me guess you have read a few pages and then you find it boring and you threw it in the dust bin. Right? "

    "I think you know me too well." Joe just shrugged his shoulders and moved out of the stadium while I followed him by holding his stomach as he was laughing too hard
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