174 Tiyas POV

    It was an unexplainable feeling for me to watch him from so far on that big screen, I was cheering and shouting for him on the top of my lungs, both Ruby and I were too excited. It was like a screaming match between both of us. Although she is seven months pregnant now but her energy is as good as the glow of her skin that seems to be increasing day by day.

    It was fun to be here and to witness such a grand event, and that too with Sam standing in the winners port almost raises my excitement to a whole new level.

    At the starting I was slightly annoyed hearing a few comments from the girls,

    I mean who shouts about her virginity in such a crowd and those 'I love you Sam'

    "Aargh..." I really wanted to smack those annoying girl fans of Sam on their face but I have kept my act of not being bothered by anyone. I mean I really don't want my mom to know about this...  uh.. our relationship.

    Well talking about relationship....  even I am confused, what is our relationship status now??

    Earlier we were friends and now???

    Friends in love???

    Friends with benefits????


    Boyfriend girlfriend????

    'I just scratched my head and shook my head on my stupid thoughts, how can we be more than friends now???

    I mean I know we have done the deed quite a few times yesterday but still.... he has not even proposed me till now.'

    Thinking about proposal and my eyes landed on the ring on Ruby's hand. It's a dual heart shaped ring with a small diamond in between. It looks so simple yet elegant. I really don't want to admit but I felt a slight tinge of jealousy towards Ruby.

    No offence though but look at her she is all beautiful, engaged with the love of her life and is carrying his child also and Me????

    I know Sam loves me just like Joe loves Ruby but what about our relationship status??? Is there any possibility that we both can be together in the future????  I don't know. I don't even want to think about it.

    So many things were going on in my mind that I didn't notice a certain someone who is sitting right beside me with a questioning gaze.

    "Shit man...  I didn't even know since how long she has been watching me. O God, may my soul rest in peace. I am going to die today." I wiped my fake tears looking towards Ruby who in return gave her best smile to me showing her perfect white teeth.

    "All the best" she gave me a thumbs up before grinning widely on my situation.

    "I hope mom will not eat me alive."

    "Well...  if you forgot, she is a vegetarian. so you are safe."

    Then I moved towards mom who is probably trying to listen our conversation. I tried to stretch my lips to smile a little but nothing seems to work now, her eyes are boring holes into my soul now.

    "Mom... hehehehehehe" I tried to look less suspicious but I know it's going to be difficult for me.

    "I think we need to talk Tiya Aka" Mom said with an authoritative tone, and that Tiya Aka, my whole full name was enough to give me goosebumps, I know mom used to address me by my full name only and only if she is tooooooooo  angry.

    ..... ... ..... .... .... . .....

    We all were standing outside the stadium, when I caught a glimpse of Sam from the corner of my eyes.

    "Tiya I am asking you something?"

    From last five minutes mom is asking same thing again and again and from the last five minutes I am standing like a  child who has stolen something and is now getting scolded from her mother. My head was down, eyes became teary and nose is slightly red. "Mom, I.... i" Shit  man I was not even able to frame a single sentence.

    "What Tiya????  Just tell me the truth now. Is there anything going between you and prince??"

    I was about to open my mouth again but to my surprise, someone hold me from my waist and when I turned slightly towards my left, Sam pressed his lips against mine. A sudden wave of electricity runs in my whole body.  My face become red because of embarrassment. I mean it's the first time, he kissed me openly in front of so many people. I pushed him slightly and was about to hit him on his shoulder but he quickly made his way towards mom, whose mouth was slight open as her mind is still not able to believe what just happened in front of her.

    Sam hugged mom and said,"Oh Mrs. Aka I am so happy to see you." then he looked towards his watch and said, "Oh God, we are getting late. We need to hurry up otherwise we will not be able to reach there on time."

    "Reach on time????  Are we going somewhere Sam? " Ruby asked him

    "Yes we all are going to civil registrar office."

    "What???  why civil registrar office?" this time it was me who asked wax

    "Offcourse to register our marriage silly."

    and with that I found myself got dragged towards his black Rolls Royce while others followed behind us. Mom was undoubtedly very very angry, that was clearly shown on her face but she chose to remain quite as she also followed us with her red face
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