175 Marriage preparations

    Once we reached outside civil registrar office, I was still in my shocking state, my expressions were totally blank, my eyes were wide opened and my mind was blank, just as I felt the car stopped, all the things came rushing to my mind. 'What the hell is going on?  Are we really getting married like this?  I mean...  Seriously??? Girls have so many dreams about their wedding, 'Aarrgghh' everyone wants to marry a prince charming and have a perfect wedding and here I am....  already marrying a real prince whom I love more than anything in the world but still my mind is a mess now. Out of no where my thoughts shifted towards my dress, I am wearing a plain white button up shirt and a blue ripped jeans along with my favorite pair of flats. Shit man! am I really going to get married like this.' I thought to myself. I was deep engrossed in my own world while playing with the locks of my long black hairs, when I saw Sam opening the car door, he extended his hand towards me like a true gentleman.

    I quickly slapped his hands away clearly displaying my annoyance, I jumped out of the car. Once I was out, I feel like actually hitting the most stupid prince of the era who was grinning like a fool standing besides me

    . I mean how can he do something like this to me.?Yesterday we were together He didn't even let me leave his line of sight even for a second but he didn't bother to discuss something as important as our marriage.'

    I was about to make my way towards the stairs of civil registrar office but my foot steps came to halt when I heard Ruby's exciting squeal behind me.

    "Oh my God! What's that? " she asked excitedly.

    Following her line of sight,  I shifted my gaze to the other side of road where a big vanity van was standing, it was decorated with beautiful glittery lights, flowers and beads in the centre was a big heart shaped balloons of red color and Sam loves Tiya was written on it. Behind the big vanity van, there was a band playing love song in a joyful rhythm. Sam offered me his hand and I unknowingly hold it, I was so mesmerized by the band in front of me that I didn't realize when Sam dragged me towards the vanity van. He opened the door of vanity and pushed me slightly so that I can shift my attention towards inside, and trust me my mouth remained wide opened when I saw what's inside.

    The whole place was beautifully decorated like a small living room,  there was a simple yet elegant furniture placed in the centre with a wide full side mirror on one side, along side there was a table with all kind of makeup kits present on it,If you watch closely,  there is a small room just by the corner which seems like a bed room.

    Sam pushed me slightly so that I will enter inside. While I was busy appreciating the beauty of vanity van, I saw a small dress hanger present on the side, covered with a black cloth.

    I looked towards Sam who has a big smile plastered on his face from the very starting. I really don't know how much struggle I was doing inside to stop myself from punching his grinning face.

    Can't he just use his mouth to explain what he is trying to do now. I mean we were standing in front of marriage registrar office a few minutes back and I thought we are going to register our marriage but then he dragged me all the way here in a nicely decorated vanity van. What is wrong with his mind?? I mentally slapped my self ...how in this whole world I fell for this stupid prince? I rolled my eyes back in annoyance when he suddenly pulled me from my waist and kissed me at the back of my neck.

    Damn! he just knows my sweet point. I moaned lightly and closed my eyes feeling his soft lips on my earlobes when he started sucking them softly.
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