176 Dressup

    Sam's POV

    She was looking so beautiful, the love of my life, finally she is going to be mine. small moans escaped from her mouth when I sucked her earlobe that was enough to drive me crazy. I just want to pin her underneath myself in the bed right now but I know I have to wait. It's the most important day of our lives and I want it to be the perfect.

    I hugged her from back and my lips traced from her earlobe down towards her neck and when I sucked on her sweet point, she closed her eyes.

    Instantly I took a blind fold out of my pocket and put it on her eyes.

    Her amused expression and a small pout on her lips confirms that she is confused but as usual she covered her small frown with her sweet smile. I know she is not going to ask me anything, she never does, because she trust me and her trust is the only thing in the whole world that matters to me.  Never in my whole life, I will ever try to break her trust and that's a promise that I made to myself.

    But that doesn't mean she is not going to do anything, after putting blind fold I immediately moved aside so that I can escape her hard punch, but no matter how much I try, she was able to hit me straight on my face.

    "Shit Tiya! it's our wedding today how can you hit your own husband?? " I asked sarcastically, wiping my fake tears from my face.

    She just shrugged and ignored me with a cute pout, then she pointed towards blind fold on her eyes and asked, "And what is this for??? "

    "Well it's a surprise for my beautiful wife." I pulled her into a hug.

    ..... ..... ... ..... .....

    Tiya's POV

    Although I was not able to see him because of the stupid blind fold but I know him too well, and now I am just making annoying faces to irritate him by imagining that smug smile on his face. With in a minute now I am standing in my undergarments, he has already removed my top and jeans.

    "Oh love!  you are looking so yummy, I really want to eat you now."  he whispered in his most seductive voice.

    "And I want to punch you now." I replied annoyingly with my hands crossed over my chest.

    I am not feeling any shyness, well I know he has seen me more and closely than this but I am really waiting to know what he has planned now.

    Within a minute, I felt something soft and smooth touching my skin that makes my lips curved upwards, well let me guess,  it's a short dress that ends slightly above my high thighs.

    Now he opened my hairs and let them fall freely, after that he suddenly dragged me from my waist towards left and after about ten steps he made me sit on a chair, that I supposed is to be the small chair present in front of the big mirror.

    so as per my intuition, now I am all dressed with my hair done then he bent down and put heels on my foot. Well it seems like pencil heels.

    After that with a small peck on my lips, he applied some lip balm on my lips and then a little makeup on my cheeks, I was blushing hard and felling all excited to know how I am looking when he take off my blind fold.

    "Now you need to keep your eyes close." he instructed confidently

    But the moment a soft brush touched my eyelashes,' here goes everything in bin.' I thought to myself.

    Gloss and blusher is OK but when it comes to eye makeup, no ways.... I was panicking and want him to leave my precious eyes but I really don't want to spoil his mood, so let's say I will endure it for the moment and then I will remove it with some excuse.

    "Now open your eyes"

    And I can't explain how I felt when I saw myself in that big mirror.

    I have to blink my eyes for about ten to fifteen times to believe that I am actually looking at my own reflection. I was wearing a short peach colored dress with matching glittery heels. My hairs were loosely curled down and my makeup was too perfect.

    I can't imagine how much net search he must have done for all this, but I really love him so instead of praising him I just gave him a long deep passionate kiss.

    Within minutes,  he wear his suit and we were ready to move out of that van, but then I realized that my dress is too short.

    Before I say anything, Sam pulled me closer and drape a silver colored frill on my waist that extended till my ankles. the frill was glittery silver in colour giving the dress a rich royal look and with that we both came out of the van with our hands linked together.
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