80 Chapter Seventy Nine - The Method Of Touching

    Author's note; I originally wanted to skim over this subject, so I could move on to the next bit (you'll understand why in a few chapters, I hope), but Ren Zexian insisted otherwise.  So this chapter is 18+ and I will post a second update.

    Ren Zexian lie upon his side, late evening, the warmth beside him naturally cooling as the duvet had been thrown to one side in Nathan's panicked state as he once more declared that he required a shower.

    This had occurred some five times in the past week, each time following a loving kiss that had deepened with passion in mind.  Of course, Ren Zexian would be a fool to not notice that something was not right with Nathan and he'd already concluded that it had to do with arousal.  However, what to do to resolve whatever dilemma Nathan had with it was giving the Cultivator pause.  Originally, he had hoped that Nathan would open up to him, tell him the problem, but he hadn't.  This sort of thing had never happened to Ren Zexian before.

    He was not a saint, even if had never been the promiscuous sort.  In the early decades of his life, his body had reacted with want and sexual needs and he had resolved those matters, simply.  But even though he'd had a tong fang with whom to learn matters of the body, he'd never been a lustful sort and when he had entered the Sect, he'd left the servant girl behind and never looked back.  Later, while others were chasing after and attempting to impress the few women in the Sect, he was deep within his learning, practically devouring any material he could get his hands on.  It was sometime after this, when gaining access to another level of the Sect's library did he learn of double yang relationships and cultivation between them.

    Intrigued, he had considered the numerous, healthy cultivating men within the Sect.  He could not say that he was the most handsome man in amongst his peers, but he certain held an attraction of face.  However his personal prospects...

    That aside, sexual matters in his own world were generally learned in youth amongst most men and even women (though he admittedly, he suspected that the latter were not taught to practice in the same manner as he happened to be as a woman's virginity was held like a rare pearl in her palms), so it never occurred to him that Nathan did not know.

    Indeed, Nathan was aware of sexual matters... from a biological point of view; procreation.  A man inserted his penis while it was stiff into the vagina of a woman.  His sperm would fertilise the woman's egg.  Nine months later, there would be a baby.  This was the very basics of what he knew about mammal procreation, there was a little bit more, but the science regarding the procreation of plants was far more of interest to him.  So Nathan hadn't actually linked his body's 'abnormal' behaviour with sexual matters; there was no woman involved.

    He stood naked beneath a showering, cool rain that he was creating himself, willing his disobedient body part to return to normal.  In his worry, he had forgotten to close the door behind him and his pulsing heart drowned out the sounds that would have otherwise entered his sensitive ears.  It was not until Ren Zexian was a two steps behind him did he hear the tones that usually soothed him call to him.

    "Nathan, tell me what is upsetting you."

    The youth turned, completely not embarrassed by his state of undress and his eyes met with Ren Zexian's for a moment before they slipped away, unable to maintain the eye contact.  "My penis won't stay down," he said, honestly, "I have to take a shower to make it do so.  I'm going to finish now."  He began to turn around, revealing once more the pale skin upon his back and the two snowy white buns atop his shapely legs.

    "Nathan," Ren Zexian called back to him, his voice hoarse as he was unable to maintain the distance between them any longer.  He pressed himself flush against the other's back though he made no attempt at capturing him in his arms and removing the freedom to move that he knew the other required.  Nathan froze, unsure what to make of this yet the warmth of Ren Zexian's body against his cold skin made him instinctively lean into it.  "Nathan, are you finding that your body reacts when I kiss you?"

    Nathan shivered and nodded an agreement, as that part of him also throbbed in confirmation.  He felt a little bit dizzy, but there was security in the shape of Ren Zexian, so he didn't try to sit down to ease it.

    "Nathan, it is normal for you to react to me," Ren Zexian gently placed his hands on his sweetheart's shoulders and turned him around to face him.  His long fingers upon his left hand then slid down Nathan's arms, following the droplets of water still trickling down his skin, before loosely grasping his hand.  He moved that hand to his own robed body, where his own desire was evident.  "I also react to you."

    He bit down on a groan as Nathan curiously squeezed his saluting member.  "Should we shower together?" Nathan asked, innocently, causing him to chuckle.

    "I wish to show you another way," Ren Zexian advised him, his midnight eyes seeming like two black holes swallowing the remaining light of the descending sun.  "Please, trust me."  He wrapped a towel about Nathan's shoulders and guided him into the bedroom.  He would not take things all the way tonight; Nathan needed first to learn how these matters worked between too men and he almost felt as if he was taking advantage of the youth as it was.  But he could no longer suffer to wait!

    Nathan lay back as per Ren Zexian's instructions and trembled as the man's fingers lightly ran down his body.  The hair on his arms seemed to stand on end and his skin break out in goose-pimples.  But while this was an odd feeling, he did not feel as if it was bad.  He watched as Ren Zexian removed his own outer robes and his eyes looked over the familiar nuances of the other's body.  His chest was more defined than his own and finished with two disc's the colour of dark pear wood rather than the blush rose upon his own skinny frame.  Remaining still, his eyes continued to wander as Ren Zexian lay beside him, noting the nest of midnight that framed the genitals, noting the subtle roundness of his muscles and flatness of his stomach.  Noting that the man's hands were larger than his by a finger width as they wrapped around his penis and gently stroked it.

    Flashes of white seemed to steal his vision and his hands automatically grasped upon Ren Zexian's arms as if about to stop him touching.  But instead, his fingers curled around the man's forearms as his brain tried to analyse the sensations stealing his breath.  His heart was racing and gasps were escaping his throat.  His hips seemed to gain a mind of their own as he thrust into the man's hold, shaking as he did so.  And then the motion paused, he whimpered, honest with himself that he liked the feelings and wanted more.  Wanted Ren Zexian to touch him more.

    Ren Zexian whispered that he should lie upon his side and he did as instructed, his hands tentatively moving to Ren Zexian's upper arms as the man closed the distance between them.  He placed a kiss upon Nathan's lips before capturing his penis once more in his grasp.  Nathan breath caught once more as he felt the sensation was different all of a sudden, hotter and as if there was something else pressing upon his length and he glanced downward.  Ren Zexian's stiff penis was captured in hold with his and his fingers were sliding over them both.  His member throbbed, brushing against the silk covered steel of the other, the sensation almost frightened him, but at the same time, it felt so right.  His hips moved him closer wanting that feeling again and Ren Zexian's hand almost faltered before gaining a new momentum.

    Neither could stop themselves riding on the wave of pleasure that imprisoned them.  Ren Zexian pressed his mouth lightly over Nathan's, his tongue slipping along the other's lips but although a possessive desire was rising within him, he did not want to stop the other's faltering breaths.  "Re-en," Nathan called out, a note of panic in his voice as he felt a new strangeness he was not familiar with beginning to overwhelm him completely.

    "Call me Xian, my love," Ren Zexian murmured, before adding gently; "let go, Nathan.  Trust me to take care of you, always."

    Nathan barely managed a nod, before his toes curled and a shudder trailed up the length of his spine, his penis shooting out a substance as it did so.  A haziness descended over him and he collapsed in the other man's arms, suddenly lethargic, yet suddenly euphoric.  A smile came unbidden to his lips and his clouded eyes sought out Ren Zexian's wanting the contact of them.  His nose wrinkled in the next moment, a strange smell coming from the sticky patch he realised was upon his stomach.  The sensation made his skin crawl a bit and he was torn between running to the bathroom to washing it off and remaining in Ren Zexian's warm hold.

    Xian's hold.

    Fortunately the man seemed to have a solution, grasping a tissue from the box beside the bed and wiping their stomach's almost clean.  Well, a shower would have been better to remove the traces, but the method of touching was so much more pleasant than easing it in a shower.  "We should do that again."

    Ren Zexian... Xian... chuckled aloud before placing a kiss upon his forehead and replying; "We shall."
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