90 I do not have any regrets Part 3

    Su Lin looked at Monkey in the eyes and spoke with a serious tone, "I need to access an area in the bottom of the ocean, preferably next to a volcanic mountain."

    "What?" Monkey was confused.

    "I strongly believe that a herb from that area can help Luther a lot." Su Lin's trembling voice confidently echoed.

    Monkey was silent for a second, but then slowly nodded his head.

    Yes, she was saying strange things. But, he would be a fool to doubt her medicinal capabilities.

    Rabbit, who was standing next to them sneered with indignation, "First, you cause this calamity and now you want to sightsee? What a fake!"

    Monkey patiently patted his shoulder and shook his head, signaling him to stop talking.

    He could understand his comrade and blood brother very well.

    They were all clearly upset. But taking it out on this woman, whom their brother almost died to protect, did not do anyone any good.

    Monkey solemnly spoke, "Rabbit, Take care of everything here. I will help her get the required herb."

    "Do you actually believe this useless frivolous woman? This is utter nonsense." Rabbit scoffed angrily.

    He did not have any respect for Su Lin.

    This was the woman responsible for everything.

    If they hadn't met her, they would all be happily chattering as always somewhere in an obscure part of the world, hidden from all this maliciousness.

    Hearing the harsh comments, Su Lin's lips twitched, but she stayed silent. She was guilty and she deserved this and more.

    Monkey ignored his remarks as well and left with Su Lin.

    When everything else fails, sometimes you have to trust the impossible.

    Since they had already arranged for the private flight to be in the Hangzhou city airport, for the Medical Specialists, it was convenient for them to directly head to the location they needed.

    After discussing with Su Lin, Monkey charted the flight for an island, located near southern China

    mainland, a part of the Hainan Dao island cluster.

    This was just a gamble, not all volcanic oceanic surface, end up birthing such precious herbs.

    But, since this was a relatively untouched part of the earth, their chances were quite good.

    Soon, their jet landed bumpily on a flat surface near the southern part of the island. Monkey and Su Lin jumped down, along with a couple of bodyguards for carrying some supplies.

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    The part of the island they were searching for was located in the south-eastern section.

    A majestic mountain lined the entire coastal area and was sprawled across the vast island's width obnoxiously.

    Grey fumes steadily rose from a few specific mountain peaks, distributing small amounts of dust and ash in the otherwise crystal clean atmosphere.

    The lush green trees proudly standing up, without any fear of extinction and the unattended wild thorny bed of grassy ground were all impartially covered with a fine layer of ash and dust.

    The island itself was not that huge and the group soon reached the coastal area, by moving around the mountainous part.

    Su Lin wasted no time and immediately sat down near the shore, with the crashing waves, almost hitting her frail body.

    She slowly extended her soul sense and scanned the surrounding areas. With her limited Stage 1 Soul, she was grasping at straws by trying to scan as much as possible.

    But, she was desperate and this had to work.

    After a good two hours under the harsh sunlight, her dried up and scorched lips, slowly curved upwards, revealing the hints of a small smile.

    She had finally caught a glimpse of small bundled pockets of spiritual energy.

    And just as she had predicted, it was far beneath the landmass, deeply buried in the oceanic surface.

    Monkey and the bodyguards were standing under the shade of a nearby tree, completely perplexed about her actions.

    If she wanted to search for some particular herb, shouldn't she just gear up already and swim around the ocean bottom searching for signs of any useful herbs?

    What was she doing here? Just sitting simply, without starting the search?

    Was Rabbit right? Did she just perform all these antics, just so that we won't consider her a guilty party?

    Monkey's thoughts wandered, as he slowly felt his temper rising. He could tolerate anything...

    But wasting his time, when his brother was lying in agony on a hospital bed?

    That was something he refused to tolerate?

    You better find something useful woman... Else this might just be your last day on this planet...

    Monkey's hopeless heart, in the midst of turmoil and sadness, seeped out a toxic, albeit, inadvertent killing intent.

    His sharp eyes watched Su Lin, as she finally got up from her seating posture and walked towards them.

    She then haphazardly threw on her scuba gear and fastened the required tanks.

    If only she was at a higher level... She could have easily avoided all of these nuisances.
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