93 I do not have any regrets Part 6

    Luther's brothers were extremely efficient and in a mere half an hour, transferred everything including the injured patient to a luxurious villa, located in the heart of the city.

    Monkey, Squirrel, Panther, Rabbit, Panda and Kuala, Luther's six brothers: All of them had assembled tonight in the huge living room and were pacing back and forth restlessly.

    A messy bundle of food bags lay untouched on the nearby table.

    Newspapers were scattered around.

    Cell phones ceaselessly vibrated.

    But there was pin-drop silence in the room, with all six pairs of eyes scrutinizing the single room at the end of the corridor.

    "Did he really wiggle his toes?" Squirrel asked again for the tenth time.

    Monkey nodded and silently looked at the bedroom, with a solemn expression.

    It really was all in her hands now...

    In the ground floor bedroom, located in the enormous empty mansion, Su Lin gently placed Luther's head on her lap, and again slowly fed him the energy-packed beads, one by one.

    As minutes ticked by, she could now tangibly feel the spiritual energy spiraling in his body as small individual nodules.

    With the last of the bead used, his entire body was thrumming with energy.

    But this was still not enough...

    This is where the troublesome part started.

    Typically, the cultivating person needed to be conscious and expend quite a bit of effort to consolidate all this energy into a soul core.

    Though whatever energy he had in the body was barely enough to form a one-fourth of a stage 1 soul core, it still needed to be consolidated.

    But this fellow was lying down like a small child on her lap, and from the looks of it, even immersed in some pleasant dream.

    Su Lin first fidgeted with her fingers.

    She then bit her lips.

    She put Luther back gently on the bed and paced back and forth as if mulling over some tough decision.

    After hesitating for couple more minutes...

    "Fuck it. He saved my life."

    She double-checked the bolts on the room door and reluctantly...

    After about 20 minutes...

    Su Lin sheepishly walked out of the patient's room.

    "How is he? Is he doing better?" Monkey rushed forward and bombarded her with questions.

    He was too panicked, else he would have noticed how Su Lin's cheeks were fully flushed and her entire face was dyed in a bright red color.


    "Sorry to doubt you, Miss Lin. Please tell us how brother is doing." Rabbit finally managed to apologize and timidly spoke.

    "He ... He is ok... Just resting a bit now..." Su Lin stuttered.

    "What? He is ok?" Squirrel exclaimed in surprise.

    "Let him... He should sleep a while and he should be back to normal when he wakes up." Su Lin bashfully murmured.

    "Thank you, Miss Lin. We are forever in your debt." Monkey humbly thanked her.

    "You should stay here for the night. In fact, please feel free to live here as long as you want." he further added.


    "Oh. I can help you drive back to the hotel and get sis Runyan and your things as well." Monkey said.

    Su Lin took a few awkward looks at Luther's room and then hesitantly nodded her head.

    Even Runyan was not able to figure out, why her sis behaved so randomly. She was stammering. She was stumbling.

    And she often seemed to be completely absent-minded, with her thoughts so obviously wandering somewhere else.

    But irrespectively, the night went smoothly.

    Luther's brothers helped Su Lin settle down in the new Villa and took care of all the things she needed.

    The huge mansion was now lavishly decorated with the highest quality furniture and appliances.

    Squirrel took it upon himself to cook a hearty healthy breakfast for everyone, including Luther.

    It was almost 10 am the next morning, and everyone anxiously waited for Luther to wake up from his deep slumber.

    Su Lin as well finished her morning runs and exercise routine to maintain her body conditioning. She knew too well that her work was far from being over.

    She no longer wanted to be so helpless and vulnerable.

    She had inaccurately assumed that money and fame had more power in this world.

    But looks like this world was exactly the same as well.

    Undeniable strength, and the ability to defend and protect oneself and one's loved ones was the true power! Money and fame were mere means to achieve this end.

    Without this, one always needed to look behind the back and constantly be vigilant. Su Lin hated living like this the most.

    At least before... She was alone and all by herself.

    But now, she had precious people in her life, she needed to protect. She decided that she can no longer delay things.

    In fact, she shouldn't even be resting until she sucks out every ounce off spiritual energy which loomed this otherwise exploited planet.

    I will show these insects ... what ultimate power is...
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