97 Thats my wife you are talking to... Part 4

    In a private room in Hangzhou's best hospital, a woman was leaning against the window and looking at the night view of the bustling city.

    She had a calm and tranquil expression on her face, which even surprised herself. Technically she should have been on the brink of insanity just about now.


    He He...

    The woman chuckled loudly like a maniac.

    Fucking bitch!! I have finally accomplished it! And that too, with your help!! Ha ha ha!! Ha ha ha!!

    When she had first heard the news about what had happened, Tang Yue's entire body stiffened.

    The imprint of that dark nightmare had now been forever etched on the internet.

    This was it. It was all over for her.

    Tears streamed down her pale injured face, riddled with fading marks and bruises, like a crumpled flower.

    How was she ever going to face Shi Meng now?

    No, he possibly can't see me like this.

    Her mind was racing, trying to come up with something.. anything to help her out. But to no avail.

    When she was at the true brink of insanity, her father had opened the door and hugged her.

    The tall, strong and majestic mayor of this city sniffled like a weak man as he hugged her.

    Tang Yue could no longer bear it. She screamed at the top of her lungs, "That bitch needs to die, dad. She did this to me."

    Mayor Tang nodded gravely and assured her, "Don't worry child. She narrowly escaped death the other day. But our men will get her soon. When we do, she will suffer something far worse than death."

    His kind and assuring words had given her great strength. But that was that.

    No matter what she does now, she couldn't turn back time and get what she had lost...

    Her pride... her purity... her reputation... Everything had already been shattered and smeared across the city.

    Her life was already over wasn't it? How will a public figure like him marry a ruined woman like her?

    She endlessly mulled over the loss of her life with Shi Meng...

    And that was when Mama Meng had barged into the room, "My poor child. Who did this to you?"

    She cried and hugged Tang Yue, like she was her own.

    And just like that, suddenly, a small smile crept on that tired and lifeless face of Tang Yue.

    She might have lost a lot this week, but she still was far more successful than Su Lin ever was.

    This concerned and caring woman who was hugging her, like there was no tomorrow, never even once treated Su Lin half this well.

    It was truly a pity that she couldn't spare even a small percentage of this love for that wretched orphan.

    All was not lost.

    She was Tang Yue and she was still superior to that rabid dog.

    And her surprise didn't end there. In the next hour, the door again opened.

    And this time, she could barely contain herself. She had even already completely forgotten about everything that had happened.

    The man she was longing for and pining for, years together, had finally once come of his own volition to meet with her.

    And to her astonishment, he even walked closer, with a gentle expression on his face and patted her head.

    Tears rolled down Tang Yue's eyes and she clung to his arms and cried her heart out...

    But all the while sneering and celebrating on the inside.

    "Finally, I have figured this man out!", she thought. All she needed to do to grab his attention, was act like a damsel in distress.

    Yup, that must have been how Su Lin had had a stronghold on him for so long!

    Always acting weak and always pretending to be sick!! Playing even the cancer card!! She should have realized this sooner.

    Tang Yue slowly sniffled and managed to get out a few decipherable words, "Sniff.. I am sorry Shi.. I don't know how I offended Su Lin. I never even..."

    She broke down again, screaming and crying theatrically.

    "She did this to me, Shi... I ..."

    And scene.

    Tang Yue sneered inside, as she clearly saw rage and anger build up in Shi Meng's face. His entire demeanor radiated hatred.

    He clenched his fist and walked out after excusing himself.

    After closing the room door slowly, Shi Meng looked at the withered state of mayor Tang, who was sitting outside and took out his phone.

    Di Di Di...

    "Hello", Shi Meng's gruff cruel voice cut through to the receiver of the call.

    "Do you know what is going to happen to you now?"

    "Every second and every minute of your pathetic life is going to be hell from now on."

    "Don't even think about running away from this, you adulterous bitch." Shi Meng threw out angry toxic words.

    But unexpectedly, completely contradicting his anger and violence, a man's cool and calm voice replied back.

    "That's my wife you are talking to. Show some respect."


    He cut the call, not even bothering to wait for Shi Meng's response.
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