98 You reap what you sow Part 1

    Shi Meng frowned slightly and double-checked the number he had dialed. Wasn't this that person's number?

    Heh... Did she actually remarry?

    A small feeling of uneasiness rose in his chest, which was quickly covered with more anger and hatred.

    He could have even forgiven her for everything she had done so far. After all, she had just lied and infiltrated their house.

    But this...

    It was definitely beyond hope and utterly unforgivable.

    Shi Meng was not a fan of involving himself in the shadow world. He used the legal system as much as possible and tried to remain above board at all times.

    But situations like this called for all the help he could get. After all, a random nobody had dared to attack a family close to him.

    Mayor Tang was the closest person he had for a father and they had always treated their family so kindly.

    So he just can't let this go with a simple prison sentence. He needed to make an example out of this.

    Everyone should think twice, no ten times, before attacking someone close to him again.

    There is a price to become the Meng family's enemy and the responsible party had to pay it at all costs.

    Shi Meng patted Mayor Tang's shoulders again and left for his office in a hurry. As he got into his car, he took his phone out and placed another call.

    "Tomorrow morning... everything needs to disappear. And don't forget to photoshop her face in place of Tang Yue's."


    Luther quietly opened the door and walked in stealthily.

    The woman of his dreams was lying down on the bed so peacefully and calmly.

    He hesitated a bit but eventually ended up lying down right next to her.

    "Hmph. What should I be afraid of? After all, I am her husband."

    As if answering his smug look, Su Lin tossed and turned a little, making Luther almost fall down from the bed.

    Luther cursed his luck and steadied himself quickly. He made a mental note to change the mattress tomorrow.

    This bed was far too bouncy for his own good!

    In the span of a day, he had completely altered Su Lin's room, decorating with everything he knew she liked.

    There were elegant flower murals on the wall, a treasured sword display from the Hua dynasty.

    There was even some pleasant pearl artwork, which tactfully reflected the moonlight shining through the window.

    But he knew that all this mattered very little to this new bride of his.

    Even still, he painstakingly paid attention to every detail and custom ordered and arranged every small piece of object in the room.

    Whatever this woman in front of him wanted, he would bring it to her at all costs...

    How did you entrap me so well, you witch...

    Luther laid down quietly next to her and watched her serenely sleeping, with a warm smile on his face. Her chest heaved up and down rhythmically, with her every gentle breath.

    After a while, he started getting bored and played a little with her long silky hair, by running them through his fingers.

    Su Lin, who was actually awake still and was just playing dead, slightly creased her eyebrows in annoyance.

    She had quickly closed her eyes when someone opened the door. Later, realizing it was just this fellow, she calmly observed all his antics.

    At first, he didn't really disturb her.

    But now he was actually trying to braid her hair?? What was this weird fetish??

    Su Lin frowned some more but soon realized that the jerk had actually fallen asleep, that too quite deeply.

    The lavender base she had used for her custom hair oil, had this effect on most people. So, this was not really surprising.

    She turned towards him and watched his flawless face, so elegantly resting. Even during sleep, he looked like a sculpted god.

    Braiding my hair huh?

    Su Lin smirked and decided to take some revenge for all the recent ruckus this fellow had raised.

    She sat up and quickly grabbed her comb and a few other accessories by the bedside shelf.

    She lifted his head gently and placed it on her lap. She then proceeded to comb his not-so-well-maintained beautiful hair into a variety of ponytails and twin-tails.

    Bastard! He still looked good in these ridiculous goofy hairstyles!!!

    "Hmph! Whatever."

    Making sure she had taken sufficient proof, Su Lin put him back and opened up her laptop. She didn't feel particularly sleepy. In fact, she had barely gotten any sleep these past few days.

    And, how can she sleep?

    Knowing that she was this vulnerable and weak?

    All her life, she had been a lone wolf. But her strength was undeniable. She was one of the strongest creatures alive, standing at the top of the food chain.

    Now that, suddenly, there were a lot more people in her life, she was no longer strong enough to even protect herself! What irony!

    She tapped the keys gently and searched for other places on this planet... Particularly those, that were unexplored and uninhabited.

    If her guess is correct, these should hold a lot more spiritual energy.
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