99 You reap what you sow Part 2

    Shi Meng worked the entire night preparing proposals for the upcoming expansion of his natural cosmetics division.

    The issue with Su Lin was but a minor thing for him.

    All he needed to do was lift his fingers and her castles would come crashing down.

    His only fault was the biased leniency he had shown towards her.

    He should have been ruthless with the immoral slut right from the get-go.

    At least Tang Yue wouldn't have had to face this plight.

    Tch Tch

    Shi Meng worked some more and called for Yang after a while.

    "Is it done ?" he expectantly asked.

    "Yes, sir. In more hour, sharp 6 am everything should be completed."

    Shi Meng nodded satisfactorily and a smug smile hung on his lips.

    After all this time, today he was finally putting this bitch in place!

    Much deserved karma!!

    She needs to understand that there was a price for being evil.

    Shi Meng tapped away on the keyboard, even humming a tune.

    His mood had clearly taken a turn for the better, anxiously awaiting the magical moment.

    Beep beep.

    His alarm sounded promptly at 5.55 AM.

    Shi Meng immediately dropped what he was doing and hastily opened a new browser. He then typed the two words he had come to loathe the most in his life.

    Su Lin

    The whole shebang of pornographic videos and photos showed up instantly, with Su Lin's gentle plain face, instead of Tang Yue's pretty eye-catching face.

    It was a very successful and artistic photoshop job! The person had completely made it look like it was Su Lin all along and no trace of Tang Yue was ever to be seen.

    But it didn't stop here.

    Multiple articles explaining the slutty and evil nature of Su Lin popped up. They targeted and berated her for planning everything and photoshopping Tang Yue's face in her place.

    They made it look as if these were the real videos and pictures and the previously publicized ones were fake modified ones.

    The whole story looked like a jealous ex-wife sacrificed herself, in order to create a scandal and ruin the image of the current girlfriend!

    After all, these two women were fighting over the hottest bachelor in town. So this was absolutely believable!

    Shi Meng nodded satisfactorily and proceeded to the next part of his self-gifted treat. He was grinning from ear to ear, barely containing the joy of this resounding success!!

    He took his phone out and dialed that familiar number. He had never bothered to save it, but somehow knew it by heart!

    "Morning my dear. Have you received my gift yet?"

    Shi Meng sneered and taunted the sleepy head Su Lin, who had just woken up, tired from all the research she had done the previous night.


    Su Lin cut the call and continued napping. She still had a decent half an hour left, before her alarm rang!! Which bastard dared to wake her up before then!!!

    Shi Meng just chuckled and called again shamelessly!

    Nope, you can't just ignore me this time! I need to hear the sound of you breaking down and falling on the floor!!

    This time it was Luther who answered the call.

    Yes, Su Lin had actually let him sleep by her side the whole night.

    She originally wanted to toss him out, but then was just too tired to drag that almost delicious muscular specimen.

    "Stop calling pest." Luther had also just woken up, from Su Lin tossing and turning.

    He immediately recognized the number. After all, one needed to be extremely well informed about their potential love rivals!

    But Luther was not in the least bit curious about why Shi Meng was calling her this early in the morning!

    This was because he exactly knew why he was calling! Or well had a vague idea about it...

    A devilishly handsome smirk appeared on that devilishly handsome face. He turned towards Su Lin, watching her with his head rested on his hand.

    "What's up, Mr. Ex?" he asked, gently playing with her soft black locks. He didn't dare touch her cheeks, which looked far more inviting.

    Shi Meng frowned some more. He had originally wanted to personally destroy that slut himself. But guess this arrogant fellow had to for now! Hmph.

    "Why don't you check today's headlines. I gave your wife a small belated wedding gift", his cold smug voice barked confidently.

    Luther chuckled silently, so as to not disturb his sleeping beauty.

    "Gift, you say... The next time you should have the courtesy to give something more permanent."

    What? Shi Meng was confused.

    "Why don't you check the headlines again?" Luther chuckled and cut the call. He then went ahead and blocked the number.

    "Hmph. My Wifey doesn't need any more calls from the likes of him!!" Luther grinned and put the phone back.
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