3 Memories of the Goddess Prologue 3 **Rework**

    [Evil Goddess System Successfully Bound]

    'Where am I? What was I doing?'

    With that thought, my consciousness gradually returns.

    'Ugh, my body hurts.'

    Opening my eyes and pushing myself off the ground. I see an unfamiliar sight, in front of me are two delicate little hands. Subconsciously I lift the hands to take a closer look.

    "Whose hands are these? Are they mine?"

    Where once a deep masculine voice existed instead came a high and enchanting sound with a hint of childishness.

    'Was that my voice just now?'

    To better understand what is going on, I concentrate my attention on the polished floor and focus on the reflection. Although not entirely clear, I can still make out the details.

    In the reflection, I see an adorable little girl. She looks to be around fourteen years old, with hair as white as freshly fallen snow. The skin of her face is pale but without even the smallest blemish.  Her nose is small and cute, while her cherry lips seem to be perfectly carved by a master sculptor.

    However, the most notable thing about her is not these things but her eyes and ears. Her eyes are the color of blood, and they seem almost to glow. Her ears are long and sharp, but it blends beautifully with the girl's other features.

    Watching the unfamiliar girl mimic my actions, I move the little hands to touch my ears.


    With a sudden realization, I reach into the baggy pants. I slowly move the hands down to the once familiar area.

    'It's....it's gone.'

    In confusion, I subconsciously open my mouth, revealing two sharp fangs.

    For some reason, I don't feel panicked about my current situation; on the contrary, I feel a sense of...is it joy? This doesn't make any sense why would I have this feeling?

    In a state of utter loss, I start thinking through the events that took place prior.

    Suddenly my head feels like it's about to split in half. Like the time before, memories, thoughts, information, and emotions again fill my mind - this time, I resist the urge to lose consciousness.

    These are all things that were contained in the Goddess's soul fragment. For the first time in what feels like forever, I receive some clarity. Although what I received is fragmented, it is still enough to understand my current situation.

    Sorting through everything I received from the Goddess's soul fragment, I begin to piece together the long history that lead to this moment.

    Tens of thousands of years ago, Earth resembled that of a fantasy. Magical energy or mana as it was known flowed freely across all the world. There were numerous different races, beasts, monsters, and even gods though only a handful were true gods. Of all the intelligent races, the weakest of them was humanity. It wasn't like all of humanity was wholly weak or anything, but for every ten thousand humans born, you could expect to get a single wizard or magical warrior.

    It was a little over seventy thousand years ago that human kinds numbers hit its lowest point ever. Humanities numbers had reached the point where collectively, there were less than ten thousand humans in all the world. It was at this time that the God of Heaven came forward. Having awakened as a true god, the God of Heaven was furious to see "his chosen people" in such a state. You should know that when he says "his chosen people" he means his worshipers. Although weak, humans are quick to breed, and the vast majority of them fervently worshipped the God of Heaven.

    Thus the God of Heaven initiated his so-called "War of Righteousness". Many lesser gods and races that humanity considered evil were quickly massacred by the angels of Heaven.

    Callista, the Goddess of Blood and my predecessor, realized it was only a matter of time before the God of Heaven would attempt an attack on a true god like herself. As the mother of the blood race, a race the God of Heaven considered inherently evil. Callista knew this made her a likely candidate for an attack.

    As expected, the God of Heaven began a crusade against the "evil" Goddess Callista and the "evil" blood race. In preparation for the worst-case scenario, Callista created the Evil Goddess System. Why call it the Evil Goddess System? Mostly out of pure spite and bitterness.

    Not long after completion of the system, the God of Heaven allied with Cyril, the God of War, and began massacring the blood race. This forced Callista's hand, causing a confrontation between the God of Heaven, Cyril, and Callista. In the end, Cyril and Callista fell while the God of Heaven was severely injured.

    Here is where the memories stop, and the system should have come online.

    Wanting to know more about the current situation, I ask, "System, are you there? Can you tell me what happened after the death of Callista?"

    [Yes, host.]

    After speaking to the system, I have an adequate understanding of what happened after the Goddess fell. First of all, the angels of Heaven continued the campaign against the blood race leading to their believed extinction.

    Upon initially hearing this from the system, I felt massive amounts of anger bubble up from the depths of my soul. According to the system, these feelings are due to merging with Callista's soul fragment.

    A few centuries after Callista fell, the God of Heaven and his angels locked themselves away in Heaven. Shortly after, the mana and magical creatures of the world vanished. Everything from the tiny horned rabbit to the mighty dragon disappeared along with all signs of their existence. The system seems to think the magical creatures were sealed, and the Earth was separated from the cosmic mana stream. The system does not know what could cause something like this.

    With little residual mana left, the system found it unsuitable to continue trying to implement Callista's plan. Thus the system decided to blend into the cosmic mana stream and managed to maintain a tenuous connection between it and the Earth. Thousands of years went by; humanity rapidly multiplied and spread across the Earth.

    Hardly any movement came from Heaven until seven thousand years ago. It seems the God of Heaven's closest aid Lucifer and a handful of other angels, rebelled. It appears they were eventually expelled from Heaven, starting their own faction in the Hell dimension. Since that time, Heaven and Hell have been in a stalemate with neither side making any significant movements.

    Finally, half a year ago, the system detected that mana levels on Earth started increasing for the first time in thousands of years. With the rising mana levels, the system began to try and fulfill its purpose, searching for Callista's heir. Eventually, the system found and chose me due to my high compatibility with Callista's soul fragment as well as my unusual talent. According to the system, to get me here, it had to use my talent as a roundabout way to do it due to certain limitations.

    'Talent? So much has happened. I forgot to ask for more information on it.'

    "System, what exactly is my talent?"

    [The host's talent <paranormal> allows the host to use mental strength as well as the public consciousness to inspire paranormal events.]

    "I don't quite understand what you mean."

    [The system asks the host to explore and experiment with this more on your own.]

    "How would I go about doing that?"

    [It is recommenced the host starts by checking the status menu.]

    "Status menu? I only vaguely remember that through the inheritance. Is that a function of the system?"

    [Checking your status is something all creatures can do; however, it requires a connection to the cosmic mana stream. The Earth has not re-established contact with the mana stream, but this system can help the host establish a connection.]

    Hearing the system, I feel a wave of anticipation.

    In my mind, I shout the word "Status!"

    Immediately a transparent window appears.

    Name: ???

    Gender: Female

    Race: Vampire {Pseudo True God}

    Level: 1

    Health: 300/300

    Mana: 100/100

    Strength: 15

    Endurance: 15

    Agility: 15

    Intellect: 10

    Constitution: 30

    Talents: Paranormal

    Skills: Blood Magic

    Titles: Heir of Blood

    Essence: 0

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    Aren't these numbers a little low? Also...

    "Why is there no name?"

    [When the host merged with the 'Ancient Goddess Soul Fragment,' the host was no longer recognized as the individual "Robert Adams."]

    Glancing down, I look at the two bulges on my chest as well as my petite and dainty figure.

    'Well, I definitely don't look like that person anymore.'

    Closing my eyes, I begin to think about all the emotions I acquired from the Goddess's soul fragment. I can feel hatred toward the God of Heaven, grief for the lost blood race, an immense desire for power, and finally an enormous sense of happiness. The opportunity to rectify the past and go even further than my predecessor fills me with endless delight.

    'Are these the feelings of the person I once was? No, I would say not. I need a more appropriate name, one that can better represent my new identity.'

    Thinking quietly, I couldn't help but smile a little.

    With a small voice, I whisper, "That will be my new name."

    "My name is Eira Callista."
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