5 Clothing

    ~ The Next Day ~

    I hardly slept at all last night, yet I feel perfectly rested! I still don't have any clothes that fit me properly, so I've just been wearing one of my old t-shirts around.

    My cell phone has nearly a dozen missed calls from work. I did think about trying to disguise my voice and claiming I was sick, but what's the point? I have to make preparations and to do that I can't stay here for very long anyway. But, now that I think about it, I never did send those emails or prepare postage like I told Akari I would.

    'Oh well, that's not important anymore!'

    Today I have set three goals for myself to complete the systems side task, experiment with my talent, and to quench my thirst.

    'Let's start with completing the systems side task.'

    [Side Task: New Clothes

    Task Objective:

    1) Buy seven changes worth of cute clothes. Must be outfits appropriate for your new form (skirts, panties, bras, etc.).

    Task Reward: Storage Ring

    Failure: N/A]

    'I want that storage ring, and also, I'm a little uncomfortable walking around in ill-fitting clothes.'

    Glancing at the clock, it shows 10:00 AM.

    'I think this should be a slow time for most stores.'

    Taking out a new pair of pants and a shirt, I use my claws to cut it to a size I can manage. I then slip on the same coat and sunglasses from yesterday.

    Stepping outside, I feel the intense and uncomfortable sunshine. Although vampires don't spontaneously combust when in sunlight, it still feels unpleasant.

    'I'll have to make sure whatever clothes I get can cover as much skin as possible.'

    At this time of day, there are far fewer people walking around casually on the street. That said, I still receive a lot of stares while making my way to the store.

    Quickly I enter the first clothing store that comes into view. Behind the counter are two female employees, the one on the left is tall and of average appearance while the one on the right is short and slightly above average.

    'As I hoped, no one else is in the store right now.'

    Seeing me walk in, the two women turn their gaze toward me.

    With a smirk, the tall woman looks at me, "Little girl, does your dad know you're wearing his clothes in public?"

    "Kanna, don't be so rude this girl is a customer."

    "Himari, this girl clearly doesn't have any money, or she wouldn't dress like that."

    Annoyed, I look at the short girl, supposedly named Himari. Taking out some money, I hold it in the air.

    "Miss Himari, I have money. See look! But can you please help me pick out some clothes? I don't know my size or anything."

    Looking over at the girl I assume is named Kanna, she sneers at me and walks away.

    'What the hell is her problem?'

    "Can I ask what you are looking for?"

    "I need several different outfits. I want them to cover as much skin as possible, and, uh, they need to be cute..."

    Himari looks at me with a smile.

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    "Of course. Doesn't every girl want to feel cute?"

    Feeling my face turn red, I quickly follow Himari to the women's clothing section. Passing near the tall girl Kanna, I smell a faint scent of cigarettes. Having an idea, I couldn't help but have a sly smile.

    "I hope Kanna didn't leave to bad an impression. She's usually very good with customers."

    Looking at Himari with a bright smile on my face, "Don't worry about it. I'm sure she's just having a bad day."

    After that, I tried on several different dresses, skirts, and whatnot. Himari thought it was strange that I wouldn't take off my coat or sunglasses, but I convinced her to take my measurements while wearing them. She was actually able to infer my size accurately, and all the outfits fit quite well.

    As for the undergarments, after Himari sized me at a B-cup, I wasn't sure what the system considered "cute," so I picked out a lot of underwear with little bows or animals on them.

    'No one can see them anyway.'

    I was also able to get a few smaller coats and an umbrella to block the sun. Looking in the dressing room mirror, I see the most beautiful little girl I've ever seen. Glistening white hair, perfect small features, long charming ears...have I always been this egotistical?

    'I blame the inheritance. Yeah. Let's blame that.'

    Currently, I am wearing a blue dress that runs just below my knees, a pair of white knee-high stockings, a pair of long dark blue gloves that run just up past my elbows, and then a pair of dark blue flats. Unfortunately, I still have to wear a coat over it. In the future, I hope to find a better way to hide my ears.

    'I feel a little exposed? Also, there's a weird draft in a place there were never drafts before...'

    Walking out of the dressing room, I pay and say goodbye to Himari.

    Just as I leave the store, a strong wind blows and picks up my dress. Unconsciously, an abrupt girly scream leaves my mouth as I cover my newly purchased underwear that is covered in little pictures of kittens. Immediately I start turning my head to make sure no one saw.

    'I am so glad no one was around to see that.'

    Feeling a pair of eyes, I glance behind me to see Kanna smirking and waving.

    'Oh! I am executing my idea for sure now!'

    Embarrassed, I hastily leave the area.


    [Side Task: New Clothes - Complete]

    With the familiar voice of the system, a simple ring appears on my right hand.

    I look at the ring, and in my heart, say the word "Analyze."

    {Name: Simple Storage Ring

    Grade: B

    Details: An inconspicuous ring that uses space magic to store a limited number of items. Cannot store living things.}

    'Grade B is pretty good; this must be a decent storage ring.'

    The grades for items run from F- all the way to SSS. SSS items are extraordinarily rare, while F- is basically garbage.

    For example <Analyze>.

    {Name: Chewing Gum **Used**

    Grade: F-

    Details: A common substance meant to be chewed but not swallowed. It's used.}

    With that, I turn my attention back to my new ring.

    'This ring is going to be very useful. I'll walk into the alley behind the stores and put everything away. I can also work on implementing my idea.'

    I make my way into the alley behind the store. Holding out my right hand and with a simple thought, the newly purchased clothing disappears.

    'So convenient.'

    Next, I need to find the back door to the clothing store.

    A few minutes later, I find the door I'm looking for. It's in a well-hidden and quiet area. Quickly I find a place to hide within hearing range of the door.

    'Okay, first, let's pull up my <Paranormal> talent and read through it a bit.'

    Bringing up my status menu, I use <Analyze>.

    {Name: Paranormal

    Grade: S

    Details: A talent that allows its user to create or cause paranormal events. It utilizes the mental strength of its users. This talent can have a heavy burden on its user; however, if the user utilizes a belief within the public consciousness, the burden can be reduced.}

    Last night when I couldn't sleep, I got clarification from the system about what it meant by public consciousness. To summarize, it means if an idea or belief is popular among the public, it'll reduce the burden <Paranormal> has on my mind. In other words using already existent urban legends, creatures, myths, etc. causes less strain than trying to use one I made up.

    Although it's an S class ability, it's very limited for my current self. I'm far from being able to use it to its full extent. At most, I can use it on a single person, and that's only if I use something well known within the public consciousness.

    In the long term, it would be better for me to master my blood magic, but <Paranormal> will still have many interesting uses.

    Not to mention mastering this ability is personal. I've long since realized this ability is what killed my foster parents and ruined my childhood. Although my attachment to my past has greatly lessened since the inheritance ceremony, I still can't help but feel this is important to my moving on. Thus my goal now is to test it out and, for the first time, control it.

    'Luckily, I found the perfect test subject.'

    After waiting in the back alley for half an hour, I finally hear what I've been waiting for. The back door to the clothing store opens.

    "Himari, I'm going to take a quick break."

    "Okay, Kanna. I'll watch the front while you're out."

    Kanna walks outside, closing the door behind her and takes out a cigarette. She leans against the wall and lights her cigarette.

    "Ugh, I don't want to be here. I want to go home."

    Listening to Kanna talk to herself, I begin to feel a sense of anticipation.

    'Alright, let's do this. Begin the Kuchisake-onna paranormal event.'

    Along with a sudden wave of mental exhaustion, I watch as a gray mist condenses into the shape of a woman.
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