8 Police

    Three days have passed since receiving the new task from the system, I have made it a habit to walk up and use <Analyze> on all passersby in hopes of finding someone worthy of pursuing as a subordinate.

    Although Earth currently only has a small amount of mana right now, a few people have begun to show signs of being stimulated by the accumulating mana.

    Browsing the internet, I have seen some people posting photos and asking questions about things like strands of their hair changing into odd colors. Unbeknownst to them, this is due to their special qualities being driven by mana.

    For example, someone with a natural inclination for water magic hair might turn aqua blue while someone with a natural inclination for fire magic hair might turn fiery red. Someone with a natural inclination is capable of grasping certain magic quicker than someone who has none. Natural inclination is uncommon among humans.

    There are also things like bloodlines and such that can have considerable appearance changes, but those are rare. Regardless, it is only a matter of time before the general public begins to notice the changes brought about by the increasing mana.

    Anyways as far as my hunt for followers has gone, it has been rather unprofitable. It might be better to wait until mana levels are higher to find someone of high potential.

    **Knock. Knock**

    'Did someone just knock on the door?'

    Walking to the door, I grab a stool to stand on and look through the door hole. On the other side of the door, I see two Japanese men dressed in blue uniforms.

    'Police? Uh, are they looking for me? I'll just let them keep knocking.'

    Ignoring them, they knock for a while longer and then finally stop.

    'Oh well. I'll be gone before they come back next time.'

    Last night I put everything I thought I might need into my storage ring. But, I had to dump some of my food spoils from a couple of days ago to accommodate everything, which made me a little sad.

    I was lucky and found a cruise ship that departs out of Tokyo tomorrow afternoon. It will take around three weeks to go from Tokyo, Japan to Astoria, United States. Seeing as I'm a stowaway, I plan to spend most of my time hiding away somewhere below deck; besides, I am not a fan of sunlight.

    'Well, maybe I'll go above deck at night or something.'

    I'll depart for the docks sometime soon as I plan to sneak on the ship tonight.

    After waiting a while to make sure the police are indeed gone, I slip on my coat and sunglasses. Turning around, I take one last look at my home over the past two years.

    "Thanks, its been pleasure," I murmur.

    Turning back, I walk out the door. After walking a bit, I hear someone yelling behind me.

    "Hey, kid! Wait!"

    Turning my head, I see the two police officers from earlier waving and running in my direction.

    'Shit, I thought they left. Were they waiting in their car or something?'

    "Yes, Mr.Officers! Is something wrong?"

    The two officers let out a small breath of exhaustion in unison. Then the one on the right asks.

    "Little girl, are your parents home?"


    The officer on the left turns and looks at the office on the right.

    "Yuuto, don't you remember? The person that lives here should only be a single male occupation working in Japan on a visa. He shouldn't be this girl's parent."

    "Well then, Touma, who is this girl, and why was she there then?"

    Yuuto and Touma both look toward me.

    "...my name is Eira. I was visiting Mr.Adams."

    "Well, Miss Eira is Mr.Adams home?"

    I shake my head left and right.

    Yuuto and Touma again turn and look at each other and turn back in tandem.

    Yuuto takes the initiative to speak, "Miss Eira, can we talk more at our office. We'll contact your parents when..."

    "Hey, Yuuto. Some woman is staring at you; it looks like she's trying to get your attention."

    Touma points to the woman causing Yuuto to turn his head.

    "Miss, is there something you need? Are you this girl's mother?"

    The woman with black hair, black eyes, and a blue-white surgical mask looks toward Yuuto fiercely.

    "Do you think I am pretty?", she asks with a sweet voice.

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    Taken aback by the question, Yuuto manages to squeeze out an answer.

    "Uhm sure, Miss. Do you mind waiting over there if you need something we're a little busy here?"

    Seemingly pleased with his answer and ignoring the latter part of his sentence, she reaches for the string of the surgical mask tied behind her ear.

    At this time, I took the initiative to turn and start walking away.

    "How about now? Am I pretty?", I hear from behind me.

    "Yes, as I said, you're pretty. Wait, what?! Your face!"

    Seemingly in the process of turning his attention back to me, Yuuto answers the woman's question before noticing the change in the situation.

    "Then, you can both look just like me!" the woman yelled out.

    Behind me, I hear two men yell, followed by a woman's hysterical screaming. Alongside the sounds of screams, the sweet smell of blood enters my nose.

    'Now that I am about to leave I don't have to worry about being so careful. Plus, it seems like they're already looking for me.'


    I need to find a place I can practice more blood magic. I practiced a bit at home, but there wasn't enough room. Not to mention with the free-flowing mana levels being so low, it takes a while for my mana to regenerate. After practicing two days ago, it took over a day for my mana to recharge.

    'Next opportunity, I'll train my blood magic a bit more.'

    Continuing on my way, I walk for an hour or so to the train station. Using my preloaded card, I enter the station and begin waiting for the train to arrive. I am waiting on the train to Yokohama Station, which is near where the cruise ship will be.

    Feeling someone staring at me, I turn around. There I see a woman wearing a blue uniform looking in my direction.

    'Damn, there's no way they're looking for me is there? Did they send out a call to be on the lookout for me?'

    Thinking more about it, they may think I am involved with the Kuchisake-onna that stabbed the officers a little while ago. I mean, they wouldn't be wrong, but they can't know that.

    'No, it's more likely they're just looking for a witness and want to ask me questions.'

    Either way going to the police station is too risky; I am a completely undocumented individual, not to mention my appearance. Who knows how long I might get stuck at the police station, or if they figure out what I am, they might send me off to a lab somewhere.

    Seeing the policewoman walking my direction, I start attempting to maneuvering around the larger foreigners.

    'The train should be here any second now. I just need to keep away from her for a moment.'

    Japanese trains are notoriously punctual, and as expected, almost to the second, it enters the station. Making sure I mix in with the crowd, I enter the congested train car and keep my head down.

    A few minutes later, a voice comes over the intercom, "Please stand clear of the closing doors."

    Feeling the train moving, I glance out the window. The policewoman is staring right at me with an unmistakable frown. She pulls out her radio and starts communicating something into it.

    'It seems like things are about to get complicated.'

    Time passes, and I arrive at Yokohama Station, the first thing that meets my vision is a group of officers waiting at the platform.

    'Well, I guess a couple of police officers being attacked and mutilated is a pretty big deal. I'm just surprised by their response time...'

    Once the train comes to a stop, the doors at the beginning and end of the train open, from both ends, officers enter and begin scouring the passengers. Moving to the door, I pry it open using my enhanced strength.

    Stepping out of the train, various passengers give me an odd look and also decide to start deboarding.

    "Young lady, stop right there."

    'Oh, so I've graduated from little girl to young lady it seems they want to intimidate me now.'

    Looking toward the source of the noise, I see a group of five officers. Hearing a sound, I glance behind me, a group of four officers seemingly having noticed the irregular events exit the train car.

    'It seems like the opportunity to use my blood magic came a bit sooner than I anticipated.'
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