9 The Rookie

    "Sergeant Haruto, sir, we just received a report from one of our officers. The little girl is taking the train toward Yokohama Station right now. The officer tried to make contact, but the officer believes she intentionally avoided her."

    Looking toward the recently hired rookie officer, I try to remember his name, but my memory fails me.

    "Good job, rookie...Uhm, wait a second. Yokohama Station, that's only a few blocks from us. Let's go there ourselves and contact any other officers in the area. Finding this girl has been a headache; let's not let her slip away."

    Three days ago, we were called in to investigate a murder scene. What we found was one of the weirdest cases I have ever been on. A woman stabbed twice by a rusty object once in the hand and once in the abdomen, but that's not the strange part.

    The weird part is that this woman's body was severely dehydrated, with almost no blood left in it. Although there was some blood on the ground, it wasn't nearly enough to fill a human body.

    All that was found at the scene was a few small bloody shoe prints and two puncture wounds on the woman's neck. Finally, we checked the footage from a camera nearby and was able to see a little girl entering and leaving the alley.

    Investigating around the local neighborhoods, apparently, for the past couple of days, this girl has been approaching various people staring at them and then shaking her head in disappointment only to do it all over again with the next person.

    Not only that, but this girl also fits the description of someone who assaulted and broke a woman's wrist, and no, that's still not all. She also fits the description of a little girl who went around ordering roman and then stealing the dishes. Asking around, she did this at dozens of different restaurants! What did she even do with everything she took!?

    We were eventually able to track her to the home of a foreign worker named Robert Adams.

    Sending two officers to investigate, she deliberately ignored the officers knocking. Catching her leaving the house, two officers began questioning her. It was at this point, someone appeared and attacked and defaced the two officers.

    Both of the officer's faces have been cut from mouth to ear, so we obviously haven't been able to get any information from them.

    However, according to the on-site officers who questioned the onlookers, this was done by some crazy woman with scissors who vanished into thin air! All the while, the girl casually walked away.

    "Sir, we are here."

    Pulling myself back to reality, "Oh, yeah. Good job, Rookie..."

    "Thank you, sir!"

    After meeting up with several other officers who were in the area, we head down to await the arrival of the train.

    Half an hour later the train arrives, I begin to speak, "Okay. Here comes the train. The girl should be in a dress wearing a coat along with a pair of sunglasses. Two officers enter the back of the train, and two enter the front."

    The train stops, and the officers enter as they were told. After a few moments, I notice one of the train doors is forced open, and passengers begin leaving. Mixed in with the passengers is a girl covering her face with a hood.

    'There that has to be her.'

    "Young lady, stop right there!"

    Hearing me, she looks over at me and rolls her eyes. Having heard the commotion, the four officers that were on the train approached her from behind.

    "You need to come with us to the station. There is a lot we need to talk about."

    Expecting her to comply quickly, I begin to move in closer to remove any room for escape. However, she suddenly starts making some unexpected moves.

    The girl lifts her right hand and index finger. Raising her left hand, she uses her nail to cut her palm.

    'How sharp is this girl's nail?'

    Dark red blood begins to seep from her palm. Slowly she lifts her hand as if taking aim. Pointing her palm in my direction, she murmurs something under her breath.

    'Did she just mutter something about spiky blood?'

    Acting on intuition, I move to the right as a red flash passes by my vision.

    'What just happened?'

    Touching the side of my head, I find a tiny amount of blood seeping from a wound on my ear. Turning my head, I look behind me; there, I see Rookie with empty eyes. Moving my eyes upward, I find a hole in his brow.

    "Rookie!" I couldn't help but yell out.

    Rookie drops to the floor, and blood begins quickly flowing from his head.

    The girl turns, and this time faces her palm to one of the officers directly behind her. Again she mutters something and something to fast for me to see shoots from her palm.

    In disbelief, the officer looks at his chest and back up at the girl. Finally, like Rookie, he also crumples to the ground.

    In a panic, the remaining officers begin reaching for their weapons. Some reach for stun guns while others reach for their firearms. However, the situation quickly starts to take another turn.

    Rookies and the other officer's bodies begin to spasm. Suddenly, dozens of red chains shoot from the blood of the two corpses. Like serpents, the chains wrap and immobilize the remaining officers.

    Seeing this unbelievable and unexplainable situation, I somehow manage to keep my wits and barely avoid the chains intended for me.

    Once the other officer's chains are securely fastened, the chains rapidly contract. The chains pull all the remaining officers toward the bloody corpses, creating a large mass of bodies.

    Watching this scene I exclaim, "What the ** is going on?!"

    Like an Olympic sprinter, the girl takes off. For only a second, I catch a glimpse of her pink polka-dot underwear.

    The girl glances back at me with a scowl.

    'I...I should chase her.'

    Due to the crowd, I am barely able to keep up with her. I watch as this small girl overwhelms and pushes large adult men out of her way.

    'This girl can't be human!'

    Forcing myself to keep chasing despite my body telling me to stop both the girl and I exit the station. With more space to work with the girls, speed increases further. Watching her turn into an alley, I follow.

    'Where did she go?'

    Pulling out my weapon, I begin searching around the area.

    With a moment of respite, I start recalling the events that just occurred, and with the adrenaline waning, a sudden realization hits me.

    'What am I doing?! This girl just took down eight other officers. What am I supposed to do alone?!'

    Turning to leave, I feel something wrap around my ankle.

    'Shit! It's one of those damn chains!'

    Suddenly I find myself being dragged across the pavement. Looking up, I see a devil. She has deep red glowing eyes, pale white skin, and long pointy ears. She is both the most beautiful and scariest thing I have ever seen.

    "Where are you going? Thanks to you guys, I'm tired and hungry now." the devil says.

    I watch as the chain wrapped around my ankle recedes into the wound on the devil's hand while pulling me closer and closer.

    In a panic, I pull out my gun and point it at the demon. Seeing this, the red chain pulls faster.


    I pull the trigger as I watch the bullet hit the shoulder of the devil. I prepare to pull the trigger again only for nothing to happen.

    With confusion, I look at my hands, I find that both my gun, along with a few fingers, have been cut. In a daze, I try to look at the devil only to find a pair of claws gripping my neck.

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    Suddenly I feel a painful prick on my neck and find myself unable to move or even make a sound.

    Resigned to my fate, I couldn't help but think, 'Who knew this would be my last day...'

    Feeling myself grow cold gradually, I surrender myself to the void.
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