15 Family-Friendly Fun Pt.1




    It's been two days since I killed the Alpha and Beta's. Last night I went out and found a Korean couple enjoying a romantic evening in my usual spot at the stern of the ship. I was able to take advantage of the situation with just a swing and a blood spike. That brought my essence total to 59. I have tonight and tomorrow night to gather the remaining essence.

    As for what I have been doing in the meantime.


    That's been swinging my scythe around trying to get the scythe skill!



    'Won't it give it to me!?'



    [Acquired Skill: Novice Scythe]

    "Hahahaha! Yes!"

    I cackle loudly and enjoy the long-awaited moment.

    If I wasn't hunting or resting, I did nothing but swing my scythe or watch videos about using scythes on Jerrold's phone. I can't tell you how many videos I watched or websites I read where the people who wrote them clearly didn't know what they were talking about. Oh yeah, before I forget...

    "System, can you make sure my status shows the level of my skills from now on as well?"

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    [Yes, Host. This change will be reflected the next time the Host uses the status function.]

    'Great. Status.'

    Name: Eira Callista

    Gender: Female

    Race: Vampire {Pseudo True God}

    Level: 2 (0/25)

    Health: 320/320

    Mana: 125/130

    Strength: 16

    Endurance: 16

    Agility: 18

    Intellect: 13

    Constitution: 32

    Talents: Paranormal

    Skills: Beginner Blood Magic; Novice Scythe

    Titles: Heir of Blood

    Essence: 59

    'That should be better from here on out. My scythe will be difficult to advance, but blood magic shouldn't be too hard.'

    Taking a long sigh of relief, I lie down on the bed and begin running through my plans for tonight.

    I am hoping to end this task tonight. Although I have tomorrow as well, I'd rather end this in one fell swoop. Two nights ago, after killing Alpha and the Beta's, I wandered around the ship for a while. At that time, I saw a group of students leaving a room carrying scriptures of the God of Heaven.

    The next night, after finishing off the Korean couple, I went back and they were there again. Waiting around, one of the girls left to go to the bathroom. I stopped her and asked her some questions feigning interest in the God of Heaven.

    I was able to find out that they were students from a religious university here with their local pastor. They were on a mission trip, and their reward for a  job properly done was this cruise back to the United States. Apparently, they meet every night in that room to read scripture.

    After learning this, I began searching the area for a good place to lure them. After searching for a while, I found a little-used area that has an escape room and laser tag room. When they leave, they always pass by the escape room and laser tag areas. I just never noticed as it seems to use these facilities it requires a reservation, so it's hardly ever in use.

    I broke the latch on the security gate and scouted it out. The laser tag area is soundproofed to prevent disturbing passengers. There is a main entrance to the laser tag room and a staff entrance. It also seems the escape room staff wears a mask to keep with the escape rooms theme, which is a haunted cabin. Additionally, along with the mask, there was a vest left behind the counter.

    My goal is simple, I need to get them into the laser tag room regardless of what I have to say to get them there.

    'Tonight, I'll lure them into the trap.'


    "Alright, guys, good job! That's enough, scriptures for tonight!"

    After Pastor Ronald finished reading scriptures, everyone in the room took a collective sigh of relief.

    "Oh? Did you guys just sigh, is it because you didn't get enough of God's words?

    Seeing Pastor Ronald about to open the scriptures again, I quickly speak.

    "No, Pastor! We were just so overwhelmed we were all holding our breath without realizing it."

    "Hmm, is that so. Well, I don't want to overwhelm you guys too much, so let's pack up and head to our rooms for the night."

    With Pastor Ronald's words, all nine of us begin to clean the room of any trash. We meet and have scripture study every night without exception. According to Pastor Ronald, it is to keep our souls pure.

    "Let's start walking back together." Pastor Ronald says.

    He always makes us walk back together to prevent anyone from sneaking off and having impure fun, as he always says. As a group of nine, including Preacher Ronald, we start walking back to our rooms. However, something different happened tonight.

    "Hey, guys!" a young chipper voice rings out.

    Looking over, I see a short girl. She is wearing a black dress and has a light jacket with a hood pulled up covering everything but her face. She wears a vest with the words 'Moonlight Staff' stitched on the front. Most noticeable of all, she is wearing a black mask; it seems to be modeled after a skull, and there is a black mesh blocking the eyes presumably to make it look more authentic.

    "Hello, do you have any business with us." Pastor Ronald steps forward with a frown.

    "Yes, sir! I work at the place right behind me with the escape room and laser tag facilities. We are trying a new experimental combination of the two, and I would like to ask for your guy's help in testing this new game."

    "I'm sorry, but laser tag is far too violent. Not to mention wearing such an evil mask such as that I can't even consider helping with the testing of your game."

    "That's just it, sir! Actually..."

    The girl places her hands over her heart and presumably tries making puppy dog eyes, but the mask obstructs them.

    "You see, this new game was actually my idea because I wanted to make a less violent, more family-friendly version of both laser tag and the escape room. As for the mask, I only wear it because my boss makes me. I want to take it off, but he always yells at me. But! If this new game works out maybe, they'll listen to me and finally get rid of this evil mask."

    Hearing the girl's explanation, Pastor Ronald seems to hesitate slightly. Having listened to the conversation, some of the students step in.

    "Please, Pastor, can we help the girl."

    "Yeah, Pastor Ronald. The girl is trying to change the way they run the facilities."

    "Please, Pastor! It sounds like it can be fun."

    Pastor Ronald looks around at all the begging students and sighs.

    "I guess it wouldn't hurt to hear what this game entails. Can you explain it to us, girl?"

    "Yes, sir!"

    The girl went on to explain the basis of the game. Apparently, the goal is to hunt for clues in the laser tag room; meanwhile, one of us will be 'it'. The goal is to solve the mystery before the remaining eight have been tagged by the one that is 'it'. She says we are all also supposed to act in groups of two while the one that is 'it' will enter after giving the groups some time to gather some clues.

    With a lot of excitement, the girl says, "The theme is a very family-friendly version of 'And Then There Were None'!"

    "Pastor Ronald, can we please do it!"

    "Yes, Pastor. We've been working very hard memorizing scriptures!"

    Pastor Ronald stands thinking for a moment. He then frowns a little and looks at the students.

    "Although I am not totally convinced you kids have been working hard. I'll make an exception and let you try out this girl's game."

    All the students, including myself, smile brightly. Pastor Ronald is very strict about what he lets his students be exposed to. It seems this girl convinced him, which is very surprising, especially while wearing such a mask.

    Suddenly Pastor Ronald interjects once more, "But, I want to talk to the manager about that mask they make you wear!"

    With great sincerity, the girl responds, "Certainly, sir! I would be very appreciative if you did. After testing the game, I'll call him over."

    "Okay, I suppose that will be fine." Pastor Ronald replied with some reluctance.

    "Alright, everyone follow me, and while we are walking, please decide on who you'd like to be 'it'."

    We arrive at the entrance to the laser tag room. We separate into groups of two, and I, of course, end up with Pastor Ronald. As for the one who is 'it' one of the more good looking guys was selected.

    To be honest, I don't have anyone's name memorized yet, excluding Pastor Ronald. We all did our mission trip in different areas; we just met up for the cruise.

    "Alright! Everyone who isn't 'it' please enter the laser tag room, and I'll proceed to close the door."

    Everyone enters the room, and the girl proceeds to close the door. We all split up into our groups of two. After a while of searching, we still haven't found anything.

    'Frankly, this is boring.'

    Almost as soon as those thoughts pass through my mind, things start changing. The once fluorescent lights turn to black lights. Loud electronic music starts playing through the many speakers in the room. Then finally, a playful voice comes on over the intercom system.

    "And Then There Were Eight"
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