69 I Crave...

    --??? POV--

    'How long? How long have I been trapped in this forsaken prison of blood? What happened to the cosmic mana stream? When I awoke, it was gone, and it was essential for my escape.' I sigh, 'I originally wanted to escape for a rematch, but I've been in here so long that even my desires to fight that vicious Goddess again has faded.'

    Opening my eyes once again, I stare out onto the bizarre facility of metal. Underneath my prison, they have me suspended by metal claws like they're afraid of making contact with the material that makes up my prison... but I can't fault them too much; it could instantly turn weaklings to sludge.

    To my left and right, run two metal walkways, each with a railing. Around me sits four giant mirrors that seem to be designed with the idea of only allowing them to see me and me not see them. However, such petty tricks won't work on me.

    The rest of the room is simply made of thick looking metal that appears to have a red hue. Though sometimes I wonder if the metal is dyed red or if it is simply because of where I am.

    My attention turns back to the four mirrors. From them, I can see the tattered remnant of my muscular form. My once blazing yellow and white feathers that ran up my chest and neck have long since disintegrated in this caustic blood mixture. My golden helmet that resembled an osprey crumbled away long ago, leaving nothing but a few bits and pieces stuck to my skin. My deadly talons and feet didn't even make it since the goddess liquified them with her cursed magic. As for my skin, It was millennia ago that most of it melted away, and the muscles beneath were exposed to the mixture. The only thing remaining is bones, some muscles, and a few patches of skin.

    Outside of my prison, two human men speak to another man who seems a little different than the others, possibly foreign. They often point to me as if assuring them of something. This is eons better than where I was buried before they dug me up. At least here something happens besides the occasional scorpion crawling by; not since those people built that pyramid around me all that time ago have I been surrounded by so much activity. But still...

    'There is one thing I crave something essential to my very existence, and I would do anything to have it. What I crave is...'

    "Beta entity 4 located...

    Uploading entity data to Cosmic System now..."




    'Ha...hahahahahah! Finally! Finally! Finally! It's time, this will cripple my body and drain my soul, but that's okay! I'm okay with starting over from the beginning as a weakling. I have many fond memories of those times all those millennia ago. Fighting with my brothers, ripping apart walls that were thought to be unbreakable, challenging those that were thought to be unchallengeable, I simply adored every second of it!'


    A crack appears in my prison as my body becomes hot like burning lava. What remains of my flesh begins to bubble as it pushes against the goddess's prison.

    'I cannot wait; I am so excited that I will start now.' I grin, 'But that's to be expected, acting on impulse is a bad habit of beings like me. We are simply used to being untouchable and rarely consider the consequences of our actions, but I cannot sit in here any longer!'


    'I'll just have to remember that it'll be different and even weaklings could challenge me, but honestly, that makes my blood simply boil! The things I'll be able to teach this sleepy world!'


    Pieces of crystallized blood and liquids explode across the room. The liquid hits the mirrors and corrodes them on impact instantly while the crystallized blood simply shoots through both the mirrors and the thick steel as if made of butter. The first thing that assaults my senses is a loud blaring reminiscent of a warning horn from the past.

    "W-what! It broke out; it's moving!"

    Hot steam starts to shoot out from the walls obscuring my vision, but as before, it does little to me. I take a step forward on what remains of my feet and stop for a moment to regain my balance.

    While adjusting, I laugh and yell, "Hahaha! Humans, I require a new body, I'll ask for volunteers first. Just know in the past it would have been a great honor that millions would have coveted! So knowing this is anyone willing to give me their body!?"

    "It can talk!? Fire the darts! Activate the turrets! We have a high-level breach!" a human bellows.

    Suddenly my flesh that is already sloughing off is assaulted by countless darts filled with blue liquid and tiny metal objects. Yet, even in my state of near-death, these darts and metal don't even manage to pierce my flesh.

    Still, this atmosphere excites me, "I like it! I thought humans were cowards, but perhaps times have changed! I shall honor you, humans, by giving you a battle as you desire. Please, forgive me if I do not meet your expectations as I am not like I used to be."

    I charge forward, warping the ground with each of my steps. Raising my fist, I bring it down upon one of the humans.


    "Essence Acquired 6"

    Unexpectedly, they offer essentially no resistance, almost like someone who has never leveled a day in their life. Raising my leg and bringing it down onto another human I achieve the same results.

    "Essence Acquired 7"

    Bewildered, I look at the foreigner, "Why are you humans so weak? Even children should be stronger than this."

    "I-I'm sorry I don't know what you mean!" the man speaks.

    "Human. What is your name?"

    "M-Mio Nakamura." the man bows, but it does little to hide his shaking legs.

    "Well, Mio, you should know that I will take good care of your body and soul for you!"

    "No, please!" Mio screams.

    I grab Mio with my left hand as he squirms, "Divinities Last Rites!" I shout.

    "Entity is placing a command that will strip the entity of all levels, divinity, and a portion of the entity's memories. Entity will only be able to transfer as much of the entity's soul as new vessel can contain. Additionally, the entity's throne will be forfeit or inaccessible. Does the entity wish to continue?"

    I hesitate for a moment, only for my right arm to fall from my body and splatter on the ground.

    "I will be different after this, but yes, otherwise I'll simply melt into a puddle."

    A large yellow seal appears beneath my feet and like a warrior charging into battle, I roar, shaking the very building's foundation and causing pieces of the ceiling to fall.

    "I am the greatest warrior to have ever lived! So regardless of how I change, I shall both preserve and build my legacy anew! The mountains will step from my path or they will crumble, the people shall shout my name or die whispering it, and nature itself will provide for me or burn; just as it did in the past! May the Earth itself never forget my name!"

    On Mio's forehead, a symbol of an eye with an osprey head as the pupil is burned and glows with a yellow light. At the same time, a yellow light shines from my own raggedy body as it begins to crumble like sand and spin. The sand begins to rotate like a tornado around Mio and myself as his body also begins to breakdown.

    Now it feels as if my consciousness is split into many different areas at once as the sand of our two bodies begins to become intertwined. As Mio's soul is absorbed into my own, I begin to learn and understand things about the world I did not before. While at the same time, I forget things I vaguely recall thinking I would never forget, regardless of the process.

    Crushing my feelings of loss and looking through Mio's memories, I'm a bit surprised.

    'So this world has gone without any mana whatsoever? I thought it was just the interface, but they had absolutely nothing. No wonder these humans were squashed like paste.'

    The sand blows, tearing at the walls of the metal room and begins to converge. My line of sight falls by several feet when I find myself standing in a room that now appears giant.

    'I am so short now. I do not like it.'

    "Diplomat Mio!? Are you okay where did Subject Zeta go?"

    Glancing down at the suit Mio was wearing, I button my jacket to hide a feather that has sprouted from my chest. Suddenly a large group of humans runs in equipped with what I now know are rifles and machine guns.

    "Yes!" I shout. "...Wait."

    Remembering that I've started over I calm myself and run through Mio's memories.

    "Uh, I mean yes he left me alive because he needed me to deliver a message." I try to answer casually.

    "A message? What did he say?" one of the humans asks.

    "He said, 'What I crave is War and I, Cyril, shall have it.'"
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