Chapter 99 – Bear-san Is An Unwanted Child?

    Chapter 99 - Bear-san Is An Unwanted Child?

    The next morning, after we had finished eating breakfast, Cliff and Mylene-san began discussing plans for the future in the dining room on the first floor.

    「Then, we will just transfer a portion of the tunnel's tax revenue to Yuna's card, through the guild.」

    「Procuring the magic lines will be a problem as well.」

    「The light and wind magic lines, huh. Couldn't the guild do something about it?」

    「We could, but I'm afraid that the market prices might collapse if we did.」

    「Then, as we thought, the best option would be to ask for the lines the capital has in stock?」

    「I believe that would be for the best.」

    「Also, since it's something so important, we can't really report it with just a letter.」

    「You will be able to see your wife, so isn't that good for you?」

    「It would be, if I didn't have any work to do. Right now, I have work to do, you know. On top of that, I have to take care of the business with the tunnel and this city becoming our territory, so my workload has increased even more. When I think about how I will have to go to the capital while I'm this busy, I just become depressed.」

    I pretended like I hadn't heard anything and drank my Oren juice.

    Adventurers had it easy, didn't they. They ate when they wanted to and slept when they felt like it. It was a great job to have.

    When I read fantasy manga and novels, I was really impressed that there were actually people who did something as troublesome as territory management. Personally, I couldn't do that. I thought that the protagonists who did it were really incredible.

    Well, I did prefer to take it slow, rather than play an active role like those protagonists, though.

    I drank my juice next to the two busy people, as if this was somebody else's problem, feeling happy with this way of life.

    Ah, I am so happy that I am an adventurer.

    While I was thinking about such things, their conversation continued.

    「Also, I thought about the passage through the tunnel. We don't really have to make it a one way passage all the time. We have enough space to fit two carriages side by side. Wouldn't it be possible to designate part of it to allow horses and people on foot to go through?」

    「Some idiots might run or gallop through, you know. That would be dangerous.」

    「Then, should we install fences?」

    「We won't have enough people to do that.」

    「You're right. For now, we should just make it a one way passage and see how it works.」

    「That would be better for now. It won't be too late to implement it after we have a better grasp on the volume of traffic.」

    These two were discussing this deeply and with zeal again. It had nothing to do with a normal person like me, so I just stared into space as I listened to them.

    Yes, Feudal Lord and guild master were both really difficult jobs.

    Sei arrived while the two were conversing.

    「Good morning, everyone. Would it be possible for you to come to the Adventurer's Guild with me?」

    The two of them had no issues with it, so they accepted.

    Then, what should I do while they're all talking together?

    Cliff called out to me when he saw that I hadn't stood up.

    「Yuna, what're you doing? We're leaving.」

    「I'm going as well?」

    「Why are you even asking such an obvious thing?」

    He said, looking amazed.

    「You are going to have a talk between the city leaders, right?」

    「That's right.」

    「You don't need me then.」

    「What are you saying? You are the central figure. You can't just not be there.」


    When had I become the central figure?


    I looked at Mylene-san for help.

    「You're the only one among us who knows about the city, so we need you. Even though I doubt that they will lie, we will still need your knowledge of the city, so you need to come.」

    「In negotiations, people will always say things that are advantageous for them, while avoiding things that will put them in a pickle. If you're there, however, they will have more trouble doing so.」

    Was that so?

    They didn't seem to be people who would do those kind of things, though. Well, Cliff and Mylene-san didn't really know about the residents' personalities, so it couldn't be helped.

    I couldn't find a reason to refuse, so I reluctantly went with them.

    When we arrived at the Adventurer's Guild, we were brought to the same room as last time.

    When we entered the room, Atora-san and the three old men were already seated.

    One of my acquaintances was also next to them. The decent Commerce Guild employee that Damon-san had introduced to me.

    Atora-san prompted us to sit down.

    「We're really thankful that you made this trip to Mireera.」

    Atora-san stood up from her seat and gave her thanks.

    「We didn't really think that Crimonia's Feudal Lord would come here personally.」

    「It was a request from this one, after all.」

    Cliff looked towards me.

    I didn't remember making a request, though. I just gave him the letter and explained everything, that was it.

    「She did a really absurd thing for us, and on top of that, she did another really irrational thing. After thinking about what will happen going forward, I cannot leave matters to my subordinates.」

    「I see. She has saved us a number of times as well.」

    「Same here.」

    Why was he saying it as if he was complaining?

    「Then, before we start talking, let's introduce ourselves. I am Atora, and I work as the guild master of the Adventurer's Guild. I am currently playing a supportive role in the city.」

    Next, the three elders introduced themselves.

    Finally, Jeremo-san introduced himself as well.

    「I'm... I am Jeremo, an employee at the Commerce Guild. I don't know why I have been called here, though?」

    「You are the Commerce Guild's representative.」


    「That's right. From now on, we want you to listen to the instructions of this person, the guild master of Crimonia's Commerce Guild, and work under her.」

    One of the elders said.

    「Why did you choose me?」

    「Because you are kind, even though you're inexperienced.」

    「You stole fish and distributed it to families that needed it, right?」

    「It was found out, huh.」

    「Of course, it's easy to figure out when you can smell roasted fish from homes that can't afford it.」

    「Still, it wasn't necessarily me who did it, right?」

    「Don't underestimate our information network. We know when something like that happens.」

    「Then, were you turning a blind eye to me?」

    「We also felt guilty for only allowing rich people to get food.」

    「That's why we were protecting you from the shadows.」

    「Is that so?」

    「That's also why we asked for you, who thinks of the residents so much, to be the representative of the Commerce Guild.」

    「As you have just heard, we would like you to give instructions to this Commerce Guild employee.」

    The elderly men bowed to Cliff and Mylene-san.

    「I understand. I will put him to good use.」

    Jeremo-san looked defeated after hearing those words.

    Once their side had finished making self-introductions, Mylene-san began her own.

    「I am working as Crimonia's Commerce Guild's master. My name is Mylene. I believe that we will have a lot to do, so I am counting on you.」

    「I will do my best.」

    Jeremo-san answered.

    「Then, I am the last one, right?」

    Cliff made his introduction after he said that.

    Huh? Last?

    What about my introduction?

    Was it possible that I was an unwanted child?

    Well, they all knew me, though.

    「I am Crimonia's Feudal Lord, Cliff Foshuroze. Even so, I would like it if you didn't mind the way you speak with me. I have learned not to mind that sort of thing.」

    At that moment, Cliff looked towards me.


    「Now then, we don't have a lot of time, so we should talk about the urgent issues.」

    「I read the letter, but do you really want to be part of our territory?」

    「Yes. We would like to receive your protection in return. We want you to help us if something like the previous incident were to happen again.」

    「The Kraken, huh.」


    「I will say it now. It's not so easy to kill a Kraken. This bear is simply abnormal.」

    Cliff pointed his finger at me.

    Hadn't anyone told him that he shouldn't point at people?

    「Yes, we already know that. I don't think a second Kraken will appear. If one does, we want you to at least promise to support us with food and other supplies.」

    「Food, huh. Are you saying this even though you know the distance between Crimonia and this city?」



    They all sank into silence.

    They were all thinking about the distance between Crimonia and Mireera, and had concluded that it was far.

    Bringing food would take time and effort.

    「That was a joke.」

    Cliff burst into laughter. Mylene-san was laughing as well.

    Their laughter left Atora-san and the three elders bewildered.


    「I understand the food issue. If this city ever has a food shortage, we will help you. Though, if our city also has a food shortage, I can't make any definitive promises. Is that okay?」

    「Yes, of course. This city will have food shortages only when we can't go out to the sea. I don't think that would happen at the same time that Crimonia has a food shortage.」

    「You're right. I think so as well. That's why, if Crimonia has a food shortage, I will make you help us in return.」


    「The only problem is figuring out how to transport everything.」

    「There's no problem on that front, thanks to this bear.」

    Cliff looked at me.

    After Cliff said that, everyone aside from Mylene-san and I seemed to be confused.

    「Yuna, for the sake of this city, made a tunnel that leads to Crimonia.」


    I tried to cut into the conversation.

    「Is that true!?」

    「Yes, we used the tunnel to come here.」

    「Hmm, you're not telling a joke, right?」

    「When you hear it, you can only think of it as a joke, but it's true, you know. With a fast horse, you could get there in two or three days. Of course, I don't know how much time a carriage would take, but you should be able to arrive within a few days.」


    「I would like to go to the tunnel to discuss its practical use, but would that be okay with you?」

    「Yes, of course. We also want to see this tunnel.」

    After that, they signed the contract papers.

    Hmm, was I really needed?

    「After that, I also want to talk about the election of this city's representative. I want to have a talk with him when he's elected. Of course, I don't mind if the representative is one of the people here.」

    「Are you talking about a mayor?」

    「That's right. If there is no leader, we can't proceed with important discussions.」

    「Understood. We will choose a mayor shortly.」

    「That's all I have to say for now.」

    After Cliff said what he wanted to say, it was Mylene-san's turn.

    「We will talk about the Commerce Guild's issue now. I apologize that one of our own did something terrible to you all. I have already read Atora-san's report. Something so terrible should never have happened. The Commerce Guild won't be protecting him. Crimonia's Commerce Guild will also subject him to punishment.」

    「Excuse me, what will be his punishment?」

    「He will be put to death, of course. As the contract we signed before says, this city is now a part of my territory. If his punishment hasn't been decided yet, it would be normal for him to be punished by Crimonia's laws. He did as he pleased with my city. My important residents have been killed. A man like that will certainly be executed. Above all, he would be useless even if we let him live. If we execute him, we will relieve a lot of grief. That's why, it is best if he dies.」

    The grief Cliff was talking about was surely that of the people who had lost someone.

    Husbands, wives, sons, daughters, relatives, close friends, grandfathers, grandmothers...there were probably many people cursing him.

    「We will execute him with poison, in the central plaza of this city. Call everybody who wants to see it, then I will have them forget about this incident.」

    「Then, the bandits?」

    「Let's see. We will sentence them based on the gathered information. The ones who have killed or touched the women will be executed as well. The others will work at the mines.」

    The people behind this incident had been marked for execution with just a word from Cliff.

    Nobody wanted to interfere with this decision.

    Those elders were ordinary people. Even if the bandits were a really horrible bunch, the elders didn't want to dirty their hands, I bet.

    The fact that Cliff could make a decision like that really showed that he was someone with the ability to stand above other people.

    Well, if it was during a fight, I could kill them as well, but if I was asked to execute non-resisting villains, I would have a hard time agreeing on the spot.

    I thought that Cliff was incredible because he could do it.

    「If there are any relatives who have complaints, you just have to mention my name!」

    「Understood. Thank you very much for everything, Cliff-sama.」

    「I don't need any thanks. I do it because it is my job, that's all.」

    「We will talk about the future of the Commerce Guild next.」

    At those words, Jeremo was filled with nervousness.

    「I want to ask you all something. Is Jeremo someone who is serious about his job? Someone who can do his job properly? I would also like to know more about his personality.」

    When the elders heard all of those questions, they all tilted their heads for a moment, but answered quickly.

    「Jeremo may be inexperienced, but he's a man who does his job.」

    「I saw him skip work sometimes, but the residents love him.」

    「Also, during this terrible month, he stole fish and distributed it to the poor families.」

    「Let me think. He's the type who will do his job properly, even though he's grumbling about it all the time.」

    Mylene-san responded after she had heard everyone's comments.

    「Then, I will have you become the guild master of the Commerce Guild in this city.」

    「Me...My humble self becoming the guild master?」

    「Yes, in unstable times like this, it's best to have someone who's well liked by the people. The residents will lend such a person a helping hand. If a stranger like me became the guild master, they wouldn't do anything for me.」

    「Still, me becoming the guild master is...」

    「There won't be a problem. I will dispatch someone to help you. You will just have to slowly learn how to become a guild master.」

    「Jeremo, I beg of you as well. You don't know how much your actions have helped us during this period...」

    「And if you want to skip work, you just have to give all of the work to your subordinates, right?」

    「Jeremo, I feel the same as well.」

    The elders bowed.

    It wasn't good to ditch your job, you know!

    「I understand. Please raise your heads. If you're really okay with me, I will accept.」

    Jeremo-san puffed up his chest as he accepted the job.

    Mylene-san smiled at his answer.

    I saw Jeremo-san's cheeks turn red, and it most likely wasn't just my imagination.

    「Then, the final topic is the tunnel, right?」

    「Before that, should we have a meal?」

    Atora-san checked the time.

    It was indeed time for lunch.

    「You're right. I want to go to the tunnel after we eat. Is that okay?」

    Nobody refused Cliff's idea.
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