Chapter 103 – Bear-san goes back to Crimonia

    Bear-san goes back to Crimonia

    TN: This should be next day morning leaving off from the previous chapter.

    Anzu's issue was put on hold until the tunnel was finished.

    Deiga-san told me that the chances were good, so I was looking forward to it.

    I said goodbye to Anzu and Deiga-san, and left the inn. Atora-san, Jeremo-san, and the elders came to see me off.

    「Atora-san, thank you for everything.」

    「What are you saying! I am the one who is really grateful! You can stay longer if you want, but that can't be helped, right? Yuna, we will always welcome you, so do come visit, okay?」

    「I built my house here, so I will return. Also, please say goodbye to Blitz's party for me.」

    I thought that they would be back already, but that wasn't the case.

    Well, we did say our goodbyes when they departed.

    「Yes, I will. I'm sure they will be surprised when they come back.」

    I didn't know if they would believe it or not, though.

    I looked for Jeremo-san and saw that he was speaking with Mylene-san. He noticed my gaze and approached me.

    「Jeremo-san, I will be counting on you about the matter, okay?」

    「It's a request from Missy. I will do everything I can to stock up.」

    I asked Jeremo-san to stock up on rice and soy sauce when a boat came from the country of Harmony and Peace. I also asked him to buy rare products you normally couldn't get your hands on. It was possible that I would get my hands on some incredible things.

    I gave him money, of course.

    I really wanted to go to the country of Harmony and Peace one day.

    「Don't get angry if I stock up on useless things, okay?」

    「I won't get angry. You should only use money after consulting with me first, though.」

    「I am a Commerce Guild employee, you know.」

    「You're more than just that, you're the guild master!」

    「Don't say that. I really think it's strange for me to become the guild master.」

    「You have to get it together, so you won't trouble us.」

    Mylene-san, who was listening in on the conversation, encouraged him.

    「Yes, I will do my best.」

    Jeremo-san bowed.

    He seemed to have some feelings for Mylene-san, but the other party was Mylene-san...

    Well, I didn't know much about love affairs, so I shouldn't butt in.

    「Also, if they tell you where the country of Harmony and Peace is, make sure to remember it.」

    Yes, none of the residents knew the exact location of the country of Harmony and Peace.

    Of course, there were no sea charts or compasses in the city. It seemed that they just did some trade with the ships that came every now and then.

    If I knew when a ship would come, I would negotiate with them personally, but since it came irregularly, there was no helping it. Not to mention, there was also the Kraken issue. Jeremo-san told me it was possible that they wouldn't come anymore.

    If that turned out to be true, I would have to look for it myself.

    Would the King know about it?

    The previous guild master might know about it, but I didn't want to visit someone who would be executed soon.

    I put the case on hold, gave my goodbyes to the elders, and then we departed.

    When we got out of the city, I summoned Swaying Bear and Hugging Bear, and we headed for the tunnel.

    As we were moving towards the tunnel, we came across a fence that surrounded the Ryokan-style Bear House.

    「When we went to see the tunnel yesterday, I was shocked to see that you had made something so big.」

    It seemed that he had come across it when he went to see the tunnel with the residents.

    They must have been really shocked when they saw it.

    「I did say I would make it, didn't I?」

    「I didn't think you would make something this big!」

    「I had to make it big, because I want to bring the children from the orphanage here to visit.」

    「Yuna-chan, let me stay at your place the next time I come here, okay?」

    Mylene-san, who was riding Swaying Bear with me, said. I accepted, of course.

    Our Bear riding party arrived at the tunnel, where the Bear Statues could be seen at the entrance. It was a bit late to say this, but strangers would think that they were normal bears, right? Nobody would link the Bear Statues to me, right? Hoping that wouldn't be the case, I cast Bear Light and entered the tunnel.

    The Bear Light illuminated the tunnel, and Hugging Bear and Swaying Bear ran towards the exit.

    We encountered goblins inside, but I defeated them quickly, and we soon came out on the other side.

    「We shouldn't take too long or monsters will settle here, huh.」

    「A big cave like this makes the perfect home for monsters, after all.」

    「We will have to dispatch adventurers to kill the surrounding monsters first. If we don't, the workers would be in danger.」

    「We will have to investigate the monsters around here before dispatching the adventurers, right?」

    「If we go to the Adventurer's Guild, we should be able to learn about them.」

    He was right, the Adventurer's Guild should have information about monsters in the area.

    I burned the goblin corpses so that the other monsters wouldn't approach the tunnel. Then, right when I wanted to head to Crimonia, Cliff stopped me.

    「Wait. Yuna, you didn't forget, right?」

    He had a really unpleasant smile.

    It was exactly because I didn't forget, that I wanted to leave quickly, though...

    「Make the statues before we head back to Crimonia.」

    「Wouldn't next time be good as well?」

    「When is this next time? I bet you just don't plan on making it.」

    「That's not...」

    I had hoped he would have forgotten about it, but he remembered it...

    「Your eyes are swimming, you know! It officially became the Bear Tunnel, so the Bear Statues are needed. Otherwise, I will just make a statue of you here, if you prefer.」

    「Yuna-chan, you should give up. When Cliff is like this, he won't let it pass. I also want to see Yuna-chan's statue.」


    I wasn't able to escape when they put it like that.

    Since I had no other choice, I got down from Swaying Bear and made Swaying Bear and Hugging Bear statues, one on each side of the tunnel's entrance. The only thing that somewhat relieved me was that it wasn't a sculpture of me. If Cliff made a sculpture of me, I wouldn't be able to use this tunnel ever again, making me unable to go to Mireera.

    When I made the statues, Swaying Bear and Hugging Bear seemed happy. Were they happy to have statues of themselves made?

    After I made the statues quickly, we once again departed towards Crimonia.

    When we arrived at the town, the two of them returned to their respective workplaces.

    Cliff went to the Feudal Lord's house and Mylene-san went to the Commerce Guild.

    I headed to Bear-san's Relaxing Shop to have a meal.

    I was the only one who had no work, so I was able to take it easy. Well, I had things to do, but they weren't pressing matters, so I could start doing them tomorrow.

    I said the words that any unmotivated person would say.

    I will do it tomorrow. I will do my best tomorrow.

    They were beautiful words.

    I believed that if I could do it tomorrow, I should do it tomorrow.

    I didn't have to force myself to do it today.

    As I was walking towards Bear-san's Relaxing Shop, I repeated those excuses to myself.

    I went to the Commerce Guild the next day.

    I was looking for Mylene-san, but I couldn't find her.

    「Excuse me, Kuma-san?」


    When I looked for the source of this strange way of calling me, I saw a young female employee.

    「No, Yuna-san. Are you looking for the guild master, Mylene-san?」

    She called me Kuma-san just now, right? Not like I could say anything when I had responded to it, though...

    「Yes, is she here?」

    「She's not. It seems that she's not well. She didn't go to sleep yesterday, and just locked herself in her room.」

    This meant that she had been working since she came back yesterday.

    She had it rough. I was personally feeling great, since I slept well.

    「I wanted to talk to her about a plot of land, though.」

    「A plot of land, is it? If you are okay with me, you can talk to me about it.」

    Hmm, what should I do?

    Other employees were okay too, but...

    「Yuna-chan, what is it?」

    「Guild master!?」

    Mylene-san walked towards us.

    「I had a little favor to ask of you, Mylene-san.」

    「Of me?」

    「I'm running a shop now, you know.」

    「Yes, the Bear's Rest, right?」

    「I would like to purchase some land in its vicinity.」

    「Ah, for the fishmonger, right?」

    「That's not exactly it, but...」

    「If I remember correctly, there are some vacant plots and houses, but will you really make it?」

    「Even if Anzu doesn't come, Deiga-san promised to introduce me to some other people, after all.」

    「Hmm, you can purchase it, but, Yuna-chan, do you really understand? There aren't any skilled people who would do it for free, you know.」

    I didn't really plan on making them do it for free, though.

    I made the tunnel so I could have seafood in Crimonia, and making the restaurant was so that I could eat seafood whenever I wanted. It was all for my own sake.

    「Riana, please sell her a plot of land near [Bear-san's Relaxing Shop] at half price.」

    Mylene-san said something unbelievable.

    「Guild Master! You sure that's all right?」

    「You sure?」

    The employee and I asked the same question.

    「Compared to the profits Yuna-chan brought to Crimonia this time, it's an insignificant. Yuna-chan has only eyes for seafood, but you see, Cliff and I believe that salt is the most significant thing that will be brought over.」


    「We stocked up on rock salt before, but now that the sea is near us, we will have access to large quantities of salt for a cheap price. We will also be able to sell it to other towns and villages. You see, this tunnel is even more incredible than you believe, Yuna-chan. That's why, you don't have to worry about something like a simple plot of land. We still have to put up a front though, so we can't just give it for free.」

    Mylene-san was tired, but she was still smiling.

    Certainly, salt was an important resource in any world. It was more valuable than sugar.

    I purchased salt normally, so I didn't really notice before. As expected of the Commerce Guild's master and the Feudal Lord, they had a different point of view from someone like me.

    I just did what I wanted, but the two of them took action while thinking about the town's benefits.

    「Riana, I'm counting on you then.」

    「What about guild master?」

    「My stomach is empty, so I will eat a meal at the Bear's Rest.」

    She waved her hand and left the guild.

    「Yuna-san, this way, please.」

    Riana showed me every plot of land around the [Bear-san's Relaxing Shop] and I decided to buy all of them. Was it okay for me to buy them so cheaply?

    If it wasn't, I would give them back.

    「All of them!?」

    「Yes, it's troublesome to buy them piece by piece, and I don't want other people to buy any. Also, is it possible to sell the plot where I'm living right now?」

    「You plan on moving?」

    「I plan on building my home near the shop, so that it will be easier to go there.」

    「I understand. Then, I will buy the plot of land where Yuna-san is living. Please move out before the end of this month.」


    I bought the land and left the guild.

    I arrived near the Bear-san's Relaxing Shop.

    A large vacant house was right next to it. It was a bit smaller than the shop.

    I would just have to rearrange this, huh?

    On the first floor, I removed the inside walls, changing it into one room. The kitchen was a bit small, so I made it bigger. A pantry was next to the kitchen. The size should be sufficient, I think? If it wasn't, I would just have to enlarge it later.

    I would have to discuss about the tables and the interior design with Anzu when she came. By then, things should have also calmed down for Mylene-san, so it might be good to talk to her as well.

    I left the second floor as it was.

    Even if Anzu wouldn't live here, we could use it as a resting room.

    I left the house.

    No one had been living here, so the overgrowth was awful.

    Like last time, I cleaned it up using magic, and remade the cracked walls so that they became nice and clean. A restaurant's appearance was really important, after all.

    I was done after that, probably.

    Still, was it just my impression that it looked lonely?

    I looked at the Bear-san's Relaxing Shop. There were Bears there.

    I looked at the restaurant. There were no Bears here.

    Anzu might hate bears.

    I had to take her wishes into account, so I decided to not make them here.
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