Chapter 114 - Bear-san And The Two Children Take a Stroll, Part 1

    Bear-san And The Two Children Take a Stroll, Part 1

    We left the inn and were walking on the streets when we met a familiar harem party.

    「Yuna-chan! You came back?」

    In the front was the thoughtful Tomea-san, and behind her were the harem party leader Blitz, the tiny Ran and the female swordsman Grimos.

    「You were all still here?」

    I thought that they would have left the city after they brought the food.

    「Yeah, the guild master asked us to stay and kill the monsters in the area.」

    Blitz answered.

    「More importantly, is it true that you subjugated the Kraken? I can't believe it.」

    「Blitz, you are too skeptical. Everyone in the city is talking about it, so it has to be true.」

    「But it's the Kraken, you know. How could someone kill that monster on their own?」

    「That's right, but Yuna-chan completely ignores common sense, so wouldn't she be able to do it?」

    「You don't have to believe it. It's better for me if you don't.」

    「I believe it.」

    「Well, since the residents are saying so, I think you did it?」

    Ran agreed with Tomea-san.

    「The residents have no reasons to lie.」

    Grimos shared her thoughts as well.

    「And there's also the tunnel, right? I think that you are all strange for believing it.」

    Blitz was the only one thinking logically.

    「But Blitz, you've seen the tunnel too, haven't you?」

    「I saw it, but it's also possible it was already there to begin with.」

    「There's no way we had such a beautiful tunnel before, right?」

    She looked at Blitz as if saying: 'Are you an idiot?'

    「Still, thinking about it logically...」

    「Did Yuna-chan seem normal to you when she was arresting the bandits?」

    「She didn't.」

    Weren't they saying some terrible things?

    「Also, the residents are saying that she subjugated the Kraken, so wouldn't something like a tunnel be normal for her?」

    「Is it really normal?」

    It seemed that Blitz still couldn't accept it.

    「So, what are you doing here? Didn't you go back to Crimonia?」

    「I came here to play with these two.」

    I introduced Fina and Shuri.

    They gave their greetings and bowed.

    「They're cute children.」

    「So Blitz, will you guys stay here until the city's renovation is finished?」

    「Nope, we thought of going to Crimonia when the tunnel is opened.」


    「Since you made the tunnel, there's no way we wouldn't use it, right?」

    Tomea-san confirmed what Blitz said.

    「If you come to Crimonia, I will treat you to a meal at the very least.」

    I gave them the name of the shop, and we parted ways.

    It seemed that the four of them were heading out to kill monsters.

    After we parted ways, I decided to show Fina and Shuri around the city.

    「Amazing. There are so many boats!」

    「It's a boat!」

    When we arrived at the harbour, they were happily looking at the boats.

    A lot of boats were anchored here.

    They didn't say it, but it seemed like they wanted to ride one.

    Still, as one would expect, I didn't have a boat, so I couldn't let them ride one.

    As we were walking through the harbour, I recognized two people.

    「Ranya-san, Damon-san. It's been a while.」


    「Yuna, you say!?」

    「It's been a while.」

    「What happened? Do you need more fish?」

    「Nope. I'm showing the sea and the boats to these two.」

    「You brought these two small children from Crimonia?」

    「That's right.」

    Damon-san seemed depressed.

    「We thought we would die on our way to Crimonia, but you brought them here just to play. That's...」

    「You can easily come here through the tunnel, you know.」

    「You may be right, but I just can't agree with that somehow.」

    「What are you saying. Yuna-chan saved us and the city. Why are you complaining now?」

    Ranya-san smacked him.

    「So, what are you two doing here?」

    「Oh, we are doing maintenance of our boat. If we didn't take care of it properly and it broke when we needed it, we would be in trouble after all.」

    While we were talking, Fina and Shuri were looking at the boat as if it was something they had never seen before.

    「Hmm, young ladies, would you like to ride it?」


    「I want to, but...」

    The two said, holding back.

    A boat, huh. Now that I thought about it, I had never ridden one either.

    I rode them in MMORPG games though.

    「Then how about getting on?」

    「「Is it okay?」」

    For some reason, they looked at me and not Damon-san.

    「Do you want to?」

    「I want to, but...」

    「I'm a bit scared.」

    Now that I thought about it, this was their first time riding a boat since they had never even seen the sea before. They might be interested, but they were also scared.

    「Damon-san, sail carefully, okay?」

    「Yes, of course. There's no way I would put yours friends in danger, right?」

    「It's safe, you two, so please ride it.」

    「What about you, Big Sis Yuna?」

    「I'll wait.」

    「I want Sis Yuna to come too!」

    Shuri grasped my Bear Clothes with her tiny hand and looked up at me.

    I couldn't refuse when she was like this.

    So it was decided that we would ride Damon-san's boat together.

    We got on Damon-san's boat and sailed out onto the sea.

    「If you two feel sick, tell me immediately, okay?」


    The two of them were confused.

    Since they had never been on a boat before, I didn't think that they would understand even if I told them what seasickness was, so that was all I said.

    Yet, despite my worries, they were happily enjoying their boat ride on the sea.

    It seemed that the waves weren't too high. They got excited each time the boat swayed.

    I didn't feel sick either. Was it thanks to the Bear?

    「Damon-san, thank you very much.」

    「No problem, just tell me when you want a ride.」

    We thanked Damon-san and left the harbour.

    「Was it fun, you two?」

    「Yes! It was so much fun.」

    「Boat was fun!」

    They really seemed like they had fun. I was sure that there were no lies in their words.

    Just as we were leaving the harbour, we found a woman wearing clothes that emphasized her chest waiting for us.


    「It's been a while, Yuna.」

    「What are you doing here?」

    「Don't ask me what I am doing here. If you came to the city, why didn't you come to my place?」

    「Hmm, because I had nothing to do over there?」


    Atora-san glared at me.

    「I'm joking. I planned to go over there now.」

    That was a lie of course. I didn't plan on going there.


    She looked at me doubtfully.

    「Yes, of course.」

    I answered while shifting my gaze subtly.

    「Well, alright. So, Yuna, why did you come here?」

    「I came here just to play.」

    「To play, you say... There's nothing interesting in this city, right?」

    「There are plenty of things. Fish dishes, bamboo sprouts, the sea, the boats, and the beach. You two, it was fun, right?」

    「Yes, it was really fun.」

    「It was fun!」

    「Is that so? Somehow, there was something I don't know mixed in, but if you had fun, I'm happy. So, who are these children?」

    「The children of someone I'm indebted to in Crimonia, I could say?」

    Fina would get mad if I introduced her as my life saviour, so this time I introduced them like that.

    「That's wrong! We are the ones indebted to you, Big Sis Yuna!」

    「Mom told me that we can eat delicious food thanks to Sis Yuna.」

    They denied my introduction.


    「Why are you laughing?」

    「That's because I can imagine what you did for these children. I bet you saved their family and didn't even request a reward, right?」

    「Amazing. How did you know?」

    Fina confirmed Atora-san's theory.

    「That's because Yuna did the same thing for this city.」

    「I can understand then.」

    How come they all came to an understanding from this conversation?

    Didn't that make me a simple character who could be described with just a phrase?

    I wanted to correct them, but they were happily talking about me.

    「She always says [Don't worry about it.], right?」

    「Yes, she says that.」

    「She says...」

    Why were they so excited?

    「Also, even though we are not allowed to give our thanks, for some reason, Yuna helps us even more.」

    「Yes, I understand!」


    Did Shuri really understand it? It felt like she was just imitating her sister though.

    「Hmm, how long are you going to keep talking like this?」

    「Ah, I'm sorry.」



    They apologized.

    「So, what will the three of you do now?」

    「I wanted to go and greet Atora-san, but since we already saw each other here, I thought about sightseeing the city.」

    I didn't really plan to meet Atora-san, but I really wanted to walk around the city.

    「Then, should I accompany you?」

    「Are you free?」

    「You could say that. Cliff-sama dispatched adventurers from Crimonia to kill all of the monsters in the area, and it's going well. Also, Blitz's party came back, and they will be staying here for a while, it seems. All of this is also thanks to you, Yuna.」

    「I didn't do anything. The ones who did are Cliff and Mylene-san.」

    「The only one who thinks that is you.」

    Atora-san said, smiling, as she took Fina and Shuri's hands and started walking.

    I didn't agree with her, but I still followed along.
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