Chapter 130 – Bear-san Takes Anzu To The Orphanage

    Chapter 130 - Bear-san Takes Anzu To The Orphanage

    The next day, I was waiting for Terumi-san at my home.

    「Good morning. Am I late?」

    「No, you are right on time. Well then, I will be counting on you today.」

    Yesterday, I told Terumi-san that Anzu had came to Crimonia, and asked her to accompany me today. I was worried that she would refuse because of her job, but she gladly accepted.

    「What about the eggs?」

    「It's okay. My daughters are helping, and Liz is there, too. It might take them a while, but they will do it properly, so no need to worry.」

    It was fine, then. I was always relying on Terumi-san for practically everything work related.

    We went to the dorm and found all the women there, relaxing on the first floor.

    「Ah, Yuna-san, good morning.」

    Anzu, who was sitting on a chair and having a drink, noticed us entering.

    It didn't take long for the other girls to notice and greet us, too.

    「Did you sleep well?」

    「Yes, I slept like a log. The bed is great and really soft.」

    「Yuna-chan, can we really use these rooms?」

    「And not be charged for using them?」

    「Even though you told us we will also get a wage...」

    「Are we possibly going to be doing some strange jobs or something else like that?」

    They all intently looked at me.

    「I will properly pay you, and you won't be working any strange jobs. We will properly discuss your salary and what you will be doing soon, so please don't worry about it. You are also free to refuse if you don't want to do it.」

    Well, there was a saying that fits this situation very well. 'Some things are too good to be true.' It was normal for them to be worried.

    I also didn't really know how employees were treated in this world.

    I once overheard that an apprentice was given food, clothing, and shelter, but no wages.

    It probably depended on the employer, but I would definitely pay them wages.

    「So, Yuna-san, who is this person?」

    When Anzu asked who Terumi-san was, I told her that she was the mother of Fina and Shuri, whom she had met in Mireera, and that she helped me with the store, mainly anything related to finance.

    I then introduced everyone else, starting from the oldest, Nifu-san, and ending with Anzu.

    With introductions out of the way, we sat down and started to talk about the future.

    「Well then, I will summarize your jobs, okay? If you have any questions, don't be afraid to ask.」

    I proceeded to briefly explain their jobs.

    Anzu would be in charge of the restaurant and its menu while the others would help both at the restaurant and at the orphanage.

    Some children would be sent to help the restaurant, too.

    There would be six work days a week and one day off; the same as the [Bear-san's Relaxing Shop].

    「I'm in charge......」

    「You don't have to worry; Terumi-san and I will help you, too.」

    I added my name, but it would be mostly Terumi-san who would help them.

    Next to me, Terumi-san showed a bitter smile. Had she read my mind?

    「Anzu, you just have to make food the way Deiga-san does.」

    「...I will do my best.」

    She said with a small nod.

    「Anzu-chan, when you make the menu, you should also make a list of the ingredients and their amounts, so we can discuss the selling prices with them in mind.」


    Anzu answered with an earnest expression.

    「Hmm, I want to check out the ingredients myself, so could you tell me where the shops are?」

    「Sure thing. I will take you to my recommended meat and vegetable sellers after this.」

    Anzu thanked Terumi-san.

    「I just have to follow Anzu-chan's orders, right?」

    「Yeah, I plan on leaving everything to Anzu.」

    「Ugh, I have so much work...」

    「Anzu-chan, if you need help with anything, just tell us. We will do our best to help you.」


    Anzu happily looked at her seniors.

    After that, we moved on to the salary, and the use of the dormitory and the restaurant.

    Nobody complained about the salary Terumi-san suggested.

    On the contrary, they were even saying things like: "Is it really okay to receive that much?"

    「Anzu, don't regret agreeing to this amount later, okay?」

    「Wh-why would you say such a thing?」

    「Anzu, you, who inherited Deiga-san's cuisine, are more amazing than you think. You should be more aware of your skills, you know.」

    She should have a lot of customers, I imagined.

    Well, on the other hand, I might be wrong, and nobody would come.

    Still, Anzu had been taught by Deiga-san, who made very delicious meals, so I didn't think that could really happen.

    It might just take a while for the news to spread.

    「My father's cooking is delicious, indeed, but my skills aren't there yet...」

    「The meals you had prepared were delicious enough, you know. You should be more confident in yourself.」

    「Th-thank you very much. I will do my best.」

    「That's why, even if it gets really busy, your salary won't increase, okay?」

    「I-I understand.」

    I told Anzu her salary wouldn't increase, but I was still planning on increasing it if the number of customers got high. We had to increase the funds for Anzu's marriage, after all.

    It wouldn't matter whom she married since she wouldn't be troubled over money.

    After we finished discussing things about the restaurant, we went on to talk about the orphanage.

    I told them that some of the children were raising cluckers while others were helping at the bakery.

    「So, Yuna-san, what will we be doing at the orphanage?」

    「Will we help taking care of the birds?」

    Nifu-san asked.

    「Well, basically, you will be taking care of the youngest children. With the number of children increasing, it has become really difficult for the headmistress to take care of them by herself. You will take care of the babies and other children up to six years old; I normally just call them the youngest group.」

    「We just have to take care of the children?」

    「We will have to discuss it with the headmistress and the other person in charge first, but yeah.」

    It wouldn't be good if I was the only one deciding; we had to discuss it with the people who were actually working there, or we could trouble them.

    「I would also like for you to help them with their studies; reading and writing, and simple math.」

    Terumi-san said.

    She was right; it was very important for the children to study.

    The children were already studying during their free time, but with their increasing numbers, there just weren't enough people to help them all.

    If they couldn't read or write, they could be tricked by some written contract.

    If they couldn't count, they could be tricked during a transaction.

    For any kind of job the orphans wanted to have in the future, they would need those basic skills.

    The conversation carried on, and we decided to all go to the orphanage to meet the headmistress and the children before going to the restaurant.

    It would soon be time for lunch. At this hour, only the headmistress and the youngest group would be at the orphanage, but soon the children taking care of the cluckers would come back to have lunch. I wanted for us to meet before that.

    We entered the orphanage, and found the headmistress and the youngest group in the living room.

    The headmistress was surrounded by children and reading them a picture book.

    「Yuna-san, welcome.」

    「Headmistress, good morning.」

    The children noticed me and rushed over.

    They clung to my tummy, arms, and legs.

    If I didn't have the Bear Equipement, I would have been pushed down, but thanks to it, I was able to properly catch all the children.

    Nifu-san looked at the children with a warm gaze.

    「Why do you come here today? Also, who might the people behind you be?」

    I briefly introduced everyone, then told Headmistress all about the restaurant and the dormitory next door.

    「I also asked them to help at the orphanage in addition to helping at the restaurant.」

    「You did?」

    The headmistress's voice rose a bit in surprise.

    「Since the number of children increased, it has became difficult for you, right? Liz-san is also having a hard time just by managing the children who are taking care of the cluckers.」

    「I'm thankful for your concern, but we're okay. The children are all well behaved, and since Terumi-san and Yuna-san are helping us, I don't think of it as difficult.」

    Even though she said that, I was able to see that it was indeed difficult.

    The difficulties might have changed from when I first came here, but that didn't mean it had gotten any easier. Honestly, the only thing Terumi-san and I had done was give work to the children.

    「We would be troubled if you collapsed, Headmistress. That's why you have no right to refuse our help!」

    「The headmistress will collapse?」


    The moment I mentioned Headmistress collapsing, the children, who were still clinging to me, rushed to her and grabbed her clothes or clinged to her arms in worry.

    Headmistress, who was just rushed at by all the children, didn't waver a bit and received the children properly.

    She might be stronger than me, even without the Bear Clothes...

    「Don't worry. I won't collapse.」

    The headmistress, seemingly troubled, patted their heads in order to soothe them.

    It was a really heartwarming sight, worthy of putting a smile on my face.

    「Headmistress, for the sake of the children's smiles, you mustn't collapse. I will help you so that it won't happen.」

    「Yuna-san... Thank you very much.」

    Headmistress accepted, so I tried to leave before the clucker group came back, but the women started to talk with Headmistress and play with the children.

    Were they possibly reminiscing about their own deceased children?

    Only Anzu stayed by my side, not knowing what to do.

    It was almost lunch time, so the children in charge of cooking should be coming back soon; the moment I thought about that, the door opened, and Liz-san and a few children entered.

    「Yuna-san and Terumi-san?」

    Liz-san looked at us, surprised.

    「Good work, Liz. How did it go?」

    Terumi-san asked about their work.

    「We properly delivered the eggs to the guild.」

    「Thank you.」

    「It's okay. Why are the two of you here, though? Also, who are these people?」

    The children who came looked at the women who were playing.

    I explained the same way as I explained to Headmistress.


    「It's been difficult on you and Headmistress, Liz-san.」

    「It's difficult, but thinking back on how it was before Yuna-san helped us, it's not really that difficult at all. Back then, it was very difficult to even live. We didn't have any food, and even though we did our best, we were hardly able to procure any at all. But it's different now. It's still difficult, but if we do our best, we can procure food and feed the children. It's all thanks to Yuna-san, that we can have a delicious meal every day. That's why we can do our best even though it's difficult.」

    Liz-san's thoughts were similar to Headmistress's.

    Really, these two... It would be very troublesome if they collapsed, but they didn't realize it at all.

    Well, the children were all well behaved, but there were still a lot of them, so Headmistress and Liz had a hard time taking care of them all.

    「Well then, we will go and prepare lunch. Will you eat here?」

    I looked around the room.

    The women were happily playing with the children.

    We wouldn't be able to leave like this...

    「Can we?」

    「Yes, I will prepare enough for everyone.」

    Liz-san started to head to the kitchen with the children.

    「Excuse me. Can I help you, too, please?.」

    Anzu requested.

    「Hmm, you are?」

    「I'm Anzu, and I will be working at Yuna-san's place from now on. I can't take care of children, but I can cook!」

    Liz-san looked at me with a troubled expression.

    She was probably thinking something like: "Is it really okay to ask a guest to cook for us? Can't I just refuse her?"

    「Anzu, we have a lot of people who will eat dinner, so can you please help Liz-san?」


    When I said that, Liz-san smiled at Anzu.

    「I'm counting on you then, Anzu-san.」

    Anzu happily went to the kitchen with Liz-san.

    Terumi-san and I decided to stay in the living room and play with the children until the food was ready.

    The children were all full of energy. I was sure that without the Bear equipment, I wouldn't be able to keep up with them for more than a few minutes.

    Headmistress and Liz-san were really incredible for dealing with them everyday; it would be impossible for me.

    It wasn't long before a delicious smell drifted from the kitchen and the children taking care of the cluckers returned.

    Soon, the meals prepared by Anzu were lined up on the table, and we all ate them together.
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