Kuma Short Stories 4

    Fourth Short Story - Going To The Capital - Fina's Perspective (Commemoration Of The Fifth Volume Release)

    Author's note:

    This one is to commemorate the 5th volume release.

    It had been decided that I would be going to the capital with Big Sis Yuna; it was my first time going there. I was a bit anxious but was also looking forward to it. Yet, those feelings soon changed due to a terrible pressure.

    I was told that the one who would be coming to the capital with us was none other than the Daughter-san of the Feudal Lord of this town, Noire-sama.

    The moment Big Sis Yuna told me, I was assaulted by fear.

    Would I be killed if I was impolite? If I had known that Noire-sama would be coming with us, I would have refused from the start. Even though Big Sis Yuna said she was a good girl, I was really worried.

    We were now heading to the Feudal Lord-sama's mansion. I wanted to return to my house, but I couldn't simply run away.

    Still, even though I would feel bad for Big Sis Yuna, I would return home immediately if Noire-sama said that she didn't want to go with me.

    As we approached the Feudal Lord-sama's house, I was able to see a girl with beautiful blonde hair from far away; it was Noire-sama. She was waiting in front of the door, letting out an imposing aura.

    Was she angry because I was here?

    When we got closer, it became clear that she was indeed incredibly angry as she was looking at me with burning eyes.

    I'm really sorry; I will go back now, so please forgive me.

    I hid behind Big Sis Yuna, who asked Noire-sama why she was angry. It was because I was here, of course! Or so I thought, but I seemed to be wrong; Noire-sama was really looking forward to going to the capital, so she had waited for us for a really long time.

    I thought that it wasn't Big Sis Yuna's fault, though.

    Big Sis Yuna asked Noire-sama for permission for me to come with them. After Noire-sama fixedly looked at me for a while, she accepted, then pointed her hand at me and declared something that surprised me.

    「I won't hand over the Bear-san!」

    It seemed that she wanted to monopolize Swaying Bear and Hugging Bear, yet Big Sis Yuna asked the two of us to ride the Bear-san together. Noire-sama pointed her finger at me again.

    「I won't give up the front!」

    Ugh, she was so scary.

    Without me daring to oppose her, it was decided that Noire-sama would ride in the front of Swaying Bear, and I would ride in the back.

    I tried talking to Noire-sama, and found out she actually was really kind. She didn't look down on me even though she knew that I was just a commoner. We were getting along really well, talking about the Bear-sans. She happily told me about her round trip with the bears around her mansion and that she slept with Swaying Bear and Hugging Bear afterwards.

    I was really worried about how it would go at first, but I now thought that it would be a really fun trip.

    Yet, it didn't feel like a trip at all since we didn't sleep outdoors.

    Thanks to Big Sis Yuna's Bear-san house, we were able to sleep safely inside warm beds. The food was also warm, like it had just been made. The most incredible thing, though, was that we were able to take baths. Being able to take baths during a trip, what sort of Noble-samas were we? Did such luxurious trips even exist, elsewhere?

    I heard a lot about trips from adventurers at the Adventurer's Guild, but they never mentioned a comfortable trip like this. They only ate simple food and had to keep guard at night. It was impossible to take baths, of course, and they didn't sleep in comfortable beds.

    Yet, we didn't have to keep watch at night, and we slept in warm beds; Big Sis Yuna was really amazing.

    During the day, monsters didn't attack us thanks to Swaying Bear and Hugging Bear, so we were traveling completely safe. If I mentioned this to adventurers, they would be jealous for sure.

    Somewhere in the middle of this fun journey, Big Sis Yuna stopped the Bear-sans and said there were people being attacked by monsters in front of us. I couldn't see them, but since Big Sis Yuna was the one saying it, I was sure it was true.

    Big Sis Yuna asked Noire-sama what we should do; should we abandon them, or should we save them?

    If we were to go and save them, we would be exposed to danger, and it seemed Big Sis Yuna was worried about that.

    Noire-sama and Big Sis Yuna talked it over and decided to save them.

    Big Sis Yuna then started to run really fast, while we stayed on Swaying Bear and slowly moved forwards to see what was happening. From far away, I saw a carriage and a monster that looked somewhat like a big man near it.

    It was an orc; a monster stronger than a goblin, a monster that should be hard to defeat...

    or not.

    When Big Sis Yuna approached the carriage, the orc collapsed. Big Sis Yuna... What did you do to make him collapse so easily?

    「How did Yuna-san do that?」

    Noire-sama didn't seem to understand it, either.

    A few minutes after Big Sis Yuna went to help the carriage, all of the monsters were defeated. She must have defeated them all while I was still wondering what was going on; she really was incredible.

    Swaying Bear and Hugging Bear started walking towards the carriage; was it safe now?

    As we approached the carriage, an adventurer pointed her sword at us in surprise, but then put it down immediately.

    It seemed that the ones who had been attacked were a rich old man and a girl, both Noire-sama's acquaintances; Noire-sama seemed really happy to see them.

    The girl's name was Misa-sama, and the old man was Gran-sama. They were both nobles, so I became anxious again; Noire-sama was kind, but they might not be. I would have to mind how I spoke and acted; I should be okay as long as I didn't have to speak before we parted ways.

    Yet, my prayers didn't reach, as it was decided that we would travel to the capital together.

    I became even more anxious, but there was no way I could have said that I didn't want to travel with them. I really hoped they were good people...

    Traveling with them brought inconvenience, as we couldn't use Bear-san House. Big Sis Yuna said she couldn't use it in front of other people; Noire-sama and I were exceptions.

    I felt happy when she said that.

    It was unfortunate that we couldn't use the bath or the beds, but that was how trips should normally be, so I didn't say anything selfish.

    Noire-sama now rode in the carriage with Misa-sama, so I was now the only one riding Swaying Bear. My happiness must have shown on my face, because Noire-sama said,「I will hand over the Bear-san this time, but that is still my reserved seat, okay!?」

    I had to be more careful in the future.

    Since we had to keep pace with the the carriage, Swaying Bear and Hugging Bear had to walk slowly. Big Sis Yuna seemed a bit irritated by our slow pace then fell asleep on top of Hugging Bear. Oh right, sleeping on Swaying Bear felt really good. He was really fluffy and warm, and when I embraced him, I instantly became sleepy.

    As I was embracing Swaying Bear, Noire-sama jealously looked at us from the carriage; I really had to control my facial expressions better. He was so fluffy, though, and my expression was on the brink of loosening up.

    The night arrived, and since we couldn't use the Bear-san House, we had to sleep outside. I thought it would be cold sleeping outside, but I was sleeping with Big Sis Yuna and Hugging Bear, so it was not cold at all. Hugging Bear was really fluffy and warm while Big Sis Yuna was really soft and comfortable; I was really happy.

    Noire-sama and Misa-sama were both sleeping with Swaying Bear, and thanks to that, Noire-sama didn't end up being jealous of me this time.

    I spoke with Misa-sama the following day, and learned that she was a kind person, too. We excitedly talked about Swaying Bear and Hugging Bear; Noire-sama seemed to have already told her all about Bear-sans' greatness. Misa-sama told me that she also came to like Bear-sans when she slept with Swaying Bear.

    Big Sis Yuna overheard our conversation and warned us,「If a real bear appears, you shouldn't approach it, okay?」

    I had never seen any Bear-sans other than Swaying Bear and Hugging Bear, but they were normally scary, right? Looking at Big Sis Yuna's Bear-sans, they didn't seem to be like that at all; they even allowed us to ride them. They were really gentle and good Bear-sans.

    Nothing happened after we encountered the orcs, and another day came to an end safely.

    We slept the same way as we did yesterday, but in the middle of the night, I was shaken awake by Marina-san, one of the adventurers who traveled with us.

    Had something happened?

    Big Sis Yuna, who was supposed to be sleeping next to me, wasn't there. Marina-san told me that Bandit-sans had appeared and that Big Sis Yuna had went to subjugate them on her own.

    Big Sis Yuna told her,「You should let the others sleep,」 but Marina-san couldn't just do that and decided to wake everyone up. She then asked us to prepare everything we needed so we could leave at any moment.

    We all put away our blankets and sorted our luggage, and were prepared to run away at anytime. Marina-san asked Gran-sama what we should do; did that mean she was thinking of abandoning Big Sis Yuna and fleeing?

    As Gran-sama thought about what to do, we heard a sound.

    As I wondered what the sound was and who made it, Marina-san and the other adventurers took their weapons out.

    A big black shadow slowly approached us, and when it got closer, we saw that it was a giant Bear-san dragging a huge cage with Bandit-sans inside.

    Big Sis Yuna captured Bandit-sans on her own, it seemed. The fact that she captured them was incredible, but we all hesitated on what we should ask about first: the cage or the giant Bear-san.

    Big Sis Yuna simply said,「I made it with a bit of magic.」

    She told us that she first captured Bandit-sans with magic, and then used some more magic to make the huge Bear-san; we were all so amazed we couldn't even say a thing.

    I didn't know a lot about magic, but I thought her doing all that on her own was strange.

    While we were all still speechless, Big Sis Yuna said,

    「Well then, we should go back to sleep.」

    We all had the same thought: 「There is no way I can go back to sleep after this.」

    Big Sis Yuna's suggestion was refused, and we departed in the middle of the night.

    There were no problems from then on, and we safely arrived at the capital.

    We were all happy, but Bandit-sans were not in that good of a shape.

    Bandit-sans were brought to the capital without even being fed once as the others believed that we could have been killed or even worse if it was not for Big Sis Yuna, and they didn't know what would have happened if Bandit-sans were full of energy because they were well fed, so they told me not to feed or approach them, even though I was feeling sorry for them.

    Bandit-sans asked me for food, but I couldn't give them any since Big Sis Yuna was the one who was carrying all the food, and I wouldn't be able to give them any even if I wanted to.

    Bandit-sans were taken away by the guards at the entrance; they should be fed now, at least.

    We got back into Gran-sama's carriage and entered the capital; I really wondered what sort of place it was.

    Author's note:

    This was Fina's point of view of the trip to the capital.

    I would really appreciate if you all bought the 5th volume. Thank you in advance.
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