Chapter 137 – Bear-san Meets The Capital’s Deborane

    Chapter 137 - Bear-san Meets The Capital's Deborane

    TL note: Well, you will understand alias during the chap

    As I parted ways with Marcus and his party, who were headed to the forest, and turned to enter the guild, I noticed Sanya-san standing at the entrance.

    「I knew it would be you, Yuna-chan.」


    「People inside the guild were making a ruckus; all I could hear was bear, bear, and bear from everywhere, so I knew that they were talking about you.」

    「What are you talking about?」

    I didn't remember doing anything.

    She said it was noisy inside the guild... Of course there would be a commotion when I entered, but I hadn't even entered yet.

    「They were making a racket about how a bear arrived and was getting involved with the rookies at the entrance.」

    True, I was at the entrance, but were the rookies they were talking about Marcus and his party?

    Also, being involved meant that I was happily having a conversation with them, right?

    This was what could be called harmful rumors, right? Such rumors were really scary, weren't they?

    「There's a commotion in the guild, you said?」

    「Yeah. A person who knew you and a person who didn't had a big argument.」

    「...I can't really understand what you're talking about...」

    Why was there a quarrel between someone who knew me and someone who didn't?

    Could someone explain it to me using understandable Japanese, please!

    「A guild member who didn't know you was surprised by your clothes, while another who did was scared, making the one who didn't know you laugh at the scared one, which made the one who was laughed at angry, so an employee had to fetch me before it became an all out fight, and I had to hear them out and mediate the situation.」

    While I was talking with Marcus and his party, something like that was happening inside the guild?

    How mysterious.

    「So, why are you here, Yuna-chan? And with Fina-chan, too?」

    Fina greeted her with a bow.

    「A lot happened, you see. I have something to do at the Adventurer's Guild, so I came here now.」

    「A lot happened, huh?」

    She looked at me accusingly.

    「Just enter for now. If you stay here, you will cause trouble for other people.」

    I would prefer if you didn't treat others as if they were a calamity, please.

    Still, I did what she said and obediently entered the guild.

    「The bear entered!」

    「So this is the rumored bear?」

    「Why was everyone so scared of such a cute bear?」

    「You shouldn't believe rumors, huh.」


    「It's just a girl wearing cute bear clothes, right?」

    「And she's a child?」

    「She isn't just a cute girl.」

    I heard from the adventurers who were sitting at the entrance, but decided to ignore them.

    「So, the bear is here. Should we go and talk to her?」

    「You shouldn't involve yourself with her, you know!」

    「I don't want to fly into the sky...」

    「If you want to meddle with her, do it by yourself!」

    「What?... You guys are afraid as well?」

    「You don't know about it? The Bear Warnings?」

    「Bear Warnings?」

    「She's dangerous, so don't approach her.」

    「If you want to fly, I won't stop you, though.」

    Bear Warnings he said... Which mountain warning board did he take that from!?

    This is strange coming from me, but... I think that saying a cartoon-character costume was dangerous is a bit...

    Meanwhile, on the other side:

    「You shouldn't involve yourself with her! An adventurer who did so before was killed!」

    「I heard that he was eaten.」

    「You're wrong. He was minced, wasn't he?」

    「He was eaten after she minced him then?」

    Wasn't the discussion becoming strange, somehow?

    The worst thing I did was making them do some bungee jumping without a rope, you know!?

    Didn't they mix in a bit of Crimonia's story, too? If I remembered correctly, the first time I had come here, there had been an adventurer who had called me the Bloody Bear, right?

    Now that I thought about this, it wouldn't be strange for some of the people at the capital to know about what I had done to Deborane.

    I had punched his face until it had become all swollen, after all. That must have been how they had come to think that I had minced him, huh. Or wait, was it possible that some of the adventurers had been crushed while doing the bungee jumping?

    Still, eat them they said... I wasn't a real bear, you know...

    「You guys are being too noisy! Shut up!」

    Sanya-san shouted at the adventurers, making the guild quiet down.

    「Guild Master, who is this bear girl?」

    One of the adventurers asked Sanya-san.

    「Her name is Yuna. She might be wearing these kind of clothes, but she is a rank C adventurer.」

    She knew that I was rank C, because I had told her when I had met her the time I had went to see Princess Flora in the castle.

    「Rank C?」

    「That's a lie, right?」

    「That bear is rank C......」

    The guild, which had been made quiet just a second ago, became noisy again.

    Just like that, my personal information was spreading again...

    Well, it was just my rank, so it was okay, I guess.

    If my three sizes were being spread, I would kill them all, though.

    My three sizes>>>An adventurer's life.

    Its value was at least that much.

    「Guild Master, does that mean that if I win against this bear you will make me rank C?!」

    A man just like Deborane stood up and said that.

    I will call this man Deborane 2.0 from now on.

    「There's no way I would do that. Are you an idiot?」

    Sanya-san said bluntly.

    「But, there's no way I would believe that this Bear is rank C.」

    More than half of the adventurers in the guild nodded in agreement.

    Deborane 2.0 saw he had others on his side, so he decided to approach me.

    「Oi! Stop!」

    「Then, if I beat her too, I should become rank C as well.」

    「You guys should really stop.」

    「I will be the third one!」

    「You will die...」

    The opinions of the adventurers were splendidly divided in two.

    「Daju, if you take one more step towards Yuna-chan, I will be the one you will face.」

    Sanya-san called Deborane 2.0 by his actual name: Daju.

    So, his name wasn't Deborane 2.0....

    「Let me have a match with her, then. It's impossible for a little lass like her to be rank C when I'm rank D!」

    「Her strength is the real deal; you won't be able to win!」

    Sanya-san raised her voice a bit.

    「I won't know that until I try!」

    Deborane (Daju) responded by raising his voice, too.

    Somehow, this discussion was going in a weird direction.

    This was strange... Even though I only came here to hear about the mine... Why did it turn out like this?

    It must have been because of my clothes; I reached that conclusion instantly.

    I was getting irritated, so I spoke up.

    「Sanya-san, I accept this match.」


    「If I lose, make him rank C. In return, if I win, this man will have to do one thing for me.」

    「There's no way I can do something like that. There are proper rules for ranking up. If I yield here, the Adventurer's Guild will lose its credibility!」

    「Sanya-san, if...this man can win against me, he's strong enough to be rank C.」

    As long as I was wearing this Bear Cheat, I didn't think I could lose.

    「Or, do you think I could lose?」

    「Hmm, I understand what you mean. But, what will you make him do, Yuna-chan? I won't allow it if it's something unreasonable.」

    「I will just use him as my shield if something like this happens again, that's all.」


    「If other adventurers decide to involve themselves with me like this again, I will have him stand in front of me.」

    When I said that, Deborane (Daju) gave me a slight smile and nodded.

    「Okay. If other adventurers pick a fight with you, I will make mincemeat out of them.」

    「Alright. If there are people who won't be happy with the result of this match, they will be expelled from the guild. If you are okay with such conditions, I will officially accept this match as the guild master.」

    Sanya-san declared while sighing.

    Deborane (Daju) nodded in agreement.

    We proceeded to the practice ground at the back of the guild, accompanied by the adventurers who were inside the guild.

    Then, the match started.

    ...... A few minutes later:

    「Uhaaa...」「Please stop...」「I was wrong...」「Ugyaaah...」

    Deborane (Daju) flew into the air. It wasn't like he did it on his own accord; the moment the match started, I made him fly up by using wind magic under him.

    Deborane (Daju) let out a shriek and started to fall.

    The practice ground was so big that it was almost as if it had no roof.

    I caught Deborane (Daju) with an invisible cushion, and then, like he was on a trampoline, I made him fly up again.

    「Help me...」

    Yep. I looked at Deborane (Daju) flying. What a nice weather. If it wasn't for Deborane (Daju)'s screams, I might have wanted to take a nap.

    The adventurers who came to watch had their mouths wide open while looking at Deborane (Daju).

    「I beg you...」

    I brought out an Oren Juice from my Bear Box and drank it. I had walked around the capital all day, after all. I wasn't tired thanks to the Bear Equipment, but I was still thirsty.

    「I'll die...」

    「Want some too, Fina?」

    I asked Fina who was standing on the side.

    「Big Sis Yuna......」

    Fina looked at me with an exasperated expression.

    Why did she look at me with like that?

    「Hmm, Yuna-chan, shouldn't you stop soon?」

    Sanya-san asked me while looking at Deborane (Daju).

    「Huh? Well, I mean, the match isn't concluded yet, right? You didn't say a word about victory, so I kept going.」

    「Eh? It's my fault!?」

    Sanya-san looked at me dumbfoundedly.

    I mean, didn't a match continue until the referee said that it was finished?

    「Anyway, just stop it already. He already lost consciousness.」

    When I stopped my wind magic, Deborane (Daju) fell onto the floor, motionless.

    [There's no reaction. He's just like a corpse.]

    Stopping with the jokes, I launched water magic at his face; I had to hear the words of defeat from him.

    「You woke up?」

    「...You are...」

    「Do you accept defeat? Or, do you want to fight me one more time?」

    Deborane (Daju) looked around him, bowed his head, and declared his defeat in a whisper.

    「I lost. I won't pick a fight with you ever again. If there are people who will come to pick a fight with you, I will become your shield as best as I can.」

    Deborane (Daju) stood up, his steps staggering.

    「Guys, if you don't want to end up like me, don't fight the Bear. You should understand that she was going easy on me, right? If she didn't, I would have fallen from up high and died.」

    As if they understood it well, all of the adventurers nodded.

    「Well then, since this match is finished, you should all go back inside the guild.」

    Sanya-san said to everyone.

    「Sanya-san, what are you saying? There were two more, right? Two more adventurers who wanted to have a match with me, I mean. They already made a reservation, so we have to let them fight me.」

    「Yuna-chan, you're being somewhat scary.」

    In this case, two was better than one, and three was better than two.

    It would be better if I had more shields.

    「Hmm, who was it again? The adventurer over there?」

    I pointed at a random adventurer with my Bear-san Puppet.

    I didn't know which person it was, of course.

    The one I pointed shook his head with all of his strength.

    「Ahh, was it you, then?」

    I pointed at another random adventurer with my Bear-san Puppet.

    Just like before, the adventurer shook his head violently.

    「Yuna-chan, you should stop this. Don't you see that they have already learned their lesson? You guys shouldn't go against her. It's not just Daju, I won't have mercy on you guys either, okay?」

    When she said that, the adventurers fled the practice grounds.

    Deborane (Daju) approached me.

    「My name is Daju. Your magic is really incredible. If you have any trouble, just tell me.」

    After saying that, Daju left the practice grounds.

    「You should excuse him for this. He's stressed because he can't raise his rank. He has already reached the strength of rank C adventurer, but he simply has no luck.」

    Even if he was stressed, I was the one troubled when he came to pick a fight with me... Still, it was good publicity, so I was fine with it.

    With what happened previously and this time, I shouldn't be bothered when I came to the Adventurer's Guild next time, right?

    After all, there were a lot of adventurers at the capital, so there were a lot who thought of approaching me like Daju did.

    「Well then, Yuna-chan, I will hear what you have to say in my room.」

    We were getting to the real issue at last.

    Why was it that just because I had come here to hear about the mine, it had become something so big?

    Fina and I were led by Sanya-san to the Guild Master's room.

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    You should take care and save your documents.

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