Chapter 145 – Bear-san Dives Into The Mine

    Chapter 145 - Bear-san Dives Into The Mine, Part 5 - Iron Golem Part

    The adventurers started drinking, so I promptly fled to my room.

    There was nothing worse than drunkards.

    I couldn't talk to them normally, and they even picked fights with me, which made them really annoying.

    No matter which inn I stayed at, this happened every time.

    It was something common in every world, and the only way to protect myself from drunk people was not to approach them.

    After I got to my room, I made sure I locked the door so that no drunk people could enter before laying down and thinking what should I do now.

    Jade-san's party and Idiot Rangers seemed to have given up on subjugating the Mithril Golem and when they told the Adventurer's Guild that it was impossible for them, the soldiers would be sent out.

    They probably wouldn't move out straight away, but the Mithril Golem should be defeated as soon as possible, right?

    I really didn't want the country to take the Mithril Golem from me, so I had to somehow

    defeat the Mithril Golem myself before it was too late.

    Still, after seeing the fight between the Mithril Golem and Idiot Rangers, I couldn't think of an easy way to defeat it. I also had to take care of the Iron Golems guarding it.

    Well, I might be able to avoid fighting them, but that wouldn't really solve the problem.

    On our way back from the mine, I had brainstormed different ways of subjugating them and got a few ideas. They would be really effective if I could make them work, but I had to try them out first, so I installed a Bear Transfer Gate inside my room and went to...

    Petchi, petchi.

    Yesterday night, I had experimented different ways of defeating the golems, and it had been late when I had finally gone to sleep, so I was tired and wanted to sleep some more.

    Petchi, petchi.

    The adventures downstairs had still been noisy even after I had came back.

    Petchi, petchi.

    Had they not been tired after fighting so much during the day? Well, that much was probably expected from adventurers; they were supposed to have a lot of stamina.

    Petchi, petchi.

    Still, did C rank adventurers really have that much stamina?

    Petchi, petchi.

    「I'm awake.」

    I grabbed Swaying Bear's and Hugging Bear's paws. They had been tapping my face all over for a while now.

    I felt well rested thanks to the White Bear Suit, but I was a bit sleepy. Well, it would be the worst if the White Bear also took away my sleepiness since I loved sleeping. It felt so good, after all.

    Sadly, I couldn't keep sleeping today and had to wake up.

    「Good morning, Swaying Bear, Hugging Bear.」

    I stretched my back, then petted Swaying Bear and Hugging Bear's heads.

    I was sleepy but had to get to work. Working at the age of 15... Had this world managed to taint me at last?

    I climbed out of my bed and changed into the Black Bear Suit before going to the dining room.

    Ugh, the whole room reeked of alcohol...

    「Oh, Bear Missy, you're up early, huh.」

    The innkeeper said, coming out of the kitchen.

    「Good morning. It reeks of alcohol, doesn't it?」

    I said while pinching my nose with the Bear Hand.

    「Those idiots continued to drink until morning, it seems. I left my husband to deal with it and went to sleep though. He only came to bed early in the morning; he kept them company till the end, it seems.」

    「And, your husband is?」

    「Sleeping. I let it go this time, but if he does this again, I will need to discipline him.」

    The innkeeper laughed and opened a window, allowing a pleasant wind to enter the room.

    「Fresh air will come in soon, so please endure it for a short while. To make up for this, I will make you a good breakfast on the house, so please sit down and wait a bit.」

    I sat down and yawned.

    It was still early, so I was the only one in the dining room.

    Other than the adventurers, there were also merchants, who came to purchase ore, staying at the inn. However, since nobody was here yet, I could leisurely wait for breakfast without somebody trying to talk to me.

    As time passed, the air changed bit by bit, and the smell of alcohol disappeared by the time the innkeeper brought me breakfast.

    「Here you go. Sorry to keep you waiting.」

    「Thank you very much.」

    「What will you be doing today? I heard that you're an adventurer, Bear Missy, but I don't believe that the others will wake up anytime soon.」

    「Hmm, I think I will go to the mine by myself for now.」

    「...By yourself!?」

    The innkeeper said loudly after being stunned for a few seconds.

    「Yep. I want to get it done quickly, so I can go back, after all.」

    「Get it done, you say... It's impossible even for Jade and Babord, you know!」

    Right, people normally wouldn't think that a girl wearing a Bear Suit would be strong.

    Still, she was genuinely worried for me, so I didn't object.

    「As an innkeeper, you would be troubled if the mine stayed like this, right?」

    「Well, of course. If it stays like this, merchants and miners will stop coming here.」

    「I don't plan on doing the impossible. I will run away if I think it is dangerous.」

    「It's a promise, okay? Run away if you think it is impossible, alright? What has the world come to, for such a young girl becoming an adventurer」

    I thanked the worried innkeeper for the abundant breakfast and headed to the mine.

    Well then, I hoped that my plan, which I had sacrificed my sleep for, would work.

    Since I left early in the morning, the streets were more or less empty, and no one tried to pick a fight with me.

    I entered the tunnel, and since I was on my own this time around, I used the Bear Map so that I wouldn't get lost on my way to the Mithril Golem.

    Soon, an Earth Golem appeared, but I cut it to pieces with wind magic without even slowing down.

    Now that I was alone, the tunnel was quiet and a bit lonely without Toya-san saying idiotic things, Senya-san wielding her sharp tongue, Jade-san giving instructions, and Mel-san talking to me.

    I didn't think that the tunnel would be this quiet when I was on my own.

    Okay, since music wasn't an option, and I still wanted something that would give me a sense of security, I summoned Swaying Bear and Hugging Bear. With them, I wouldn't be lonely.

    I now walked with Swaying Bear and Hugging Bear close to my left and right.

    This made me somewhat happy. I was thankful to God for giving me Hugging Bear and Swaying Bear as my summoned beasts.

    I continued to quickly dispose of any Earth Golems that crossed our path with Wind Magic.

    They had all respawned, huh.

    I was able to see many of them with detection magic.

    When had they resurrected, though?

    There had been no golems when we had gone back using the Idiot Rangers' path yesterday.

    I didn't know if they had respawned a few hours after they were defeated or if they all respawned at a fixed time. Well, no matter what, the miners couldn't do their jobs with them around.

    I blasted through the Earth Golem Floor and descended to the Stone Golem one, where I defeated the Stone Golems that crossed my path with Bear Punches.

    While fighting, I noticed that Hugging Bear and Swaying Bear seemed like they wanted a turn.

    「Well then, I will leave the next ones to you two, okay?」

    When the next batch of two Stone Golems appeared, I left them to Hugging Bear and Swaying Bear; they took on one each and defeated them using real bear punches.

    Yep, they were cute, strong, soft, warm, and useful during travels, so every household needed one.

    The Stone Golems were all defeated by Swaying Bear and Hugging Bear from here on out, so I didn't get a turn anymore, but we would soon arrive at the Iron Golem floor, and I couldn't leave those to Swaying Bear and Hugging Bear. They would probably be able to defeat them, but they would probably also make a mess out of the tunnel in the process, so I decided to face the Iron Golems myself.

    Going by the results of yesterday's secret training, I should be able to defeat the Iron Golems easily.

    Well, if I couldn't, I would just have to use brute force. I still hoped my plan would work, though. I had used my precious sleeping time to come up with it, after all.

    We arrived at the Iron Golem floor and it didn't take long for us to encounter an Iron Golem.

    I told my Bears not to move and approached the golem on my own.

    Well then, would this work?

    I created an image in my head, and a pale yellow light appeared, cracking and coiling around the Black Bear Puppet. It was Lightning Magic. Electricity was the best option against iron, after all.

    I hoped that when I hit the golem, electricity would flow through it and destroy the magic stone inside.

    I didn't really know if Lightning Magic even existed in this world. It wasn't in the beginner's book I had bought before.

    Electricity probably wasn't even used in this world. They must know about lightning but most likely didn't understand where it came from or how it worked. That was why, it made sense that they didn't have Lightning Magic.

    Well, I was only guessing this, though.

    So, having thought of it, I had slipped out of the inn to practice Lightning Magic last night.

    I had trouble imagining it at first. There were a lot of games and anime where the lightning just came straight down from the sky. Protagonists would do it by creating an image in their heads and calling out things like Light○ing or Thunder.

    However, the magic in this world worked differently. I had to change the magic I had in me into the form I wanted and then throw it at my enemies; I couldn't just make lightning fall from the sky.

    That was why I had thought of making the lightning coil around the Bear Hand.

    It was easy to make the magic inside me transform into lightning; I just had to imagine it coiling around the Bear Hand, like a crackling discharge.

    I had tried to make this electricity fly from my hand, but I couldn't do it properly; my image seemed to be too fixated on the lightning falling from the sky.

    It was too difficult to imagine it flying away from the Bear Hand, so I couldn't do it.

    Well, I had stopped trying because it had been late at the night, and I had thought that just being able to use lightning magic was good enough in itself.

    Neither Light○ing nor Thunder could come out, but I could call it a Bear Lightning Punch.

    TL note: Lightning and Thunder were written in english as a reference to HunterXHunter, hence the use of italics. Author also censores it due to copyright.

    This lightning I got with the special training was now coiling around my Bear Hand and making a crackling sound.

    I didn't really know how strong it was; it might only sting a little, or it might be stronger than a real lightning.

    I had trained until I had been able to produce electricity, but I hadn't tried it out against monsters yet.

    If this worked, it might become a practical magic I could use even in cramped areas.

    I ran at the Iron Golem and hit it with a light Bear Punch coiled with lightning. It was more of a touch than a punch since I was trying out electricity and not the strength of my Bear Punches, after all.

    My Bear Lightning Punch hit the Iron Golem with a loud creak, sending the electric current through the golem instantly.

    The Iron Golem, which was about to punch me, stopped moving, so I pushed it with a light Bear Punch, and it fell on its back.

    It didn't move, so I tried kicking it, but it still didn't move.

    My plan worked, it seemed; electricity must have flowed through it well and properly destroyed the magic stone within.

    I put the whole Iron Golem inside the Bear Box and moved on to find more of them.

    Author's note:

    I wonder why...

    Even though I can properly imagine fire, water, or ice flowing from hands, but... the only image of lightning I have is the one coming down from the sky. w

    Is it because of the games I have been playing?

    Anyway, I decided to make the electricity like the Nen of Ki○a from Hunter○Hunter.

    PS: I would really be happy if you guys didn't write how you think the Mithril Golem will be defeated in the comment section. If you figure it out, I, the author, will be sad. w

    Well, it isn't going to be some awesome way anyway. w

    It's just that if you guys figure it out before I write it, my motivation falls. It's just how I function as an author.
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