Chapter 55 (Pt 2) : Ravishingly Dressed in Ladies’ Wear (2)

    Chapter 55 (Pt 2) : Ravishingly Dressed in Ladies' Wear (2)

    "Little Jiu, you go ahead and take a bath. Your Big Brother will help you guard the door." Outside the rooms, Guan Xi Lin planted himself in front of her room's door, intending to stand as a door deity to guard for her.

    Seeing the firm stance he had taken planting himself in front of her door, Feng Jiu could not help herself but laugh. "No need. This is an inn. I will just need to shut the door and there is no need for you to guard it. You go take a bath as well! I am already ravenous! We'll go get something to eat right after." As she spoke those words, she pushed Guan Xi Lin into the room next door.

    Hearing Feng Jiu mention that she was hungry, Guan Xi Lin had no choice but to concede. "Alright, remember to shut the door and I will wait for you out here after I have finished my bath."

    "Mmm." She agreed readily before she turned and went into her room, shut the door tight, before she stepped into the adjoining area where bath water had been prepared for her.

    Maybe it was because it was his first time being someone's elder brother, Guan Xi Lin was highly protective of Feng Jiu. Especially after knowing that she was a girl, it became even more so. Hurrying through his bath and dressing up in a rush, he immediately stepped outside to stand guard outside the door of the room next to his, which drew quite a number of curious stares from other guests walking past.

    The time Feng Jiu took to finish her bath was not that short a period, taking almost an hour before the room door opened from inside.

    Guan Xi Lin heard the door open behind him, and when he turned to look inside, his eyes involuntarily opened up very wide, the shock in his eyes and the incredulity showing completely on his face.

    "Lit..... Little Jiu?"

    "Mmm." Feng Jiu replied, the corners of the lips under the red face veil slightly lifted as a smile bloomed on those lips.

    Although her countenance had been destroyed, her body was still highly attractive. Her long and slender curves filling out the eye grabbing red dress extremely well, like the brilliant setting sun, so beautiful you cannot look straight into it.

    The red veil that shrouded her face added an element of mystery that enabled her entire person to give out a mysterious feel, which made people yearn to steal a glance of the beauty hidden beneath, but was not able to see through the veil.

    Decked out in a full suit of red, she was enchanting and mesmerizing, and at the same time wild and eye grabbing. Especially when her person was exuding the cold arrogance like a red peach blossom within the snow, unlike the coy and gentle demeanor of refined ladies, but with the air of noble honour, that a conqueror would be born with.

    See the beauty in red before his eyes, Guan Xi Lin was speechless for a long while, only thinking the little sister he had was unbelievably beautiful.....

    But seeing her soft luxurious hair draped on her back behind her, just loosely tied up with a red silk ribbon, with wisps hanging loosely down the sides of her face, which just added to the alluring and enchanting sight. The eyes that were showing above the veil were at that moment slightly narrowed smilingly, the brows exuding confidence and bluster.....

    What he was seeing really made him find it impossible to link her up to the dirty and filthy little beggar he was used to seeing.

    "Little Jiu. You are really beautiful. Even fairies are not as beautiful as you. Hee hee....."

    His mouth split into a goofy grin and when the thought that such a beautiful girl was his sister, his heart suddenly filled up with pride.

    "Let's go!" She said with a light laugh. Dressed in feminine clothes put her in a rather good mood as she moved to go downstairs.

    "Oh, alright."

    He hurried to keep up and seemingly having thought of something, he turned his head to look around. As expected, he saw all the men downstairs all staring in shock and surprise at his little sister.

    Seeing that, besides feeling the pride in his heart, he silently vowed in his heart that he would definitely find a way to get rid of those scars on Little Jiu's face.

    It was until the two of them left the inn that the men inside suddenly regained their senses.

    "So beautiful..... Who is that lady? When did such a mesmerizing beauty come to our town?"

    Meanwhile, in a restaurant opposite the inn, standing by the window, Murong Yi Xuan saw the figure in red pass and his eyes suddenly became puzzled.

    Why, did the back view of that person feel so familiar?
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