101 I Command Thee to Manifes

    Accompanying her voice as it fell, a light shot out from the ancient seal her hands formed, like a blood ray of light, that sped straight up into the sky, a brilliant fiery flame that rose, lighting up the entire sky!


    A sound seemingly from the far ancient, a Phoenix's screech reverberated across the sky, its immense oppression forming into a visible air wave that tore out strongly, a violent release of oppressive aura in an enormous wave. Under the shockwave brought about by the sound, the entire ground of the Cloudy Moon City trembled slightly, as if the Earth Dragon stirred, driving fear into the hearts of everyone.

    All the people who had been rushing towards the flames and earlier explosion had upon hearing that ear splitting screech of the Phoenix, stopped in their tracks one by one in shock, staring in disbelief at the surging roar of flames, that rose burning in the night sky, enveloping the entire darkness within that brilliant red figure.

    That magnificent sight that rocked one right to the core, that stirred up a heart numbing wave of shock, refused to settle for a long while.....

    "That, that is a Phoenix! It is the Ancient Sacred Beast, the Fire Phoenix!"

    "An Ancient Sacred Beast actually appearing here? Who is it? Who possesses such a Ancient Sacred Beast?"

    The people were incredulous and they shouted out in surprise, their minds and eyes completely filled by the brilliantly magnificent Fire Phoenix that filled up the entire night sky.

    Some time ago, they had heard that a Sacred Beast had appeared within the Nine Entrapment Woods but they had only seen a fleeting shadow within the sky and not seen its true form. That had drawn cultivators from other countries to come eyeing for the prize, and it was never thought that the Ancient Sacred Beast, the Fire Phoenix would finally still fall into the hands of someone within their Sun Glory Country!

    Looking upon the widespread wings flapping majestically as its body burned with raging flames, the sight of the Fire Phoenix made the blood within their hearts surge and boil.

    It was actually the Ancient Fire Phoenix's true form! In a ninth grade tiny country like theirs, they had actually had the chance to witness an Ancient Sacred Beast on this day, how could they be expected to not become highly agitated! ?

    Among the people rushing towards the spot where the flames raged, Murong Yi Xuan also stared in shock at the fiery figure within the night sky, an Ancient Sacred Beast, the Phoenix that reigned supreme among birds, an incomparably glorious sight, that was just out of this world!

    Although his heart was so worked up as it beat wildly, he did not stop for too long, but quickly gathered back his senses and continued to speed towards the where the flames were still raging.

    Meanwhile, within the Xu Mansion, on top of the roof, the grey robed old man had under the heavy Ancient oppressive aura, found himself unable to even stand up. Both his legs trembled and he fell limply in helpless collapse, staring in disbelief at the Fire Phoenix with its widespread wings soaring in the sky, his eyes turned red, filled with disbelief and feeling highly aggrieved.


    "This cannot be true!"

    "How could you possibly possess the Ancient Sacred Beast, the Fire Phoenix!"

    "How is that possible!"

    With that Ancient aura of oppression enveloping him, he should not be able to even be capable of speech, but he forcibly broke through that Ancient oppressive aura and the moment he opened his mouth, his heart meridian sustained severe injuries and blood trickled down the corners of his mouth, but he was still unwilling to accept that merciless truth before him.

    The prey before his eyes was as good as in the bag but it had suddenly flown from his grasp, and even gave him such an intense and unacceptable shock in response, how could he just accept all of this quietly?

    Standing facing into the wind, Feng Jiu's chilling gaze peered at the miserable and wretched looking old man who sat there helpless, her icy voice slowly reaching him: "Being able to die under the hands of the Fire Phoenix, you would have gained."

    Just as that voice ended, the Fire Phoenix in the sky swooped down, bringing with it the roaring flames with a loud swoosh, its widespread wings suddenly wrapping around the old man a moment before it shot upwards into the sky once more.


    His pitiful voice highly reconciled as it trailed out from within the raging flames, and Feng Jiu saw the night sky suddenly showing a scattering of burning sparks, trailing behind the soaring Fire Phoenix, circling above her head.....
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