103 Sleepless Nigh

    When Murong Yi Xuan leapt over the roofs as he came to one not too far away from the Xu Mansion and saw that shocking scene, his entire being was suddenly uncontrollably thrown into mindless blank, as he stared in hapless shock at the painfully beautiful scene that shook him right to his core.....

    Upon the rooftop of the Xu Mansion, the red figure stood facing into the wind, the brilliant and flamboyant red clothes aglow with the light from the raging flames below making it look recklessly devilish, the fluttering jet black hair  behind the figure, seen among the roaring fire, and the gigantic Fire Phoenix circling about the figure's head, everything within all that his eyes saw, looked so mysterious, so beautiful, so enchanting it seemed completely surreal.....

    Maybe it was because his unwavering gaze had been noticed, but the figure turned his head, the golden mask with the mandara flowers reflecting the glow from the flames clearly imprinted into his mind, finding himself suddenly driven by an urge to remove that mask, to get a peek at the face beneath it.

    However, without waiting for him to recollect his mesmerized senses, he suddenly saw the Fire Phoenix sweeping downwards through the night sky with a low cry, as it sped downwards, it morphed into a ray of light and entered the mysterious figure that stood facing into the wind, before disappearing without a trace.

    Seemingly at the same time, that man retracted his gaze, and summoned his Qi to make several leaps, the figure passing over the flames like a wraith, speedily disappearing into the darkness of night.....

    He opened up his stride a step, his hand reaching out to call out to that man, but in the end, he retracted that hand, and did not shout out the words he meant to say.

    [Who is that person?]

    He thought, his heart could make a rather accurate guess.

    The flamboyant and eye grabbing red clothes, that mysterious and devilish aura, with his recklessly nonchalant demeanour, and lastly, the golden mask covered in red mandara flowers. That, could only be the mysterious Ghost Doctor and nobody else!

    When the Family Heads of the various Family Clans came rushing in to see the intense fire enveloping the entire Xu Mansion, they could not help but to gasp loudly, unable to believe that a middle sized Family Clan would have fallen just like this.....


    "This, this is the Xu Family?"

    "Heavens! Does this mean the Xu Family has been exterminated?"

    "How did the Xu Family get themselves tangled up with the owner of that Ancient Sacred Beast? That had caused the entire clan to be fully annihilated, and had met with such a sorry end....."

    The people there debated, as they watched the Xu Mansion getting engulfed inside out by the surrounding fire, burning up under the crackling flames, their cries continuous.

    Seeing an entire Family Clan fall just like that, disappeared from the Cloudy Moon City, their hearts held complicated emotions that were kept unspoken.

    This was a world where might ruled, and a truth that would not change!

    Regardless whether you were an influential Family that reigned over a hundred other Families, if you offended someone powerful, exterminating you would be a matter of mere minutes, and taking out the entire clan could happen within a night's time.....

    One of the Family Heads saw Murong Yi Xuan who had reached the place first staring blankly into a certain direction and his eyes flashed briefly as he stepped up to ask: "Third Prince, you reached this place first. Did you see who was responsible for this?"

    Hearing those words, the other Family Heads who were in their own discussions turned to look at Murong Yi Xuan. "That's right! Who was the one who exterminated the entire Xu Family Clan? Who was the person who possesses the Ancient Sacred Beast, the Fire Phoenix?"

    Murong Yi Xuan snapped back to his senses and he saw that everyone was looking at him with questioning gazes. He thought about it a moment and said: "I only saw a fleeting red figure. As to the identity of the person, I had not been able to see clearly."

    "Red figure?"

    Everyone's hearts thumped at that moment, the image of a single person forming in all their minds.

    [The Ghost Doctor!]

    Could it be him? The most mysterious person in the Cloudy Moon City now was the one person everyone wanted to meet but were unable to see. Although they had all not seen the Ghost Doctor's countenance, but they had heard that he liked to dress himself fully in clothes coloured a wild and flamboyant red, always wore a golden mask covered in red mandara flowers, his aura devilishly alluring and sinister, highly mysterious.
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