108 Uncovering Her Veil

    [He hadn't done anything bad had he? Why had this woman slapped him across the face? From birth till now, he had never been slapped by anyone!]

    Although his heart filled with indignant rage, but, he did not raise his hand against her. He was a man, and he really couldn't hit a woman out in the open streets could he?

    The eyes of Leng Shuang, who was holding the reins of the horses, grew cold and was about to jump off the carriage when she saw the horse carriage's curtain being lifted by a fair and slender hand.

    "Mistress." She greeted, and quickly lifted the curtain all the way to allow Feng Jiu to come out.

    Feng Jiu crouched over slightly and stepped out from the carriage, resting her hand on Leng Shuang's proffered hand for support and gingerly lifting up the hem of her dress, she stepped off. She looked at her freebie of a brother whose hands were clenched into fists and his face darkened with rage with a glowing red palm mark on his cheek. Feng Jiu eyes narrowed and she turned her gaze upon the other two people, her steps slow as she walked over to them.

    When Murong Yi Xuan saw the girl step out from the carriage in her white dress, his eyes immediately lit up, as he watched the elegant figure calmly walk towards him, his heart suddenly becoming nervous, and tinged with a bit of anticipation.

    And when Feng Qing Ge saw the girl in the white dress getting off from the horse carriage, her entire body stiffened.

    That slender figure, those mannerisms, felt so familiar to her..... exactly alike, so exactly like.....

    'Slap! Slap!'

    Two resounding slaps rang out, forcibly shocking the two of them back to the senses, and stunning everyone in the crowd of surrounding passerbys looking at them.

    As the few of them possessed outstanding looks, and it was out on a highly public street, the surrounding people had already noticed them all earlier. Moreover, Murong Yi Xuan and Feng Qing Ge were both highly influential people in the Cloudy Moon City.

    But, they had not thought that Feng Qing Ge would suddenly raise her hand and slap the man hard across the face, and the last thing anyone of them could have expected to see was for the lady who had a veil covering her face to come out from the horse carriage to slowly walk over to the pair, and immediately raise up her hand to slap Feng Qing Ge two times across the face, which stunned them into complete silence.

    That scene had just been absolutely shocking to see.

    Feng Qing Ge held her hands over her stinging cheeks in utter disbelief, her eyes almost spitting fire as she stared at the woman in the white dress who flinging her hands and she stammered slightly: "You..... You have the audacity to hit me!"

    Feng Jiu continued flinging her hand that was stinging from the slaps and without even glancing at her, she turned to the stunned Guan Xi Lin and instructed him earnestly: "Big Brother, do you now see? If someone slap you once, you will then have to return them with two slap. It is just proper manners to reciprocate what you are gifted and it's a matter of etiquette. We must not slack on our manners."

    Guan Xi Lin's eyes shone brightly as he looked at her in worship, and he nodded his head vehemently: "Mm! Your brother will remember that! If it happens next time, I will not care whether it's male or female, just strike first and talk later!"

    "Mm, that absolutely correct." She nodded smilingly at him and then went on to say: "It's getting late. We should not let people of no relevance hold back out time. Let's go!"


    Guan Xi Lin face was brimming over with smiles and he did not want to bother himself with those two people anymore. From his perspective, for that slap that he had suffered, his precious little sister had already claimed it back for him two fold, and as a man, he would naturally not be so petty to still hold any grudge against that woman.

    [People of no relevance.....]

    Murong Yi Xuan stared blankly at her back as she turned to leave, that one statement resounding inside his head.

    [That's right! Wasn't he a person of no relevance to her? He was nobody to her, hence what right does he have to ask to see her just because he wants to? But, why is it after hearing those words coming from her, and realizing that she had not even looked him in the eyes even once before she just turned and left, his heart was feeling so dejected?]

    "You stand right there!"

    Feng Qing Ge shot like an arrow forward, her face twisted up in fury as she blocked the way before Feng Jiu and said: "You want to leave just like that after hitting me? It's not that easy!"

    As she spoke, she stretched out her hand to uncover the veil upon Feng Jiu's face, thinking to get a good look at her countenance.
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