109 Leaving in Embarrassmen

    Feng Jiu had had her guard up against her!

    Seeing Feng Qing Ge stretching a hand out towards her veil, Feng Jiu very naturally slipped behind Guan Xi Lin and hid, both her hands gripping the clothes on his back. She blinked her beautiful eyes innocently and with a voice that sounded highly aggrieved, she said: "Big Brother, she is trying to bully me."

    Murong Yi Xuan standing on the side was surprised, never thinking that the girl who had been so graceful and composed just a moment ago would suddenly go hide behind her brother, to reveal such an aggrieved gaze that looked so fragile and delicate, with such a tender tone in her voice in helpless complaint, making even he himself to feel like jumping in front of her in her defense, to be her protector.

    Seeing his precious sister hiding behind his back and complaining about the other girl's unruly behaviour in such a helpless voice, Guan Xi Lin's eyes turned into a cold glare, puffing up his chest, and stuck his hands onto his hips to retort fiercely.

    "What are you trying to do? Why are you showing such a lack of etiquette here? And you dare to claim that you are General Feng's daughter? With General Feng's greatly revered name, how could he possibly have brought up a daughter that shows such a lack of manners? I think you are most probably a big fake and an imposter!"

    His voice was very loud, boisterous and uninhibited. When his voice dropped, he did not wait to see Feng Qing Ge's reaction but noticed that quite a number of people have crowded around to watch and he continued on to say loudly: "Everyone, what do all of you say? Isn't this young lady showing a lack of manners here? We don't even know her and she just came right up to me and slapped me across the face. What's more, she had even wanted to tear off my sister's face veil! Tell me, don't you think she is being just too much?"

    Feng Qing Ge had had to peddle back a step due to Guan Xi Lin puffing up his chest and pushing himself close in confrontation. When she then heard those words coming out from him, her heart became highly enraged, especially when she saw that many people were already beginning to point their fingers at her and Murong Yi Xuan whom her heart went out to was at that moment staring blankly, mesmerized by the white dressed girl who was hiding timidly behind her elder brother, not stepping forward in the least to speak a single word in her defense, which just further embarrassed her.

    She felt so aggrieved and hurt as she glanced at Murong Yi Xuan, her eyes immediately becoming red rimmed, as she covered her face and ran away quickly.

    "Hey, your little beauty has run away crying."

    Feng Jiu said to Murong Yi Xuan smilingly when she saw that his gaze was still locked onto her, thinking that all men were just as despicable, already eating what was in their bowls, but their eyes still roving to see what's in the other dishes.

    Murong Yi Xuan gave her a complicated gaze and did not say anything, but just clasped his hand over his fist in greeting before turning to walk away.

    "Big Brother, let's go! We've already wasted a lot of time here." Feng Jiu said, tapping Guan Xi Lin on the arm, gesturing for him to get onto the horse carriage.


    Guan Xi Lin grinned and replied as he looked at Feng Jiu getting into the horse carriage, but suddenly stopping in his tracks and said in a puzzled voice: "Little Jiu, why do I feel that the girl earlier is somehow a little similar to you?"

    Having pulled the curtain open and was about to go inside the horse carriage, when Feng Jiu heard those words, her eyes showed a glint of surprise and she turned around to say with a smile: "How are we alike?" She had not expected that this conveniently acquired big brother who seemed so thoughtless was in reality rather sensitive!

    Guan Xi Lin scratched his head and thought: "Just the body's figure and physique is the same, but mannerisms differ, but in terms of face shape and eyes, there are some similarities."

    She stepped into the horse carriage with a laugh and waved her hand towards her big brother saying: "Get in quickly."

    "Orh." He then took a big step to climb onto the horse carriage, and pulled the curtain aside to sit down inside.

    Outside, Leng Shuang waited till they were seated before she drove the horse carriage forward to make their way towards the Guan Family's Mansion.

    Inside the carriage, Feng Jiu took off her face veil and looked at her brother smilingly to say: "Big Brother, your eyes are sharper than some people out there."

    "Huh?" He was a little confused, not really understanding what Feng Jiu's sudden comment meant.

    "You will know in the future."

    She blinked her eyes at him, just smiling but not saying anything more, not intending to tell him everything now.
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