115 Retreat with Every Strike

    Father Ke choked and glared angrily at him: "She had followed the decisions of the elders on both sides, right and proper, it's nowhere as deplorable as the way you put it!"

    "Whether it is deplorable, I believe everyone here can judge for themselves!" Guan Xi Lin snapped curtly, unwilling to pay them anymore attention, and turned to face Guan Xi Ruan, to greet with a hand clasped over his fist.

    "I seek for my cousin to teach me a few things!"

    Below the stage on one side, Feng Jiu stood at a spot not very far away from the stage and watched everything that was happening above, and then noticed a man walking towards her.

    "Miss, there's a seat over there, why don't you sit down to watch?" A man in a brocade robe came before Feng Jiu, blocking her view, but extended a polite gesture of invitation with his hands.

    Feng Jiu frowned, her gaze falling upon the man before her and said: "There's no need." Shifting a step to her left, her gaze turned back to look upon the stage.

    The various Family Heads had their attention all focused upon the activity upon the stage, but the younger men in the row behind were turning their heads to pay notice to what was going on here instead. Seeing the young lady not even giving that man the slightest attention, they all couldn't help but start to sniggle among themselves.

    Although the young lady was highly attractive, but they were afterall in someone else's residence, and they could not very well step up so blatantly to hit on her. Moreover, their fathers were present as well and their every action had to be more restrained, without overstepping the boundaries of propriety.


    The man had just opened his mouth once again and he was about to move when a figure in all black walked up and stretched a hand out to block him, to say in warning: "Keep away from my Mistress!"

    The man frowned and was about to speak when a howl of pain sounded from the stage. He turned reflexively to look and what he saw shocked him slightly.

    The two people on stage had started fighting and he saw that it was Guan Xi Lin and Guan Xi Ruan. But, why was the aura on Guan Xi Lin's body so powerful? So intense that they could even feel that absorbing surge of power from here below the stage.

    No wonder, Guan Xi Ruan had been punched on his eye and had retreated wretchedly with a howl. He turned to look at his father and the various Family Heads in the front row and as expected, he saw the undisguised looks of surprise on every one of their faces.

    'Bam bam bam!'

    As Guan Xi Ruan stepped backwards while holding his eye, Guan Xi Lin had not stopped his attack but had taken a huge stride forward, and firming up his stance with a slight dip of his lower body, Guan Xi Lin threw out three consecutive punches, the fists imbued with mystical powers landing heavily into Guan Xi Ruan's abdomen, where he did not even have a chance to retaliate. Immediately, blood spewed out from the corners of Guan Xi Ruan's mouth.

    Below the stage, the Guan Family Head's face turned dark and solemn, his sharp gaze lowering slightly as he stared at Guan Xi Lin up on the stage, moving with firm and steady steps while delivering his punches with hidden power, thinking it very strange that Guan Xi Lin's powers could actually improve by such leaps and bounds in just a few short months.

    [Moreover, his mystical aura had exploded out from his body in the course of the battle, and that aura was obviously one that belonged to a warrior already in his peak state!]

    [Could he have come across any fortuitous encounter in the past few months? Otherwise, how could his powers have increased so quickly?]

    Seeing his son being pushed back with every step he took, attacked by every strike and blood trickling down the corners of his mouth, the hands he put above his knees discreetly gripped tightly. If things continued on like this, Xi Ruan would undoubtedly be defeated!

    "Whoa! How did Big Brother Xi Lin become so powerful? He wasn't a match for Big Brother Xi Ruan before, why had his powers increased by so much after just a few months we had not seen him?"

    "That's right! I remember the last time they competed, he was defeated so badly by Big Brother Xi Ruan that he couldn't get out of bed for three whole days!"

    The younger members of the Guan Family were discussing in hushed voices below the stage, their eyes filled with surprise as they stared at Guan Xi Lin up on the stage, and their voices of debate were then immediately silenced by the scene that occurred in the next instant.

    "Guan Xi Lin!"

    Having been beaten up all black and blue, Guan Xi Ruan shouted out in rage, the humiliation from being forced to retreat back from every strike causing him to lose his reason. Not knowing from where he pulled out a long sword from, Guan Xi Ruan had suddenly flicked the long sword forward, and leapt at Guan Xi Lin with a intense murderous rage.
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