116 Chaotic Scene

    Among the crowd, the surprised were surprised, the shocked were shocked, and only the Guan Family Head's face was dark like the bottom of a claypot, some gloomy the gloom almost dripped off his face.

    His hands were clenched up into fists, his gaze darkened as he stared at Guan Xi Lin upon the stage, as chilling murder flashed within his eyes.

    At that moment, Guan Xi Ruan already had an arm broken, and the other twisted and held down against the raised platform, unable to move in the slightest with his face pressed against the surface of the stage, whereby he could not even make any noise.

    Guan Xi Lin's gaze was rather conflicted as he looked at his cousin defeated and held down under his grip. He had intended to cripple his arm but in his mind, scenes of the times when they were younger and training together flashed through his mind and his heart helplessly softened.

    "You've lost."

    Guan Xi Lin released his grip and turned his eyes away to look below the competition platform. That knife stab into his back back in the Nine Entrapment Forest had already severed the brotherly bond between them and defeating Guan Xi Ruan today, was just to prove himself to all of them, and to tell them that he, Guan Xi Lin, was inferior to no one!

    "Heroes are found among the youth indeed! Patriarch Guan, your grandson has really shocked all of us here! We must really congratulate Patriarch Guan, to have such an outstanding son in the family, his success in the future will surely be limitless!"

    The various Family Heads saw that the match's result had already been decided and they all rushed to congratulate the senior Patriarch Guan at the side. To have such an prodigious son as a member of the family, their ascent to more power would be imminent!

    "Heh heh heh, thank you, thank you."

    The senior Patriarch Guan was chuckling so happily he could not close his mouth and when his joyous and delighted gaze turned to look onto the platform stage, the expression on his face immediately changed and he shouted out in shock.


    Surprised, everyone turned to follow his gaze, and what they saw stunned them properly.

    They saw Guan Xi Ruan had climbed to his feet on the stage and having pulled out a hidden dagger from his boot, his gaze looking completely ruthless and maniacal, he rushed with his dagger thrusting out straight towards Guan Xi Lin who had his back towards him.

    Guan Xi Lin whose back was facing him did not even turn his head around but just delivered a powerful roundhouse kick behind him under the surprised shouts from everyone. Guan Xi Ruan who had thrust the dagger gripped in his hand in a unbridled rush suddenly yelled out, as his entire body was sent flying several meters away, falling in a rolling heap off the competition stage.


    Fallen off the stage, a mouthful of blood spurted out from Guan Xi Ruan's mouth, as he fell limply to the ground, unable to even summon enough strength to get up.

    "Xi Ruan!"

    The Guan Family Head yelled in shock, running in a hurry to help his son up.

    "Father, kill..... kill him!"

    His hands grasped at his father's sleeves, the blood spewing out from his mouth making it difficult for him to even speak those words.

    Ke Xin Ya was completely stunned, frozen in place and her eyes just stared blankly as the horrifying scenes just unfolded one after another before her eyes. She felt as of the entire sky had fallen down, and the unimaginable shock that wrecked at her caused an upheaval of emotions within her heart that refused to be quelled, driving a surge of blood to explode within her chest into her throat, where her throat suddenly constricted.


    A mouthful of blood spurted out and her vision darkened, immediately falling into a dead faint.

    "Xin..... Xin Ya!"

    Father and Mother Ke screamed out, quickly grabbing at their daughter frantically.

    See the entire situation descending into chaos, everyone's faces became stunned. [The Guan Family, has really fallen into one big mess.....]

    [The son of the Guan Family Head lost the match in the selections for the Young Head and he retaliated by bringing weapons into the contest! ? And in the end, his powers were inadequate and got himself kicked to be sent flying far away. The power behind that one kick from Guan Xi Lin had shocked all of them there and it was thought that Guan Xi Ruan would not be getting out of bed for at least the next ten to fourteen days.]

    [But, compared to Guan Xi Ruan who had every intention to kill, Guan Xi Lin had really held back on that kick, or, with the level of power he had exhibited in the match, killing Guan Xi Ruan as Guan Xi Lin turned around would not pose any difficulty for him at all.

    Feng Jiu looked smilingly around as she saw the chaos erupting from all around her. As if she could not wait for it to get any messier, she was all smiles when she said: "Big Brother, didn't you mention you have something else to say? Hurry! Say it so we can go. This place is getting to be much too rowdy."
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